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 Fight Night Round 3

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Fight Night Round 3 Empty
PostSubject: Fight Night Round 3   Fight Night Round 3 EmptyFri Jun 06, 2008 3:51 am

Fight Night Round 3

All venues:
Enter NEWVIEW as a first name in Create Champ mode to unlock all venues.

Bonus venues:
Win a match at one of the corresponding venues in Career mode to unlock it:

Madison Square Garden:
The Staples Center

Box as Ko Rey Mo:
Defeat Ko Rey Mo in the light heavy division in Career mode to unlock him.

Boxing styles:
Win matches in ESPN Classic Fights mode or Career mode to unlock various
new styles, at random:

Hard Straights
Hook Master
Judge Jab
Lethal Uppercuts
Philly Shell
Sinister Cross

Burger King trainer:
Win the Burger King event in Career mode. Then at the trainer selection screen,
press Down until the Burger King appears as a choice. He gives you Heart when
you fight.

Easy wins in Career mode:
Go to the options menu and set Illegal Blows to Off. Then, go to the fight
store and buy the illegal head punch called Elbow Shot. During a fight, use
the Elbow Shot to counter attack each time your opponent throws a punch.
Note: Make sure you use the Elbow Shot as a counter attack so that you can
connect cleanly and powerfully on you opponent's head. You will see that
the Elbow Shot inflicts a lot of damage to your opponent, and will KO him
in a short period of time, or TKO because you inflicted so much damage to
his eyes.

Remain undefeated:
During any fight in Career mode, if you get knocked down and you think
you are not going to make it, turn your PlayStation 3 off before the bell
rings. When the game is resumed, you can start the match again without a loss.


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Fight Night Round 3
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