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 Avernum 5 - PC

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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:39 pm

Avernum 5


Version 1.0

By Matt Pasek

Avernum 5 (A5) is the fifth game in the Avernum series. A5 builds on the
technical capabilities of A4 with a hugely improved plot, fascinating new land
to explore, and improved strategic aspects. Major technical/strategic changes
from A4 to A5 include:

A new inventory system. No longer are you weighed down by all the stuff in
your backpack. Now your character's encumbrance is decided solely on what
your character is wearing (presumably your character can drop the backpack
with 40 tons of iron prior to fighting). This de-emphasizes the importance of
strength for wizards, and allows you to carry more stackable items as desired.

New combat movement. A5 uses the Geneforge 4 combat system, which means that
your characters can attack with 1 AP left. This allows for some intriguing
strategic options, most notably the ability to shuffle characters around mid-
fight. For instance, if your bowman is your first character (since they tend
to be the fastest at the beginning), your bowman can move your melee fighter
forward one to three spaces as necessary. For instance, if you are trying to
get to a Monster M with Bowman B and Fighter F:


Do the following:
.B. ... ... ...
.F. .FB .F. .B.
... > ... > .B. > .F.
... ... ... ...
.M. .M. .M. .M.
until you reach your foe. This becomes especially important when you get the
haste spell, as it may mean you can attack twice instead of just once.

New battle techniques. There are now eight battle techniques available for
your characters to use (detailed further below). All give significant
bonuses, and can be very useful when used tactically. Also, it is now more
useful for mages/priests to add some points to bows and melee so as to access
a few of these skills to boost spell damage.

Boats! Elevation! A few new, really cool items are elevation (making forts
look really cool) and boats, which really help add to the "Frontier"
perspective of A5.

Bold story- you now have several choices to make, and are no longer stuck in
the save-the-underworld mentality.

Lots of new monsters + a whole new area to explore. You will see all of 1-2
areas that may be familiar from A4, but otherwise everything is all new. The
monsters are also very imaginative, including several boss fights.

Table of Contents:
1. Miscellaneous Info
2. Skills Guide
3. Spells Guide & Battle Disciplines
4. Traits
5. Walkthrough
6. Item Overview
7. Spell Teachers, Skill Trainers and freebies
8. General Strategy
9. Munchkin Guide

1. Miscellaneous Info

The following is a list of important tidbits for things you should pick up and
take with you on your travels through Avernum. Pick up these items throughout
your quest, as well as any item worth anything to sell. Money is scarce in
the game.

Quest and job items:
20 Parchment
All mined Crystals
9 Sentinel Power Stone
25 Chitrach Claw
8 Chitrach Husks
Fishing Pole
Potted Plant

Crafting Items:
All Herbs
Focusing Crystals
Fine Leather
Fine Steel

Rare Items:
Mandrake Tincture
Demon Bile

A few:
Gold Necklace
Platinum Ring
Sticks \
Emeralds > for wands
Rubies /

Also, you will rapidly get the ability to travel via the pylons. The
following is a list of their locations:

Blackchasm Outpost (00)
New Harston (03)
Shanker's Tower (19)
Gladwell's Keep (23)
Harkin's Landing (38)
Exodus (43)
Tranquility (58)
Anama Lands (66)
Highground (82)
Muck (90)
Vahnatai Lands (A4)
Melanchion's Keep (B8)
Darkside Lands (D1)

If you don't you may end up with uncompleted quests, especially with quests
like "Collect item Q from enemy Z". Don't say you weren't warned!
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Number of posts : 637
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Favorite Game : Resistance : Fall of Man
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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:40 pm

2. Skills Guide

Main Stats:
Strength (Str): Strength affects the amount of damage you do in melee, the
amount you can wear as armor (without losing APs), and your stun resistance.
An average character will want about 6 points total to wear nice armor, and a
melee fighter will probably want 8 points to access some of the better skills

Dexterity (Dex): Dexterity increases your To Hit (TH) percentage with all
weapons, your attacking order in combat, and your dodging ability. It's also
a major prerequisite for several special skills. Aim for about eight points,
that's all you'll need.

Intelligence (Int): Intelligence affects the amount of spell points (SP)
you have, and your mental resistance. Magic users will want about 8 points to
be able to cast a bunch of spells and to access magery and other key skills.
Melee fighters can probably ignore this skill, although they may want to
invest a few to access Anatomy, which is a lot easier to get to than previous

Endurance (End): Endurance affects your hit points (HP), and your poison
and acid resistances. This skill is a bit more necessary than A4 because HP
are more necessary. Also, Magical Efficiency is a lot more powerful, so it's
probably worth try to get a decent amount of these points even for magic

Combat Stats:
Melee Weapons (MW): Melee weapons affects the amount of damage you do with
melee weapons (daggers & swords), your To Hit percentage (TH) with these
weapons, and increases the number of battle disciplines you can use. Melee
fighters (even pole weapon users) will want six points in this skill to get
access to Blademaster. For magic users, you may want to buy three points here
to get some of the nicer battle disciplines, but otherwise ignore this

Pole Weapons (PW): Pole weapons affects the amount of damage you do with
pole weapons (spears & halberds), your To Hit percentage (TH) with these
weapons, and increases the number of battle disciplines you can use. Melee
fighters (including sword users) will want six points in this skill to access
Blademaster. As before, magic users may want to buy three points to get some
of the nicer battle disciplines, but otherwise will probably want to ignore
this ability. There tend to be fewer, but more powerful pole weapons than
melee weapons.

Bows (Bow): Bows affects the amount of damage you do with bows (bows &
longbows), your To Hit percentage (TH) with these weapons, and increases the
number of battle disciplines you can use, though at half the rate of MW and
PW. There are a lot of really nice bows, and though they tend to be less
powerful than thrown weapons, they have better side bonuses. Also, they weigh
a lot less, and you don't need to carry around a large selection of them.
Pretty much everyone should try to get a few points in this skill, unless
they're using thrown missiles exclusively.

Thrown Missile (TM): Thrown missiles affects the amount of damage you do
with thrown weapons (javelins & razordisks), your To Hit percentage (TH) with
these weapons, and increases the number of battle disciplines you can use,
though at half the rate of MW and PW. Thrown weapons are the most powerful
weapons available, but are limited in number. I tend to have 1 character
devoted exclusively to these weapons, usually a mage. Note that these can
also be quite heavy.

Quick Action (QA): Quick action gives you a chance of having two attacks in
a single round and increases your turn order in battle. It's not an
especially powerful skill, since you don't get a large chance to double-hit,
but it's not bad to invest 3-4 points in since it's fairly cheap. It's also
an easy way to increase your turn order.

Magic Stats:
Mage Spells (MS): This skill increases the damage you do with your mage
spells, and the number of mage spells you have access to. If you're going to
cast magic spells, this is your skill. Eighteen points is all you'll ever
need, and if you have the natural mage trait, you'll get an extra point every
five levels or so. Add about 13 points to this skill for your mage, and
that's about all you'll need. This skill is a bit more expensive than priest
spells but gives access to better spells. DON'T INVEST HERE IF YOU WANT TO

Priest Spells (PS): This skill increases the damage you do with your priest
spells, and the number of priest spells you have access to. If you're going
to cast holy spells, this is your skill. Eighteen points is all you'll ever
need, and if you have the pure spirit trait, you'll get an extra point every
five levels or so. Add about 13 points to this skill for your priest, and
that's about all you'll need. This skill is cheaper than mage spells but
doesn't have as good of spells.

Arcane Lore (AL): Arcane lore increases your ability to read books (giving
new spells) and increases your mental resistance. Everyone should probably
try to get about four points in this skill so that you won't be upset when you
run across a book you can't use. The mental resistance is a nice icing on the

Spellcraft (SC): Spellcraft increases the damage and duration of your
spells. All magic users should increase this skill, though probably after
buying a few points in it from Shanker. Magery is similar to this skill but
more expensive.

General Stats:
Hardiness (Hard): Hardiness increases your armor and resistances. It is a
cheap and effective skill. Buy at least 2 points for everyone, 4 if you've
got a few points (or brews or crystals) to spare. This skill is a precursor
to resistance. The only resistances it doesn't increase are mental and stun

Defense (Def): Defense decreases your likelihood of being hit. It's
relatively cheap and inexpensive. It is the precursor to the quite useful
skill parry, and riposte. Definitely buy 6 points for all your fighters so as
too access parry.

