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 Gamers Vortex' Rules ( Last update 2008/04/26 )

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PostSubject: Gamers Vortex' Rules ( Last update 2008/04/26 )   Sat Apr 26, 2008 9:05 am

Gamers Vortex' Rules ( Last update 2008/04/26 )

1. No spamming
Spamming is posting useless pieces of messages in bulk in order to obtain more posts/higher rank. Spamming will result in a permanant ban.

2. No Profanity
This is a friendly forum, so try to avoid profanity. The words are blocked out by stars (more stars=worse word). Frequent profanity results in a 4-month ban.

3. No Hacking/Scamming
This is not only illegal, but will get you permanantly banned.

4. No pornography
This also includes Hentai. This means no posting people or characters involved in sexual activity. Posts containing this will be quickly deleted and the poster will have a 2-month ban.

5. No copyright.
Posting work without credit from orignal author is not only illegal, but will get you a permanant ban.

If you don't obay the rules after 3 warnings, you'll get banned from the forum for one week.

You'll get banned forever

Apologize is allowed.
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Gamers Vortex' Rules ( Last update 2008/04/26 )
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