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 Review: Empire Earth

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Review: Empire Earth Empty
PostSubject: Review: Empire Earth   Review: Empire Earth EmptyTue Aug 19, 2008 3:12 am

Empire Earth
PC Only!

Based on the famous Age of Empires, the creators have made Empire Earth. Much like AOE's isometric empire construction game, EE launches from Stone Age, to Futuristic. It has 3D graphics, aircraft, ships - over 250 brand new units. Several aspects of AOE have been changed including a new resource, iron, which is used for most military construction.


AJ's Review
One of my favourite strategy games. Most of the AOE factors have been included but new ones like aircraft really put the icing on the cake. New units is great and some are very fun to use like aircraft carriers and B-52 bombers! The networking capability is much like AOE 1, with LAN and Internet. Graphics are good when you're viewing from a distance, and the 3D models are much better than AOE's "isometric sprites". Overall, a very good game! Well worth the price.

What Other Sites Think
GameStats 8.4/10
GamePro /5
IGN 8.5/10
GameSpot 7.9/10


System Requirements
Pentium II 350MHz
3D accelerator card (4mb)
450MB free space

Review: Empire Earth 618203boxart_160w
Review: Empire Earth Ratingsymbol_t

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Review: Empire Earth
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