Tool Use (TU): Tool use affects your ability to disarm traps and open doors
(as well as a few special encounters). A maximum of 15 is all that's needed
for 98% of things, 17 will open nearly everything (especially when you equip
the two tinker items). Only one character need acquire this, and I'd
recommend giving said character the "Nimble Fingers" trait as well. I'd
recommend about 8 points for Chapter 1, 10 for Chapter 2, 12 for Chapter 3,
and 15 from then on (which means add about 8-10 points for a character with
Nimble Fingers).

First Aid (FA): First aid affects how many HP and SP you gain after
successfully killing something. This is a useful, cheap skill that can help
delay your need to go back to town. I'd recommend buying at least 2 points
for everyone early. Increase to 4 when you have the spare points.

Nature Lore (NL): Nature Lore affects your ability to calm wild animals and
to find caches, and is used for a few special encounters. Buy 2 points for
everyone at the start of the game, then set 4-6 skill points in reserve for
the occasion later when you can't get a cache (by about chapter 3 you will
need to add a few more points).

Luck: Affects pretty much everything, including resistances, armor, dodging
ability, and probably damaging ability. Expensive though, and I might
recommend holding onto your points until you find the late-game trainer for at
least some of your party. Maybe add 1 point for everyone to increase

Special Skills:
(initial skill point cost) Name: Requisite 1 (cost of requisite when requisite
is reached) + Requisite 2 (cost of requisite when requisite is reached):

Note that special skills have requisites before you can train in them. You
can buy points, get quest rewards, get them through traits or as racial bonus,
or equip items to get points in these skill, but can only train in these
skills once you have reached the requisites. Additionally, the requisites
must be reached through training or buying points in the requisites- they do
not include other bonuses (whether through traits, quest rewards, or
equipment). Thus you must reach the point where the skill starts to cost X
points, where X is the number to the right of the skill. This will help
clarify what you need, and explains why you might have 10 points in dexterity
and still not access some of these skills- equipment, quest, and racial/trait
bonuses do not count.


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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:40 pm

(3) Quick Strike (QS): 6 Dexterity (starts to cost Cool + 6 Melee or Pole
(starts to cost 7): Quick strike will give you a slight chance of getting
bonus movement points in a given round. If you invest heavily here you get a
chance for getting even more AP. One of my favorite skills, well worth trying
to get for all fighters.

(3) Parry (Par): 6 Dexterity (starts to cost Cool + 6 Defense (starts to cost
5): Parry gives you a slight chance of blocking an attack completely (about 3%
per point invested). A good skill for fighters, and a prerequisite for
riposte. Worth trying to get for fighters.

(5) Blademaster (Blm): 6 Melee (starts to cost 7) + 6 pole (starts to cost 7)
+ 6 Strength (starts to cost Cool- Increases you to hit% and your damage done
with melee weapons. Also decreases your fatigue time so you can use battle
techniques more frequently. A prerequisite for the top tier abilities Lethal
Blow and Riposte. Worth getting for devoted fighters as you'll be able to
burn through battle techniques with this skill.

(4) Anatomy (Anat): 4 Intelligence (starts to cost 7) + 8 Melee or Pole
(starts to cost Cool: Gives a bonus to your first aid recovery, and gives a
damage bonus when fighting against humanoids. This skill is a whole lot
cheaper than it has been in previous Avernum games, and is worthwhile for
fighters and/or priests. Buy points in this skill first though. This skill
is a prerequisite for Lethal Blow.

(4) Gymnastics (Gym): 8 Dexterity (starts to cost 9) + 6 Strength (starts to
cost Cool: Increases your attack order and decreases your likelihood of being
hit. Not too bad, and you can get it pretty easily. I recommend training in
this skill first though.

Pathfinder: Pathfinder affects your resistance to acid and poison. It's
cheap but untrainable, and no items seem to offer it. Go ahead and buy three
points in this skill when you can, just because that'll further diminish the
affects of poison and acid.

(4) Lethal Blow (LB): 8 Anatomy (starts to cost Cool + 8 Blademaster (starts to
cost 9): Gives a chance of doing massive damage when attacking with melee/pole
weapons to a single foe. Not that bad, though quite difficult to obtain. I'd
recommend buying training in this and leaving it at that. By the time your
warriors could access this skill you'll probably doing way more damage with
your magic users instead. Fighters will serve primarily as meat shields.

(5) Riposte (Rip): 8 Parry (starts to cost 7) + 6 Blademaster (starts to cost
Cool: Gives a slight chance of reflecting damage back at a foe. This skill
doesn't do too much damage, but is a modest improvement from parry. If you
build your stats for your fighters with getting this skill in mind, you will
have very powerful fighters by the end game.

(4) Sharpshooter (SS): 6 Dexterity (starts to cost Cool + 8 Bows or Thrown
(starts to cost 6): Increases damage done by bows and thrown weapons. Nice to
buy points for all characters, and then train your archers in this skill even
further. Don't bother investing skill points for non-archers in this skill,
as it takes a devoted archer to get to it. Essentially the next "Bows" skill
for archers.

(4) Magery (Mgr): 8 Intelligence (starts to cost 9) + 6 Mage Spells (starts to
cost Cool or Priest Spells (starts to cost 7): Gives your spells larger bonuses
in terms of damage and duration. Probably mostly equivalent to spellcraft,
though a prerequisite for magical efficiency. Aim your mage to get this
skill, and probably your priest at a later time.

(4) Magical Efficiency (MEf): 8 Magery (starts to cost Cool + 8 Endurance
(starts to cost Cool: Gives a chance of decreasing the spell point cost of a
spell. Much more effective in A5 than in A4, this spell is well worth getting
for your mages and probably your priests as well. With this spell you'll be
able to spam lightning spray and smite much longer, and your buffs are much
cheaper. You won't go wrong if you build your mage with this skill in mind.

(5) Resistance (Res): 8 Dexterity (starts to cost 9) + 8 Endurance (starts to
cost Cool + 8 Hardiness (starts to cost 5): Gives a bonus to most physical
resistance stats. Probably not worth try to get to, due to its cost, I'd
still recommend buying three points or so for everyone. It will make you last
that much longer.

3. Spells & Battle Discipline Guide
The spells and battle disciplines are described below. Each spell is also
affected by spell "strength" which for a given spell is equal to the number of
times trained in that spell, plus the spell class skill (either mage spells or
priest spells), plus your spellcraft, plus your magery. The effects for
increasing your spell strength in a given spell are described by "+". The
best way of increasing your spell strength is to add points to magery and
spellcraft as both skills affect all spells cast. Training in a spell with a
teacher has less of an effect, and may not be worth the cost, especially if
you have found a book that will train you instead. The bonuses from spell
strength (from the manual) are described as well.

Priest Spells
These are the healing spells, the buff spells, and the occasional damage
spell and summoning spells available to everyone. In general they have a much
smaller damage output per SP than mage spells, but can compensate in other
ways. These spells are cheaper and easier to use than mage spells.

Minor Heal: The staple health returning spell at low level. Very useful early
in the game, a bit less so later in the game.
+ Increases HP regained (+ 1d3)

Curing: Removes negative effects like poison and acid from a character.
Necessary for some fights, and cheap to cast.
+ Removes more levels of poison/acid.

War Blessing: Cast this before every moderate fight, it increases your chance
to hit and your damage done to foes.
+ Increasing the level of this spell makes it last longer.

Protection: Decreases your chance of being hit by a foe and decreases the
damage received. Cast this before every moderate fight, it lasts for fairly
+ Increases the duration of the spell.

Repel Spirit: Does disruption damage to undead and demons. Undead take a lot
of damage from this spell, and this spell is the main damage-dealer for
priests when available. Couple it to a mighty blow to kill many undead
+ Increases damage done by spell (+ 1d5).

Smite: The first major damage-dealing spell of the priestly repertoire. This
spell is costly but does a decent amount of energy damage (not ice, I don't
think). Great, useful spell.
+ Increase damage done (+ 1d5).

Summon Shade: Summons a shade (~43 HP) or a greater shade (~62 HP) to fight
for you.
+ Increases the chance of getting a greater shade (?) and the length of time
they stick around.

Enduring Shield: Places a long-lasting shield that decreases the likelihood of
getting hit. Well worth casting before every decently large board. Less
powerful than Enduring Armor.
+ Makes the spell last somewhat longer.

Unshackle Mind: Removes charm, daze, and terror effects. Doesn't seem to
always remove daze or terror, but charm is easily broken. Very useful spell
for those occasions.
+ Increases likelihood of removal.

Heal: Provides a nice batch of health to a single character. Well worth it
for the middle of fights.
+ Increase HP regained (+ 1d5).

Mass Healing: Casts a healing spell on all your (nearby) characters. Often
useful right after a nasty hit (for instance, by a fire shrub).
+ Increases HP regained (+ 1d3?)

