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 Guide to America's Army (Weapons)

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PostSubject: Guide to America's Army (Weapons)   Sat May 10, 2008 5:45 am

A variety of weapons will be at your disposal. These are all actual
weapons utilized by the forces in the U.S. Army today. Different types of soldiers carry different weapons, and you'll need to go through training with them first before you can use them in the battlefield. Below are the descriptions and statistics on the weapons.

Class Used By: Rifleman
Primary Fire: Single Shot
Alternate Fire: Burst Fire
Round Size: 20
Accuracy: Good
The M16 is a standard rifle carried by riflemen. It's basic and fairly effective.
You can fire either a single shot at a time or a three-shot burst. Neither is automatic fire, and requires a short pause between shots. Thus, it's not ideal for spraying around a bunch of shots and hoping they connect. While less bullets means less chances of hitting, it also means you conserve more ammo.
Zooming in will not magnify the view greatly, but it will give you much
higher accuracy.

Class Used By: Automatic Rifleman
Primary Fire: Automatic Fire
Round Size: 200
Accuracy: Poor
The M-249 is the primary rapid-fire weapon used in the battlefield. It has a huge belt of 200 bullets, which will be fired out at a lightning pace. The main drawback to the quick firing of this weapon is it is terribly inaccurate. The recoil of the gun will make it a struggle to keep it under your control, and aiming through the sight is near useless. For this weapon, you don't worry so much that each bullet hits its target, but rather that some of the many bullets do. It has no alternate fire, and takes a while to reload.

Class Used By: Grenadier
Primary Fire: Single Shot
Alternate Fire 1: Burst Shot
Alternate Fire 2: Grenade
Round Size: 30
Accuracy: Good
This rifle is somewhat similar to the M16. It is accurate, but only fires off one or three bullets at a time. It does have a larger clip, and more importantly, a grenade launcher function. The grenades react similarly to fragmentary grenades when fired, but are fired much more quickly. They are deadly in the hands of a skilled combatant. Like the M16, zooming helps to increase its accuracy.

Class Used By: Sniper
Primary Fire: Single Shot
Alternate Fire: Zoom
Round Size: 5
Accuracy: Excellent
Quick Key: 1
This is your basic sniper rifle. As you've already probably guessed, the sniper rifle allows you to accurately fire at enemies from a great distance.
Of course, being able to fire from what is out of the range of most players will definitely have itself drawbacks. There is a cool-down time (time between shots) in between each shot. Also, reloading the weapon takes an incredibly long time. Finally, after firing when zoomed, you will experience some moderate recoil, messing up your sight and causing the need to aim again.
Zooming in this far means that there will be a hefty amount of swaying. When standing, it is usually too much to be effective. To get the most of the sniper rifle and to get the best accuracy possible, get into the prone position and put out the bipod for extra support. This should eliminate all but a minimal amount of swaying.

Class Used By: Sniper
Primary Fire: Single Shot
Alternate Fire: Zoom
Round Size: 10
Accuracy: Excellent
Quick Key: 1
This sniper rifle is similar to the M-24 sniper rifle, with a few distinct differences. First of all, the shots are more powerful. The main difference, though, lies in recoil time and cool-down time (time between shots). While the cool-down time is quicker than the standard sniper rifle, the recoil is so great that you will be forced out of zoomed mode.
Other than these differences, the M-82 is pretty much the same as the M-24. Remember to get in the prone position and put out the bipod for the best accuracy.

Primary Fire: Throw
Alternate Fire: Cook
Round Size: 1
Accuracy: Fair
Quick Key: 2
Fragmentary grenades are like the grenades you've used in other games; you throw them, they explode, and they cause damage. Grenades are great if you know someone is waiting for you behind a corner, down a nearby hole, etc. Instead of rushing into their view and praying that you can react quicker than them, throw a grenade off the wall, through the window, or down the hole to give them a surprise. Even if you don't know if someone is in one of these locations, it's a good way to clear it out.
Another good use for grenades is to throw it in someone's path, especially when they don't realize you're around. It's hard to find where a grenade is thrown, so they could easily just stumble into it.
Keep in mind that when you have your grenades out, you're very vulnerable to gunfire and close-range combat. You don't want to be caught in a firefight with your grenades out, so use them when the enemy is at a distance.
By holding down the alternate fire button, you'll "cook" the grenade; in other words, activate it without throwing it. If you have good timing, you can throw it at the last second and have it reach enemies at the time it explodes. Practice cooking grenades off so that you can time them just right.

Primary Fire: Throw
Alternate Fire: Cook
Round Size: 1
Accuracy: Fair
Quick Key: 3
Smoke grenades are a tactical weapon, and not a damaging one. When one explodes, a thick cloud of smoke will appear, obscuring a small area from view. This means you can pass through the smoke without the enemy knowing your exact location (though they will know that smoke means you're most likely coming through). These grenades are best used to get across a short distancd that would normally make you vulnerable (say, a small alleyway between two buildings).
Also try throwing multiple grenades to create an even larger cloud of smoke. Be sure to wait until the cloud of smoke has built up to its full size before going.

Primary Fire: Throw
Alternate Fire: Cook
Round Size: 1
Accuracy: Fair
Quick Key: 4
Flashbang grenades are tactically great weapons. If you're looking at it when it goes off, BAM!, everything will turn white and you'll slowly gain your vision back. It's excellent for crippling opponents. Just be sure to throw it in their line of sight, and be sure that you aren't looking at it yourself when it goes off.

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Guide to America's Army (Weapons)
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