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 Awesome Boobage in Age of Conan Spawns Petition

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PostSubject: Awesome Boobage in Age of Conan Spawns Petition   Thu May 08, 2008 11:33 pm

Awesome Boobage in Age of Conan Spawns Petition

The awesome boobage in Age of Conan is just too real for some people as there's a petition floating around for FunCom to include a nudity toggle (as in being able to turn it off) in the graphics settings.
No matter how waning your interest may be in multiplayer RPGs, Conan the Barbarian fiction, or any combination of the two, I bet you still know this much: Age of Conan equals digitized jugs. The game has become almost as synonymous with gratuitous nudity as a Russ Meyer flick, and that sort of thing doesn't happen by accident -- controversy begets free publicity. Hell, I'm publicizing it right now. See how well this works?
The problem, though, is they've done the job a little too well. Apparently word of this gratuitous nudity has gotten around to prudes as well as perverts, because one of them has started an online petition to include an option to turn off the nudity in the game. This means he wants to play the game, complete with every scene featuring nudity, just so long as certain key bits of flesh are obscured from view. This is a little like saying you're a vegetarian, except you still eat fish, chicken, and (if it's a Tuesday) meat.


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Awesome Boobage in Age of Conan Spawns Petition
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