Mass Curing: Casts a curing spell on everyone. Very useful when fighting
poisonous-cloud launching creatures.
+ Increases poison/acid levels removed.

Steel Skin: A long-lasting shield spell that decreases the damage you receive
from most attacks. This one can be cast in conjunction with enduring
+ Increases the duration.

Divine Fire: Hits foes with fire in an area of effect. The staple mid-high
level damage spell for priests. Not as powerful as fireblast, but still
+ Increases damage (+ 1d5).

Control Foe: Seizes the mind of a foe, forcing it to fight for you. Doesn't
work on enemies without brains, or undead.
+ Stronger strength of spell.

Enduring Armor: Strongly reduces chance of being hit with a long-lasting
protection spell. Better than Enduring Shield, it replaces it if you cast
this instead.
+ Increases the duration.

Return Life: Brings a character back from "unconsciousness". Useful for D'oh
moments. Better than traipsing all the way back to town, for certain.
+ Increases health restored (?).

Divine Retribution: Casts a fire spell on all visible enemies. Especially
powerful on weak, distributed foes. Kind of cool, acts like a wand of the
inferno. Not too useful on higher level foes.
+ Increases damage (+ 1d4).

Divine Restoration: THE healing spell, this spell removes all negative effects
other than "unconsciousness". Also, gives the invaluable ability to
regenerate, making your characters last much longer. Some crystals can also
give the ability to regenerate, so hold on to those.
+ Increases HP regained, and regeneration duration.

Divine Host: Summons a battle wraith (133 HP) or a protector wraith (118).
The protector wraith will cast spells on you.
+ Increases spell duration.

Mage Spells
These spells are capable of the most damage in the game. Couple that to a
high magical efficiency and a high first aid and you're mages will be the
major source of damage in the late game.

Bolt of Fire: A single fire attack to damage your foes. This spell is good
early on, and good late in the game as well. It is strong against humans and
most undead, and weak against demons, reptiles, and things colored red.
+ Increases damage (+ 1d3)

Call Beast: Summons a weak foe to come fight for you. Summons cave worms,
giant rats, huge bats, cave wolves, and cave crawlers (19-27 HP). Summoning
spells got a boost in A5, and are pretty cool for some assistance. Useful for
distractions, no doubt.
+ Increases duration, may increase probability of getting a good summon.

Spray Acid: Hits a foe with a blast of acid, which continues to do damage
through time. A bit nerfed since Avernum 4, this spell is no longer as strong
as it was. Useful at the beginning of the game, but not near the end.
+ Increases initial damage (+ 1d3), adds more acid.

Daze: Stuns foes until you wake them up by attacking them. Cool and
occasionally useful.
+ Increases spell strength.

Haste: Adds about 2 or 25% to your AP for a single round. An invaluable
spell, this spell will help you attack twice in a single round, or up to three
times late in the game (depending on your character setup). Cast this on
everyone before every major fight.
+ Increases spell duration.

Slow: Drops the AP of a foe so that they only attack once every two rounds.
Really useful on bosses, and/or on splitting monsters (e.g., doomguards).
+ Increases spell duration.

Icy Rain: An area of effect ice attack. One of the few ice attacks available
in the game. It is nearly always useful except on ice loving foes or undead.
Don't forget about it as you fight higher level enemies, it often does more
damage than lightning spray or fireblast, depending on the size and number of
+ Increases spell strength (+ 1d3).

Unlock Doors: Removes magical locks. A moderately necessary spell, this spell
removes the magical parts of locks. No longer as powerful as in A4, you can't
unlock normal locks with this spell. You can replace this spell with
"tinker's crystals" for the Anama or magically-disinclined.
+ Increases magical lock removal strength.

Augmentation: Casts a long lasting boost to HP of about 35 HP, give or take.
This is a very useful buff at middle levels, and still good at high levels.
It will last about two maps worth of slow exploration, so you may need to
recast on long jaunts.
+ Increases spell duration.

Minor Summon: Summons a middle level foe to fight with you (Searing Slimes,
Ghasts, Spitting Wyrmkins, Chitrachs, Fire Lizards, Wights, Hellhounds- HP 53-
78). Good for distractions, and some have some special attacks. Especially
useful for mage-heavy parties.
+ Increases duration, may increase probability of getting a good summon.

Lightning Spray: The middle-upper level staple damage spell, this spell does
energy damage to up to three foes. The foes must be 2 spaces (diagonal counts
as one) from the target foe in order to give them spray damage. Few foes are
strong against energy damage, so this spell will do damage consistently. Its
expensive cost in SP is moderated by a high magical efficiency and first aid.
+ Increases spell damage (+ 1d4).

Terror: Scares foes so that they run away. Might be useful on melee-focused
strong foes, I don't use it too much.
+ Increases likelihood of terrorizing.

Prismatic Shield: Provides resistance to mental attack spells (charm +
confusion + maybe terror + daze?) and to cold (petrification-like) attacks.
Worth casting whenever fighting an opponent that freezes or tries to confuse
you. One of the nice, generic buffs for mages.
+ Increases spell duration.

Dispel Barrier: A necessary spell that removes barriers. Piercing crystals
are its anama equivalent, but piercing crystals don't always remove barriers.
You'll get this in Tranquility.
+ Brings down stronger barriers.

Summon Aid: Summons a pretty powerful creature to fight with you (Warped
Wolves, Mutant Lizards, Experimental Rats, Rabid Hellhounds, Plated Chitrachs,
Revenants, Worgs- between 58 and 111 HP). Some have special attacks or good
+ Increases duration, may increase probability of getting a good summon.

Strong Daze: Strongly stuns enemies. Useful when surrounded by low level
melee fighters/foes. Not bad in emergencies.
+ Affects stronger foes.


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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:41 pm

Fireblast: The generic damage spell at high level, this one replaces icy rain
in damage output. Expensive to cast though.
+ Increases spell damage (+ 1d5).

Arcane Summon: The strongest summon spell for mages, summons Writhing Massses,
Guardian Hellhounds, Enormous Cavebats, Terror Wolves, Pustulant Zombies,
Gnawing Stoneworms, and Skeleton Warriors (HP from 125-154). Very useful as
distractions and as damagers.
+ Increases duration, may increase probability of getting a good summon.

Arcane Shield: The ultimate buff for mages, this one gives you potent
resistances to magic, as well as spiny shield. The spiny shield ability
reflects a portion of the damage you take back onto the foe. That's very nice
for most battles (except with splitting foes!). Cast before boss fights.
+ Increases spell duration.

Arcane Blow: The final rung on the damaging ladder, this spell casts an area
of effect blast of energy. Does a lot of damage, and costs a lot of SP.
Actually manageable if you have enough magical efficiency, though not for too
+ Increases spell damage (+ 1d6).
Battle Disciplines
Battle disciplines are new to Avernum, and are the closest thing to fighter-
spells. These operate on a different set of rules than spells- your character
can use a discipline, but will become fatigued for a certain amount of time so
that they can't use another. You can decrease the number of rounds your
character is fatigued for by adding points to Blademaster, and by wearing
armor that has "fatigue removal" under the description. I've maxed out at
about 3 fatigue points removed per round. These disciplines are extremely
worthwhile for all characters, and I would recommend training everyone in some
skills so as to access these skills (at the very least the first two) by mid-
late game. These disciplines are stackable with spells, and if a caster can
get to the last skill (battle frenzy) they can become a dervish of

The highest level discipline you can access is equal to your melee weapons +
pole weapons + bows / 2 + thrown missiles / 2 skills (I call this battle
skill). Points can be trained or acquired by equipment, they aren't picky.
Points from traits or racial bonuses count as well, making it very easy for
sliths and nephilim to get these disciplines.

Well-Aimed Blow. 5 battle skill points needed needed, gives 3 fatigue.
Increases the damage done of your next attack by about 20-30%, give or take.
Can make a huge difference late in the game, especially for mages (an extra 30
damage every three rounds will bring that boss down 30% sooner).

Shield Breaker. 6 battle skill points needed needed, gives 5 fatigue. Curses
your foe so that they take more damage (again about 20-30% more). Use this
skill on foes first then hit them with a well-aimed or mighty blow. Try to
get to at least this skill for your mages and priests once you've maxed out
their priest/mage spells skills.

Leg Sweep. 8 battle skill points needed needed, gives 5 fatigue. Curses your
foe so that they do less damage to you. Makes a big difference early on in
the game, less later. Use on low-level bosses.

Berserker Rage. 9 battle skill points needed needed, gives 6 fatigue. Blesses
and shields you but does some damage as well. Myeh, I prefer war blessing +
protection to this.

