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 Trash Can Rules

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PostSubject: Trash Can Rules   Sat Aug 30, 2008 5:17 am

The Trash Can
The trash can is a forum where staff prune messages and send them here. The reason is to archive messages so they don't crowd our forums.
That being said, your message doesn't always have to be spam for it to be sent here.

Let me explain:

1. You must use a title describing what your thread is about or it is garbage.

2. Dead topics are old or boring threads. If you can't keep a thread alive for at least 3 weeks, it is a dead topic.

3. Solved topics will be sent to the trash.

4. Search before you post. Duplicate threads are considered spam.

5. Never bump topics before a day has passed. Bumping threads will get you warned for spam. If no-one replies in your thread it is because your topic might be dead or no-one is interested in it.

6. You cannot post in, nor bump your's or anyone's topic once it's in the trash.

7. Topics in trash will only be permanantly deleted upon request of thread starter or administrator.

8. Topics in the Annoucements forum should not be sent to the Trash Can.

If you have a question about why your thread was moved here, take it to the staff member who moved it here. If they agree they'll move it back. If they do not agree you can take it to Aryan, the administrator who has the final say.

To staff members - please leave a message that says you moved a thread to the Trash Can within the moved thread.
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Trash Can Rules
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