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 Uncharted - Drake's Fortune

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Uncharted - Drake's Fortune Empty
PostSubject: Uncharted - Drake's Fortune   Uncharted - Drake's Fortune EmptyWed Jun 04, 2008 5:49 pm

Uncharted - Drake's Fortune 1208422111932984_75525Uncharted - Drake's Fortune

First you must go to the cheat mode of this FANTASTICAL AWESOME GREAT CREATION OF ALL TIME:
Cheat mode:
Enter the "Rewards" menu. Enter the appropriate section, highlight
one of the following options, then enter the code when prompted to
unlock the item. If you entered the code correctly,
you will hear a sound.

Costumes (Heroes): Baseball shirt Drake
Press Left, Right, Down, Up, Triangle, R1, L1, Square. Note: The game must
first be completed in order to switch costumes.
Making A Cutscene: Time's Up
Press L1, Right, Square, Down, Left, Triangle, R1, Up.
Making A Cutscene: Grave Robbing
Press Left, R2, Right, Up, L2, Triangle, Square, Down.
Concept Art: Bonus 1
Press L2, Right, Up, Square, Left, Triangle, R1, Down.
Concept Art: Bonus 2
Press Square, L1, Right, Left, Down, R2, Triangle, Up.

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Uncharted - Drake's Fortune
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