Focus Spirit. 11 battle skill points needed needed, gives 5 fatigue. Removes
negative effects from your character (slow/curses). The ones that you really
need it to remove (terror/charm/daze) it can't affect because you can't use
it. Occasionally useful, but the next discipline is much more so.

Mighty Blow. 13 battle skill points needed needed, gives 4 fatigue. Adds a
hefty bonus on your next attack. Excellent for everyone, including mages and
priests. Priests are a bit more likely to get to it though.

Adrenaline Rush. 15 battle skill points needed needed, gives 8 fatigue. Adds
some AP in exchange for HP. Sometimes useful, but if you're here you may as
well just build up to battle frenzy.

Blade Shield. 16 battle skill points needed needed, gives 8 fatigue.
Increases your parry ability. Cool while waiting to get to battle frenzy.

Stunning Blow. 18 battle skill points needed needed, gives 5 fatigue. Stuns
an enemy with your next attack. Couple this to a slow spell and that foe
won't be moving any time soon!

Battle Frenzy. 20 battle skill points needed needed, gives 12 fatigue. The
ultimate discipline, this ability blesses you, and hastes you (stacks with the
haste spell and other AP increasers). Makes your fighters incredible. Magic
users become even more incredible, but would have to invest a lot of points
here in order to get this discipline. Still, Wow!

4. Traits
Traits are character features that increase (or decrease) the effectiveness
of certain abilities. You can have up to two traits which will affect the
rate you gain experience, plus a race, which will also do the same. You will
get about 40 levels for a human with no traits, which means that each 6-8%
decrease will cost you about 1 level (or 5 skill points) by the end of the
game. However, most traits more than make up for this decrease. I do not
recommend any negative traits.
Traits give slow increases to skills which means one point at the beginning
of the game and one point every 12 levels or so, and fast increases to skills
which means two points at the beginning of the game and one point every eight
levels or so.

Good Constitution (1 level lost): Increases your resistances. Effectively
acts as a free two points in hardiness, and gives a few more points in mental
and stun resistances. Good cheap trait if you hate losing levels.

Nimble Fingers (1 level lost): Gives a bonus of 2 points initially to tool use
which increases quickly, and a bonus to first aid which increases slowly.
It's worth giving one character this skill just to save points on tool use
(effectively about 42 skill points by the end of the game!).

Thick Skin (1 level lost): Gives a bonus to armor naturally. No bonuses to
resistances, and I prefer good constitution slightly.

Strong Will (1-2 levels lost): Hugely increases your mental resistance (by
about a full 50%!). Good if you hate charming and terror, especially good for
priests (so that they can cast unshackle mind in following turns). Not
necessary though.

Deadeye (1-2 levels lost): Gives a bonus to sharpshooter (+2) which increases
quickly. Pretty good for dedicated archers and nephilim. There are better
traits for everyone else though.

Fast on Feet (2 levels lost): Increases your attack order and occasionally
gives one bonus AP. A really nice cheap trait if you can't stand not maxing
out your level.

Pure Spirit (2-3 levels lost): Gives a bonus to priest spells which increases
quickly and gives a bonus to magical efficiency which may also increase
quickly. Any dedicated priest (the character who is aiming for 18 in Priest
spells) should get this trait.

Natural Mage (2-3 levels lost): Gives a +2 bonus to mage spells which
increases quickly, a smaller bonus to magical efficiency which may increase
slowly, and a bonus to the amount of armor you can use before losing access to
your high mage spells. Extremely potent for mages, definitely go for it for
your dedicated mage.

Elite Warrior (2-3 levels lost): Gives a bonus to parry and blademaster which
increases quickly for both skills, and a slight bonus to your carrying
capacity. Great for melee warriors, or any sort of meat shield characters.

Divinely Touched (4-5 levels lost): Gives slow increases to magery,
blademaster, and sharpshooter, with +1 free points to these skills. Also
gives a very healthy increase to armor. You can't go wrong with giving any
character this trait, especially characters who want to do more than one
thing. This trait will benefit everyone.


Weak-Minded (1 level gain): Decreases your mental resistance. Not worthwhile.

Delicate Skin (1-2 levels gained): Decreases your fire and cold resistances,
and perhaps your energy resistance. Ouch.

Sluggish (1-2 levels gained): Decreases your attack order, and sometimes takes
away an AP. May find mild use for late-stage characters (for instance,
priests who need to cast cure or healing spells) but probably not worthwhile.

Brittle Bones (2-3 levels gained): Increases damage taken from melee attacks.

Frail (3-4 levels gained): Everything goes badly for you. Double ouch. The
extra levels aren't worth it.


Due to the introduction of battle techniques, all non-human races are quite
useful as they will get you significant bonuses to the abilities which decide
what level battle techniques you can use. Some may suggest that you give your
entire party a non-human race, which really isn't a bad idea as the cost isn't
that high. I would recommend making an all-nephil party due to the power of
bows in the late game, or a 3 nephil-1 slith party. Anyway you try it, you'll
be wiping the world clean.

Human: No penalties or bonuses.

Nephilim (about 2 levels lost): Gives a bonus to bows, thrown missiles, (+2
for both and which increases quickly ) and gymnastics (+1 which increases
slowly). Excellent for archers or anyone who can use a bow (OK, so everyone).

Slithzerikai (about 3 levels lost). Gives a bonus to pole weapons (+2 and
which increases quickly), and a bonus to fire, poison, and acid resistances,
and a few bonus HP. Excellent for melee fighters.


Name of place (number)
Q: Quests available {rewards for job board quests}
I: Items of Note
C: Cache supplies
S: Skills, spells, and trainers (cost)
D: Secret Doors
$: Merchants [Key Items] *Constructions*


Map of demo region:
15 17
11-10-09-16 14
| | | | |
| | | | |
05-01-02-07 13

Blackchasm Outpost (00)
Q: Get Out of Basement
Transit Papers
See the General
The Pylon Lesson
Get Your Boat
The Northern Frontier
Intisar's Cauldron
Dirty Dan
Dirty Desiree
Message: New Harston {100c}
Nice Scuttler Eyes {Healing x2, Speed, Energy Potions}
The Bargha Walls {Ice Bolt and Lightning Scrolls}
Aid to Aminro {Platinum Ring}
I: Shielding Band, Blessed Bauble, Blessed Shield
S: Incantrix Intisar (slightly expensive)
D: Rivlin's room.
$: Sergeant Damien
You start in Blackchasm Outpost, exiting a portal. Grab the few items to
the NE (some supplies), you will need all the gold you can find. There are
also some bolts of cloth to sell hidden a bit to the SW. Anything that has
any value you should pick up and sell. Towards the end of the game this
becomes less necessary, though you will always want to have a few thousand in
Captain Newsom greets you off the platform. Talk with him, then leave to
the east. Grab some supplies from the rooms, and continue on, getting
messages of the suspicious sort. Head south, and you'll see what happens.
Kill the skeletons, and grab their stuff. One may drop a short sword, equip
it instead of your knife. If you want to understand the damage potential of a
weapon, take the high number and divide it by the low number. For instance, a
dagger does 2-4 damage. This is 2d2 in RPG terms (roll 2 two sided dice and
calculate). The short sword is 3-6, or 3d2, slightly better (with a bit
better chance to hit). Most melee weapons have d2 or d3, pole weapons are d3
or d4,
Continue east and kill the rest of the undead. Grab the stuff on the
bodies, and continue south. Grab the nearby spear and energy potion. You
have a choice- kill the lizards or kill the zombie. Or both, if you want some
xp. Head west through the skeletons, north through the worms (ignore the pot
for now), then face Newsom. Kill him and his zombies, then go through the
door. He drops a shielding band on death, the first magic item you'll find.
Open the doors to the north (there's a key near the beginning of the level
from here) to grab the stuff (slightly better equipment than what was first
available). Soldier rush out as you head to the east, then go up the stairs.
Sergeant Cienna greets you. Talk with her to get your official quest,
Transit Papers. Immediately nearby is a job board with four more quests for
you. Grab them all if you'd like.
Incantrix Intisar is an empire-approved mage who will teach you some weak
magic skills for slightly expensive costs. She also gives you a quest to take
care of her cauldron down below. Go back downstairs and open her cauldron,
kill the 10 or so worms that fly out (the leader, a brainy worm, drops a
blessed bauble). You get a fiery wand from Intisar for your troubles. Once
you get to Tranquility or so her spell repertoire increases.
Sergeant Damien is the quartermaster who will trade with you. He also gives
you a series of quests, starting first with "Dirty Dan". Completion gets you
300c. You then get the "Dirty Desiree" quest. Completion gets you 300c and a
pair of plate vambraces.
Rivlin is an Avernite agent to the south. Talk with him and he'll complain
about noise in his quarters. Go to his quarters (they're nearby), and search
for a small black spot on the wall. These are secret door buttons, which are
among the best return to old-school features of A5. These buttons are common
and will open up much. Use the "U"se button frequently to find them if you're
not sure how to enter a secret spot. Use this button and kill the rat. Grab
the scroll and tell Rivlin about it.
Report back to Sergeant Cienna with the news from the mayor. You're
instructed to see the general. Go west and talk with general Manfred. You
get your next quest, to learn how to use the teleporters, and you can get a
blessed shield out of him. Go ahead an touch the pillar to the SW twice. You
are teleported to (08). Once done, you get two quests- to get your boat, and
to explore the northern frontier.


