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 Go Underground/Underwater

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PostSubject: Go Underground/Underwater   Go Underground/Underwater EmptyMon Jun 09, 2008 3:55 am

This cheat is for Ultimate Spider-Man (Xbox)

Under the water in the area around Liberty Island, there's a tunnel. If done properly, someone can stand on it, and if they jump at the right spot, they can fall through the water and underground/underwater.
This might be possible to do while playing as Spider-Man, but it's a lot easier to do playing as Venom (After beating the game, so storylines/events/ect. don't get in the way.) Go to the side of the city where you can see the Statue of Liberty, and look for a gray pier in an "L" shape. Run down the pier to get a bit of speed, and Super-Jump off the corner of the part that sticks out. (Not explained very well, but I have a simple illustration.) Press the Control Stick towards Liberty Island so Venom will sail that way. Most of the time, he'll land on a patch of water that can be walked on. Walk very, very slowly towards Liberty Island until Venom slips down a bit so the water is about waist-height if he's standing still. "Normal" Jump forward, but only a TINY bit! If he jumps foreword too much, he'll just fall in the water normally.
Go Underground/Underwater Graypier
If done correctly, Venom will fall under the water and be surrounded by blank gray nothingness with the car-tunnel behind him. He'll also be standing on a small platform of air, and moving too much to the right, left or forewords will cause him to fall into oblivion, and the game will make him splash into the water normally. However, Venom can crawl on the wall of the tunnel, though the texture is weird and apparently full of ledges that he might get stuck on. Crawling to the right will eventually make him fall; crawling to the left can actually let him be under the street!

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Go Underground/Underwater
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