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 The Missing Dollar

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PostSubject: The Missing Dollar   Sat May 24, 2008 7:04 am

The Missing Dollar

Three friends check into a motel for the night and the clerk tells them the bill is $30, payable in advance. So, they each pay the clerk $10 and go to their room. A few minutes later, the clerk realizes he has made an error and overcharged the trio by $5. He asks the bellhop to return $5 to the 3 friends who had just checked in. The bellhop sees this as an opportunity to make $2 as he reasons that the three friends would have a tough time dividing $5 evenly among them; so he decides to tell them that the clerk made a mistake of only $3, giving a dollar back to each of the friends. He pockets the leftover $2 and goes home for the day! Now, each of the three friends gets a dollar back, thus they each paid $9 for the room which is a total of $27 for the night. We know the bellhop pocketed $2 and adding that to the $27, you get $29, not $30 which was originally spent. Where did the other dollar go?


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PostSubject: Re: The Missing Dollar   Tue Sep 09, 2008 2:39 am

Easy i have heard this one before
They each gave 10 maening 30 total
the clerk gave back 5 the bellhop took two and gave one to each one
total 30 -paid 28
Ans 2
The problem is not all of them got 9 dollars back one got 10 dollars back the other 9 each
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The Missing Dollar
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