I'm back!

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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:43 pm

Outside Outpost (01)
C: Beautiful Crystal, Energy Potion
There are lots of routes down here. But first, head north, and you'll find
Dirty Dan. Beat up his dogs (you're not really supposed to kill him), then
demand he give you his key. Let him go.
Underneath the level to the NW you'll find Dan's stash, as well as some
bats. The eastern tunnels hold rats. There are a few herbs spread around.
Press "g"et often when in dark places.

South of Harston (02)
I: Piercing Gloves
C: Energetic Herbs, Healing Herbs
Not much here beyond some worms and an avernite soldier who doesn't like
you. Underneath, you will find Aminro, a nephil who would like your help
(provided you got the quest in Blackchasm Outpost). First head north and kill
a bunch of worms. You'll get the maximum xp return if you do so, but don't
kill too many as you head to the east. Then get Aminro, and go on the hunt.
Go to the north then east, and kill the gassy crawler. Aminro leaves you,
then pillage its loot for some piercing gloves (+1 to anatomy).

New Harston (03)
I: Shadow Band
Q: Hunt Hirickis
Land Grab
The Rat Lord
The Friendly Giant?
The Anama Letter
Baquba the Aranea
Venomous Mongbat
Pit Crawler
Lost Shade Moref
Mindwarp Chitrach
Whirling Thrasher
Hraithe Lord
Black Horror
Message: Gladwell {Invulnerability Potion, Knowledge Brew}
Package: Harkin's Landing {Fine Razor Disks}
Rat Bounty {Beautiful Crystal x 2, Focusing Crystal, Piercing
Lowlands Slime {300c}
Courier Satchel {Blessed Belt}
C: Lovely Crystal
S: Minister Pilhofer (exorbitant), Lark (expensive), Augmentation, Control
Foe, Strong Daze, Spellcraft, Quick Action, Magical Efficiency, Parry,
Resistance, Riposte, Magery, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence
D: In Lark's upstairs
$: Vaosh
This is a decent city loaded with quests and things to do. You are first
recommended to go talk with the mayor. Go ahead and do so (talking with the
mayor solves one of your job board quests, getting you 100c). She tells you
that before you can be given the papers of transit, you must first defeat
Hirickis, a crazed mage to the NW. You can go up from her room, however,
there's a locked door (12 tool use to unlock) that houses a nasty shade. Kill
it if you'd like and grab the nice armor and goods.
There's a job board here, grab everything that you'd like. Note that
"Courier Satchel" will only appear when you have completed a few tasks
already. Vaosh the slith will trade with you.
Dionicio is an avernum agent who gives you a quest to deal with a friendly
giant. Tell him when you've completed this quest (500c), and you'll see more
of him later.
Minister Pilhofer is a priest of the Anama who talks with you. He will
train you in spells for exorbitant prices. He will also give you a message to
deliver when the mayor sends you on your way. Two strongly-locked doors are
upstairs. One you can get in near the end of the game (20 tool use required).
Behind is a book of Control Foe.
You'll find several people at the inn. Most are unfriendly, and the soldier
at the bar will hint that you're marked. Go up the north stairs and you can
loot the inn for a disruption wand (among the most useful of the wands). Go
up the south stairs and talk with Goodman Wulf for a new quest- to claim the
Rat Lord's lands. He also wants you to tell him first when you remove him.
Lark the hedge wizard gives you one of the most interesting and involved
quests of the game. She will also sell you a number of spells, including icy
rain and unlock doors, which is probably worth your while buying from her.
Unlike previous Avernums, unlock doors isn't the uber-spell it used to be, but
it's still very useful. Upstairs she has a spellbook with "Augmentation," and
two very-locked doors. They will become unlocked as you complete her quests.
Lark's first quest is to kill the Aranea Barquba (10). Do so for a free
point in spellcraft for all your characters. Next she wants you to kill the
Venomous Mongbat (26). You get a free point in quick action for finishing
this quest. Next she wants the brain of a pit crawler (42). Do so for a
point in magical efficiency. She then wants some of the ectoplasm from the
lost shade Moref (63). Do so for a point of Parry. She then wants you to
hunt the Mindwarp Chitrach, which is in the anama lands (72). You can also
now explore her top floor (one room, anyway). Enter it, kill the lizard, then
read the book for a point in strong daze. Once you return with the Mindwarp
Chitrach's mandibles, Lark cooks up another stew that gets you a point in
Resistance. She then asks you to hunt for the Whirling Thrasher (88). Bring
in the Thrasher's claw for a point in riposte (nice!). Lark will then request
the eyes of a Hraithe Lord. Bringing this item to Lark will get you a point
of magery, and she will open up her rooms upstairs, allowing you to read a
book on Arcane Blow, and grab a wisdom crystal and a shadow band. Her last
hunt quest for you is the Black Horror (C1). This is easily the most
difficulty battle in the game, but it's well worth it. When you have its
skin, come back. Give it to her for +1 to strength, dexterity, and
intelligence. That's it, the end of one of the most involved quests in the
Mother Alice gives you a quest to depose of the rat lord. She also wants
you to inform her of his removal first. Upstairs she has a magically-locked
door with a piercing crystal (woo!) and other goods behind it.
After you depose of the rat lord, you can choose to tell either Goodman Wulf
or Mother Alice about it. Telling Goodman Wulf first gets you a Chilling band
from him and 20c from her. Telling Mother Alice first gets you 600c and
nothing from Goodman Wulf. The money is probably a bit more useful in the
long run.

West of New Harston (04)
C: Speed Potion
D: Goodwife Paulette's house
Scuttlers live here. These are the bugs desired for a quest in the
Blackchasm outpost. Occasionally, when you kill a scuttler or you'll get an
eye from it (it's a special item). Try to collect nine. Go down below and
collect even more. You may want to reload if you kill a batch without getting
any eyes, since there are limited numbers of the things. Not all scuttler
batches will drop eyes, so don't try too many times.
Beneath Paulette's house is a secret door that will get you a curing potion.

The Blackchasm (05)
I: Nimble Chain
C: Heavy Boots
$: Storgald
More monsters here. Also, Storgald the scum farmer sells a variety of
herbs, none of which are direly necessary. Go down his stairs and loot his
stuff for some more herbs and the ultra-useful invulnerability elixir.
Go through the tunnels and head west after cleaning them out. Go back up
the stairs and you'll encounter Dirty Darius. Get rid of him however you'd
like, then go north and fight Dirty Desiree. Kill her for a nimble chain, and
loot her stuff. You'll get a bar of fine steel from her stuff.

Bargha Gates (06)
C: Energetic Herbs
Not much to do here. Watch out for the guards as they're not too friendly.
Try going to the north and west till you receive a note along the lines of,
"It's not your job to invade the fort", then head south and get a similar
note. That's all you need to do for the job board quest.

Harston Lowlands (07)
I: Bladeshield
C: Energetic Herbs, Assault Crystal
$: Techtar [Mandrake]
You're probably here to do the Lowlands Slime Quest for Mother Alice. First
talk with Techtar, he will help you get ready. Then head south, killing all
the slimes. When you reach the SE, the slime will run away. However, hang
around the lizard (talk with Techtar to get one), and it'll return. Kill it
and it'll drop a few nice items. Tell Techtar and he'll tell you about some
other slimes that live under the swamp. He'll also sell you some stuff, most
notably a piece of mandrake (buy it!). He also warns you of a slime living
underneath the swamps.
Head underneath the swamps and kill the batches of slimes nearby. Make your
way to the NW, and bless, shield and haste your characters. Then go north.
Wait for the slime to attack you, then lay into it with all you've got. If
you don't do a lot of damage to it, then when it splits, the second slime will
be as strong as the first. Kill it and take its stuff (bladeshield chain,
nice minor items).

