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 Super High Jump

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PostSubject: Super High Jump   Super High Jump EmptyThu Jun 12, 2008 6:31 am

This glitch is for Goldeneye Rogue Agent (GC)

"My brother and I were playing this game on multiplayer on the map "Funhouse" when in the cowboy western room on the wooden stairs somthing really weird happened! I was standing in the corner on the platform between the two sets of stairs when my brother's character ran into me at full speed (into the corner). I LAUNCHED INTO THE AIR!! Now, since you can't normally jump this high (or even jump, for that matter), this is interesting. I even tried it again to make sure it would work twice. It worked again. I tried it on my brother's character. It worked on him. However, there is one thing you need to be aware of when doing this trick. You need to position yourself so that you don't fall off the map into "Blue Hell" (a generic term for somewhere you're not supposed to go in a video game, an example is Glitch City from the Pokemon games). If you do, the game won't freeze, but you will fall forever and ever without respawning. Note: the person running into the other person to make them jump has to run into the wall or else the person will just do a short hop. Also, the person doing the jump must be directly in the corner, or else the trick won't work. The people must be facing each other when they collide. If you use this trick correctly, you can use it to go to places you can't norrmaly go in the level. So go ahead, check it out! One last thing: as far as I know, we are the first to discover this trick.

P.S. This trick may work elsewhere. It works at the "Golden Gate Bridge" level, but it is much harder to pull off. It involves falling into the top grating at the right time."

written by denisedavis

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Super High Jump
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