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 Enemy Nations

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PostSubject: Enemy Nations   Enemy Nations EmptySat May 10, 2008 5:17 am

Wiki Description
    Enemy Nations is a real-time strategy game, created by Windward Studios. Enemy Nations is of the same genre as Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness and StarCraft. The game received very high rankings in video game magazines,[3] but the slated publisher went out of business shortly after the game's release...

    The development of the Hyperspace-Drive triggers a gold rush-alike colonization attempt by Earth governments, only to find that habitable (the game takes these as Earth-like) planets are either homeworlds for other sapient species, or colonies of early-evolved species.

    Years of build-up and exploration bears fruit: A habitable, rich and lush world with no sentient race is found. However, almost every race intends to colonize it, and soon a a full-scale Galactic war will erupt. To solve the bloodshed, the sapient races agree to a competition:

    Every race would dispatch a Rocket Ship with a pre-determined size, mass and equipment, stocked with materials, personnel and equipment to create a city analogous of modern Earth technology and, infrastructure. Then without interruption from outer space, the base-cities would engage in conflict, with the victor being granted the ownership of the planet. Of course, it is your duty to ensure a new world for your species to claim.

Full article:

Enemy Nations 8_full1

My Thoughts...
EN is much like the famed Age of Empires and SimCity games. It uses very detailed sprites to create cities and units. Although an old game - it has surprising graphics. The buildings use steel frames that rise from the marked area for construction and the units behave like they should on different terrains. The different resources located on the planets that you must colonise have different characteristics and buildings that they require.
The military aspect is good - with tink tink noises as machine guns hit buildings and fire when units are heavily damaged. Overall, the way that military and economy fit into colonisation is very well thought out, as it would be. At times it can be hard but atleast the gameplay kicks in to provide an addicting well thought out game.


The download is free - there is no longer a demo available.

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Enemy Nations
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