Static Fields (08)
Q: Portal Shades
More Portal Shades
I: Shining Silver Band, Ghostly Blade.
C: Beautiful Crystal x2
S: Summon Shade, Minor Summon, Summon Aid
There's not too much to do here until you've defeated Hirickis and got the
papers of transit.
You are teleported here whenever you touch a pylon. This is an excellent
place to store your junk. Drop everything you want on the floor.
When you get here the first time, Sergeant Cienna will talk with you. She
will want an update every time you find something new (which is fairly often).
Talk with Portmaster Pirro and you'll get a quest to kill some shades. Also
explore the southern staircase to get another piercing crystal. Then take the
northern staircase and fight the shades. One has a lot of HP and should only
be attacked with missiles and spells, otherwise it will frighten your melee
attacker. Once they are dead, explore the area. The magic barrier to the
south is guarding a shining silver band, which is a fairly weak ring. You can
use Pirro's book for a point in Summon shade for your victory. He will have a
second quest for you when you get to Tranquility.
The second shade is a fragmented shade. This shade will spawn off help
after every round you do damage, and will also slow/curse your melee
attackers. Hit it hard with spells and take it out. Use your melee attackers
to kill the spawned shades and occasionally hit the fragmented one. Once dead
you get a point in minor summon.
He has a third quest once you get to the Azure Gallery (or soon thereafter).
Several shades have taken up residence again. The Shamanic Spirit is the
leader of three shades. If you hit it with melee, it may freeze your
characters. Try using your meleers on the accomplice shades and focus magic
attacks and missiles on the shamanic spirit. When it dies it drops a ghostly
blade, which has the quite powerful ability to curse those it hits. It's a
very cool weapon. You also get a point of summon aid for your time.
Underneath this area you'll find some goblins. Not too big of a deal.
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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:44 pm

North of Harston (09)
Q: The Crocolisk
C: Healing Herbs
S: Daze
D: Underground entrance to Fortunado's basement.
$: Apprentice Tess [Knowledge Brew];
Fortunado: *Healing Potion*
*Curing Potion*
*Speed Potion*
*Energy Potions*
Fortunado the alchemist lives here with his apprentice, Tess. As you enter
Fortunado's room, he is attacked by some goop. Kill it with him. He doesn't
have too much to say, but will give you a quest to kill a crocolisk. He can
also make potions for you, if you like. Don't drink from either of his
basins. Tess is more interesting, as she sells some interesting items, most
notably a knowledge brew and invulnerability potion. Check his basement for a
lot of herbs and a spellbook for the daze spell.
Head to the north and walk along the coast with a fish in your inventory.
You will be attacked by Fortunado's crocolisk. Tell him after you kill it for
a focusing crystal, fine steel, and fine leather.

Northwest Harston (10)
I: Nimble Sandals, Blessed Bauble
C: Energetic Herbs, Spiritual Herbs, Speed Elixir
Spiders rule this region. Otherwise, this area is just there to hinder you
in your pursuit of Hirickis.
Underneath Northwest Harston you'll find a lot of spiders. Fortunately,
they're fairly easy to beat. In the southeast tunnels you'll find a body with
some nimble sandals (+1 Dex), and a cache. A bit north you'll find some
slimes guarding herbs. Towards the center of the underground you'll find
Baquba the aranea. It's a fairly easy enemy, and drops a blessed bauble on

Scuttler Pits (11)
I: Blessed Silk Tunic, Warmth Ring, Warmth Shield, Apprentice Belt
C: Curing Potion
S: Slow
D: Red brick room
This area should be your focus for the demo region. There are lots of
scuttlers around on the surface. Kill them all and take as many eyes as you
can (you need 8, and can check on them in your special items). Try to at
least have 6 by completing the upper area. You can summon some scuttlers with
the gong (pick up the whip as well!), but other than a cache, there's not too
much here initially.
Go down the NW passage and you'll find Hirickis. He runs away initially,
after taunting you (with a bit of funny dialogue). Grab the scroll of raise
dead (wow!), read the book, and pick up a whip somewhere if you haven't found
one yet, then go south. Use the gong, and if you have the whip, two scuttlers
will be friendly. There are three gongs on this level, and each one will give
you two more friendly scuttlers. When ready, pillage the main fortress.
There's a secret door that leads to some nice armor and a piercing crystal in
the room with the red blocks, at the very least grab the crystal.
When ready, charge Hirickis. He's not too difficult, especially if you have
scuttlers helping you. When he gets to about a third of his life, he will
plead with you to spare him. If you want to spare him, you can claim his
hidden treasure, 3 rubies, a blessed silk tunic, and a focusing crystal.
Otherwise kill him for the blessed silk tunic. Sometimes mercy is the better
route (as far as loot), as in this case. Explore his stuff for a book that
teaches you slow, and some decent armor.
Ascend his stairs, and kill the altered scuttler (haste and bless
beforehand). It drops a warmth ring on death. There's a barrier nearby, go
ahead and use a piercing crystal to get a warmth shield and some other goods.
Kill Apprentice Kvell for an apprentice belt. You're done here, so head on
back to New Harston to tell them your success.

Northern Avernum (12)
I: Nimble Sandals
C: Lovely Crystal x3, Piercing Crystal, Beautiful Crystal x2, Wisdom Crystal
D: SE under tunnels
The bridge is out here. To the north you'll fight the rat lord, to the
south, a bunch of goblins. Take your pick.
Underneath this level to the NW you'll find some shades guarding some
crystals. Two of caches include a piercing crystal and a wisdom crystal, very
nice. If you head to the SE, you'll find a secret door that leads to a room
loaded with barriers. Bring them down then open the door and kill the wight.
Claim its nimble sandals. If you head west, a golem will stop you. So long
as you have the crystals for the pylons, you'll be safe. Otherwise, you will
have to fight it. Two rubies are your reward.

Goblin Warrens (13)
I: Swampwalker Leather, Tribal Symbol, Coated Cloak, Fine Cleaver, Girdle of
S: Minor Heal, Smite
D: Caves SE
Goblins are your foe here. Kill them all. Grab the swampwalker leather off
of the shaman to the SW. Grab the tribal symbol off of the altar and kill the
demon that pops up.
There are four routes to the caves below. The first two are near the altar.
If you go down these, you will have to use missiles and spells to take out
some goblin flingers. Another route is to the north, and takes you to the
upper ledge which is tactically a slightly better position. The final route is
a secret door to the SE, which takes you directly to Chief Throngul, who on
death will drop a coated cloak.
Take stairs down to the north and then head west for a spellbook of minor
heal. Head east from the same door to find Chef Vorlag who drops a fine
cleaver on death (great for archers). To the west you'll find a courier
satchel, which you should show to Minister Pilhofer. To the east you'll find
Marrowsucker the giant. Talk with him and tell him Dominicio's request.
He'll agree. If you want, after you've cleaned up that quest, you can kill
Marrowsucker. He drops a girdle of might on death (+2 Str). Rob his stuff,
and kill his giant spawn. You can get a point of smite as well.

The Rat Cave(14)
I: Swamp Boots, Bonding Knife
C: Healing Herbs, Fine Steel
D: Near middle stairs up
Before coming here, be sure you have the job board quest to kill rats from
New Harston. This is the home of the Rat Lord, another Avernite crazy. He'll
taunt you from his ledge. Go ahead and chase after him. Go down the stairs,
and you'll get into a series of fights with the rat lord's rats. Foul rats
are the end rats of the first two, and an oozing stinkrat is the last one of
the third. When you make it out, be on the lookout for a secret door that
gives you access to a fine steel cache. Head a bit north and you'll come to a
room with some swamp boots. Head up the north passageway to face the rat
The rat lord calls some well-bred rats to help him fight. Kill him and
he'll drop a bonding knife.

Harston Dock Road (16)
I: Girdle of Insight, Shielding Knife
C: Woven Golden Chain
Immediately to the East are some old ruins. There is a cache with a woven
golden chain and a few lizards. You can't really go too far here without
having taken care of Hirickis.
Once Hirickis is removed, head back here to get your boat. Hasen, a mage,
intercepts you and tells you he will help you escape some darkside loyalists.
Follow him, and then fight the loyalists. Hasen drops a shielding knife on
You can get underneath this area by coming from (12). The notable items
here include a mung rat guarding a girdle of insight (+1 Int) and other goods.

Northern Isles (15)
You can get here by starting near the spider caves (10), and going
underground then north. Alternatively, you can get here later when you get a
quest to do so. This area will be revisited in the post-demo section.

