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 Gamers Vortex' Rules ( Last update 2008/04/26 )

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Gamers Vortex' Rules ( Last update 2008/04/26 ) Empty
PostSubject: Gamers Vortex' Rules ( Last update 2008/04/26 )   Gamers Vortex' Rules ( Last update 2008/04/26 ) EmptySat Apr 26, 2008 9:06 am

Gamers Vortex' Rules ( Last update 2008/04/26 )

General Forum Rules

1. Respect
A very important rule. Respect the staff, because they are here for you.
Respect your fellow members, because they are looking for a good time here. There will be no back-talking, disrespecting, or insubordination to any staff.
If you have an issue with a staff member, take it up with an administrator.

2. No spamming
Spamming is posting useless pieces of messages in bulk in order to obtain more posts/higher rank. Spamming will result in a permanant ban.

3. No Profanity
This is a friendly forum, so try to avoid profanity. The words are blocked out by stars (more stars=worse word). Frequent profanity results in a 4-month ban.

4. No Hacking/Scamming
Don't ask people for their password and don't tell anyone who is not legit staff your password. Don't hack our website and expect to get away with it.
This is not only illegal, but will get you permanantly banned.

5. No pornography
This also includes Hentai. This means no posting people or characters involved in sexual activity. Posts containing this will be quickly deleted and the poster will have a 2-month ban.

6. No copyright.
Posting work without credit from orignal author is not only illegal, but will get you a permanant ban.

7. No advertising
Advertising for any website, blog, or forum (other than Gamers Vortex) is not permitted in any of the forums or by private messages. Continually break this rule and you will get a warning sent by staff. If you want your website to be known, use the link in your profile or request affiliation.

8. Colored Topic Titles
With the addition of colored topic titles, members may use this to advertise or annoy other members. Please refrain from using colored titles when possible. If you choose to include a colored title, don't use dark colors because they are very hard to read.

Other Rules


If you have broken one of the rules indicated above then the following steps will be taken.
1. The text in the post will be removed and referenced in the private staff area later on. If it is a whole thread, just the text and/or title will be moved/removed.
2. If you repeat the offense, one of the moderators will then warn you by Private Message describing your offense, including any references or quotes. If you do not respond to the message by replying to the sender politely in the next couple of days then the issue will then be raised.
3. You will be banned for a pre-determined time. The length will likely be 2-3 weeks depending on your offense.

Last Updated August 5 2008
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Gamers Vortex' Rules ( Last update 2008/04/26 )
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