Harston Docks (17)
Q: Revenge on Ronaldo.
Message: Shanker {200c}
Western Rapids {Piercing, Purging, Assault Crystals}
We Hate Basilisks {unlock nearby locker}
$: Aspen
Welcome to the last place in the demo. You have a lot you can do here, and
there's a message board ripe for quest giving. Talk with Schwarz to tell
someone about the assassination attempt. He'll tell you about what to expect
around here. Aspen will trade with you. The last person to talk with is
Duaria, an empire spy. She gives you a quest to kill Ronaldo, an evil
avernite (26). When you do, return for no real reward. When you're ready,
grab your boat and head on out!



I'm back!

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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:45 pm


NOTE: You have three boats with which to explore. If you follow this
walkthrough, you will use two of them to explore the drake pillars and fulfill
a minor job board quest. You should always have one spare.


| | | |
| | | |
| |
09 14

Northern Isles (18)
I: Blessed Gauntlets, Grounded Boots
C: Energetic Herbs
There are islands here ripe for exploration. The eastern island has lizards
and a path down to a lizard den full of crystals. Clean it out. Head out the
NW ladder to grab some blessed gauntlets, then head down to the SW and kill
the basilisks (fulfilling a Harston Docks quest). For your troubles, you get
a pair of grounded boots and a piercing crystal.

North of Harston (09)
C: Purging Crystal
Come here quickly to pick up the purging crystal. That's it.

Shanker's Tower (19)
Q: A Gassy Brew
The Crystal Field
Ogre Thwacking
Machinery Repairs
The Mad Crystal
Wanted: Paper! {Scrolls: Acid Shower, Madness, Group Haste}
Skull of the Black Wight {terror wand}
Rogue Kherrr {Wisdom, Purging, Assault Crystals}
I: Magestone Band, Enchanter's Robe, Symbiotic Cloak
S: Shanker (pretty average), Haste, Terror, Arcane Shield
D: SE building, outdoors- fine lances hidden.
$: Horyn [Knowledge Brew], Sage Belkin, Sarramor [Wisdom Crystal], Landman
Shanker's Tower is one of the more interesting places you will visit.
Shanker is a mage on the run from the empire with a number of helpful
merchants. She has a job board as well. Explore the area thoroughly to see
what's available. There's a pylon here as well, and a boat in case you need
to use one in the late game.
Horyn is an alchemist living to the SW. She's quite weird, and gives you a
quest to take care of her cauldron. Head up her stairs, then use the
cauldron. Prepare for a fight. You'll fight three waves of hallucinations-
undead, slimes + ogres, demons. Make it through the three and talk to Horyn
for your reward- an energy potion, an invulnerability potion, and a knowledge
brew (Wow!).
Sage Belkin will sell you scrolls, and will take your paper if you've got
his quest. He gives you some powerful scrolls in exchange.
Sarramor is a nephil crystal worker who will sell you a wisdom crystal
(1100c, the most expensive to purchase. Still, quite worthwhile though maybe
not immediately). He also gives you a quest to find and clear a field of
crystals. Once you do, you get some beautiful crystals, a piercing crystal,
and a wisdom crystal.
Landman will also trade with you. He has two barriers upstairs, one of
which is too strong to bring down with a piercing crystal. Come back here
later and loot this place.
Finally you should talk with Shanker. She is upset that empire soldiers
have found her, but if you promise to help her remain hidden from the empire,
she'll help you a lot. It's in your best interest to do so, so I'd say to go
ahead and lie to Cienna the next time you see her. Shanker will teach you
magic (pretty average prices), will teach you skills (post-lying to Cienna)
and give you a few quests. Buy points in magery for all of your magic-using
characters from her, she has the best prices early in the game. You may also
want to buy some points in magical efficiency, though you can get those points
for cheaper a lot later on in the game. I would prioritize with magery, then
magical efficiency. Also, if you lie to Cienna, she will give you a magestone
band ring. Her first quest for you is to go calm down an ogre servant. Go up
the stairs, break the barrier, go south, then haste, shield, and bless your
characters, and thwack away at the ogre. Once it gets down to <100 HP or so,
it'll quiet down. Tell Shanker to get an aranea silk tunic and a spellbook of
Next she wants you to get some tools from Solberg to repair some of her
stuff upstairs. Go on upstairs. Bring down the barriers (if you're strong
enough you can bring down the ones to the NE for an enchanter's robe and
mandrake). Go up to the room with the machine. Buff up. Then insert a
crystal. Four shades appear. If you're strong enough, kill them (don't
bother with physical damage- fire, disruption, and energy all work very well
though). If not, avoid them, and insert a new crystal into the machine every
3-4 turns. Return to Shanker for your reward- a symbiotic cloak and the
ability to read another book (Terror). She has one final quest for you- the
Mad Crystal.
To complete the mad crystal, you will first need to find some vahnatai (A5).
Once you know what to do, go ahead and go up the stairs. Dispel the NW
barrier, then go talk with Festante. Get him to become hostile, then hit him
as hard as you can (no melee!). You will probably have to use missiles and
ice to take him to half his health, then he'll be friendly. Go down and tell
Shanker for your reward, a silk-woven cord and book of arcane shield.

Northern Isles (15)
S: Enduring Shield
D: Nearby black wight.
Now let's explore this area, since we got the quest from Shanker, "Skull of
the Black Wight". Land on the shore, and kill the undead. Make your way to
the altar and kill the ruby skeleton. Claim its gems and the sword on the
altar. Go down the SW stairs.
Ring the gong and fight the undead. The nearby gate should open for you.
Head east, and then fight the wight. It's not too tough. You can read the
enduring shield book after you kill it and its fellow undead. Also, use the
nearby secret door.

Northern Isles (20)
Q: Claudia's Island
I: Girdle of Endurance
C: Healing Herbs, Energetic Herbs
$: Goodman Grando [Mandrake Root]
Some merchant-inhabited islands. Goodman Grando will sell you a mandrake
root. On the island a bit north, Claudia will talk with you and ask you to
clear away her island immediately east. Go there, grab the caches, then head
down the pit. Kill the worm-eaten zombie at the end of the pit. It drops a
girdle of endurance and some other minor goods. Tell Claudia (25c) and she
will be a bit more talkative.

Northern Isles (21)
I: Girdle of Dexterity, Ruby Breastplate
C: Healing Herbs
These are the islands near the rapids that Duaria wants you to check out.
The way in is slightly hidden for both islands, but carefully patrol the
perimeter of both and you'll see a way in. The southern island is home to a
sea ogre. Go ahead and kill it. The northern island is home to a bunch of
testy nepharim. Kill them if you like, one drops a girdle of dexterity. Head
north, and there's a small pullout from the water. Go down the pit and you'll
face a number of spiny stoneworms. Use spells to kill them. Then kill the
lurking gargoyle (again with spells). It drops a ruby breastplate on death.

Northern Isles (22)
C: Blessed Belt
Just a cache here, that's it.

Gladwell's Keep (23)
C: Focusing Crystal, Shining Golden Band
$: Antrobus
There is a small island to the NW that has two caches. Row your boat
diagonally to get through the rocks to get them.
You now come upon one of your first dilemmas in the game- whether or not to
be geased by Gladwell. But first, you can investigate his stuff. Antrobus
will trade with you, and has the best prices if you are geased. Sabina is in
charge of the inn and will give you a healing potion periodically if geased.
The last person of interest here is Maggie, who doesn't say much. Everyone on
the island acts a bit funny, which isn't too much of a surprise.

Rat Cave (14)
I: Archer's Band.
Come here briefly to pick up some herbs and use a stairway to get an
"archer's band" ring. You can also use the little land jut for a quick and
easy way to kill the rat king. That's it.

Gladwell's Keep (24)
I: Incantor's Ring, Magus Vest, Seeking Rapier, Chaotic Halberd, Assassin's
S: Icy Rain, Unlock Doors, Dispel Barrier, Prismatic Shield
Gladwell lives here. Give him the message for a batch of potions. Talk
with him. You now have your first good Avernum 5 dilemma. Will you be geased
by Gladwell? Or will you explore freely. (Take the Geas at least once for a
playthrough, if only to see what it does.) What Gladwell would like from you
is your help in retrieving certain items. The geas will tell you when you
need to get the item. You can talk with him first, though.
Agreeing to submit to his geas will get you +1 to Str, Dex, Int, and End for
all your characters for as long as the geas is in effect. This is a hefty
bonus. You will also learn a fair bit on what is going on around here-
whether Dorikas came through the region, and will be able to trade with him
townies. Also, when you complete some of his tasks you will be given a shadow
key which will enable you to open doors in his basement and grab the supplies
and use the fountains for an experience boost. However, being geased by
Gladwell will prevent you from dealing with one character, and you will not
have as many items as you might like for trade with others. The biggest set-
back is obtaining his items. In three of five cases, getting the items he
desires will result in the town where those items are based becoming mad with
you. Generally, that's not game-ending, though it can be frustrating when you
can't finish a quest or trade with the townsfolk. In two of the other cases
you can get the item without a fight (but at significant cost for one of the
items). If you take the geas and decide you don't like it any more, you can
remove it after getting the second item. Note that if you don't get the item,
you will be cursed nastily.
Not taking the geas gives you a lot more freedom to explore and enjoy towns,
and gives you the chance to trade the items wanted by Gladwell for other
services by other Avernite Powers.
That said, if you're finding the Northern Isles a bit tough and/or are a
first time player, take the geas for the fun of it. If you really don't like
it, end it midway through the game.
The items Gladwell will have you get include: a Drake's skin, the Anama
Prayer Scrolls, a Spiral Crystal, a Piece of a Crystal Soul, and a dragon egg.
Yikes! When you trade him one of these items, you can go into his basement
and collect your prize. There are three options- spells, armor, and weapons.
In each case you also get to use a basin for some xp granting fluid.
In the Offensive magic area you can use one key to open a room with an
Incantor's Ring and a book of Icy Rain (+3) and Unlock Doors (+3). The next
door holds a Magus Vest and a book of Dispel Barrier (+3) and Prismatic Shield
If you choose the room of the blade you get a rod of battle and seeking
rapier for your first key, and a chaotic halberd and rod of alacrity for your
second key.
Finally, if you choose the room of the shield you get an assassin's shield
and some invulnerability potions for your first key, and a mercuric plate and
some invulnerability elixirs for the second.
If you want to maximize your output, choose which of these is the most
appealing (the second door rewards are many times better than the first time
rewards), and stick with it. Note that the anama scrolls and the crystal
spiral are both desired by others, but that the drakeskin and the crystal soul
chip are not. You could kill Gladwell after trading the items that only he
desires, and give the others away.

Northern Isles (25)
Q: Farmhouse Ghost?
I: Swamp Boots, Treated Leather
C: Healing Herbs, Spiritual Herbs, Energetic Herbs
D: Door near slith.
Explore the items a little bit to collect some caches. Then head to the NE
to the mainland. Talk with Fae. She is being bothered by a ghost,
apparently. Yes, the lock doors are suspicious. Anyways, head down to the
south building and get trapped. Go through the passage, and grab the swamp
boots, kill the rats, then talk with the slith. It points to a secret button,
push it then escape. Grab the miscellaneous goods on your way out, then go up
the stairs. Kill the thugs (the nephil drops treated leather), grab there
stuff, then head out the door. You can either kill Fae or let her go. Either
way you get a platinum ring for your troubles.

Northern Isles (26)
I: Grounded Boots, Coated Cloak
C: Graymold
The island to the SW isn't really explorable by boat. Look around
elsewhere, exploring the passageways as you see them- one to the NW, the next
one east has some grounded boots, the next your passage to the SW island, the
next some bats. The NE passage holds Ronaldo. Go ahead and get into a fight
with him. He drops a coated cloak on death.
When ready take the middle passage and go down the tunnel. You'll have to
fight a lot of fast bats, thorny fungi (turrets from Geneforge), but none are
too difficult. Go down the south passageway to find the venomous mongbat.
When you attack it, it summons a bunch of weak help. Blow the bats it calls
away with a few blasts of icy rain. Then take the bat down to get its wing
for Lark. You can leave these tunnels by the west, though there's less for
you to do there.


I'm back!

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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:46 pm

Northern Isles (27)
Q: Pests in the Basement
D: Poison vat room NE.
$: Galena: *Fine Leather Helmet*
*Leather Vambraces*
*Blessed Boots*
*Girdle of Strength*
*Mercuric Leather*
Galena will give you a quest to clean out her basement, after which she will
give you the ability to craft with her and some fine leather. Head down her
stairs. Shoot one plant from a distance. All will explode, clearing the
area. Then go kill the lizards. Go talk with her and if you want to craft
anything out of your fine leathers and focusing crystals, go ahead. You can
also get two more leathers from the poisoned vat room to the NE. The Mercuric
Leather is fairly good if you can stomach the strength loss.

Northern Isles (28)
I: Swamp Pants
C: Spiritual Herbs
Head to the island and talk with Goodwife Amber. She is weird. Take some
tea with her, then kill the shade. Go down the nearby hatch, and go smash the
crystal (grab the herbs in the cabinets as well- includes one mandrake).
Return up and Amber is normal again. She gives you all herbs other than
mandrake as a reward/apology. Explore the passageway to the east for a pair
of swamp pants behind some fungi.

Northern Isles (29)
Head to the NW, and go up a secret passage where you find a bunch of
nephilim. Push past them and kill them, then go through the gate. Prepare to
move fast- you get trapped in, and must kill some lizards and nephilim to make
it to your prize (a crystal mine). The calderas behind you will explode
periodically so try to make it to the end of the area so that the gate will
open and your party can escape. Kill the few nephilim in the crystal room,
then grab the crystals. You can get a few other minor items here as well,
including a piercing crystal.

Fang Clan Village (30)
I: Ratskin Shawl, Nephil Warblade, Ceremonial Longbow, Ceremonial Leggings,
Deadeye Cloak, Blessed Bow, Thick Wool Tunic
D: Room 3.
The nephils here surprisingly don't want to kill you. Pilot your boat to
the main island, then explore the village. The rogue nephilim Kherrr is in
the building to the north- ask him to duel as you'll run into him during the
main quest of this area. You can rob the room to the NE if you'd like. Talk
with Elder Mhrrorr when you're ready to take on the quest of this area, the go
down the hatch to the NW.
Enter the chambers, then head to the east. Use the map below for
assistance. 1) Testmaster Orrassa and two wolves are your first challenge.
Beat him up till he submits (don't kill him!) to pass the test. 2) traps
impede you here, if you have a character with decent tool use this shouldn't
be a problem. You get a knowledge brew and iron bracers for your efforts. 3)
Another chest. You have 3 options- unlock it with a spell, use strength to
open the gate, or hit the secret button. The button is obviously the best
route. 4) Ring the gong and summon some worms. They're pretty easy, though
can surprise you. 5) A blade-warded ghoul blocks you here. Use spells to
bring it down (ratskin shawl for a reward). You can also pillage the
ceremonial item, a nephil warblade (wow!). All ceremonial items will
disappear though as soon as you leave the premises (unless you cheat- see end
of FAQ for details). 6) A massive worg is here and it doesn't like you unless
you have decent cave lore. Then it's friendly and you can claim the loot (+
ceremonial bow!). 7) Testmaster Shelles is against you here. Beat her up
till he submits. Cool Arkada the Assassin is guarding this room. Beat him up
till he submits. You can get some ceremonial leggings for your trouble. 9)
Hssrrotis Piercer is in this room. You will need to kill him to win. He
drops a deadeye cloak and a blessed bow for your troubles. Now head west
through the doors. Don't go up yet, instead kill Kherrr, who lurks near the
place you entered. Kherrr drops a thick wool tunic on death.
| | |
| | |

Northern Rapids (31)
Q: Spiders in the House
I: Polar Fur Cloak
These areas signal the end of chapter 2. Talk to Captain Amero on the mail
island. She will give you a quest- to clear out the spiders living to the
north. Head to the NW first, and kill the spiders there. The spiders are
guarding a body with some minor goods. Head to the northern passage, kill the
spiders on the first floor, then go up and kill the rest (including an
aranea). Claim your polar fur cloak and other goods, then head back out.
Tell Amero of your success, then head on down the rapids.

Northern Rapids (32)
C: Speed Potion
Go down the rapids, then take the south route to find some land. Some
gremlins are here. They can be obnoxious, so get the jump on them. Kill them
and take their stuff. Head to the north rapids, and get out of your boat onto
the land. Go down and grab the crystals.

Northern Rapids (33)
I: Clover Boots
Go down the rapids, then explore the south path. Kill the brigands on the
ledge with missiles and spells, then go down the hatch to the south. Disarm
the traps and kill the brigands. Go up the ladder, then fight some more
brigands, and Mafalda the pirate. Mafalda drops some clover boots on death,
which are some excellent early level boots. Also grab the jeweled wand from
the chest. Head back to your boat and continue down the rapids.

Northern Rapids (34)
I: Ivory band
C: Fine Steel
Get off at the north jut of land, and go east. Use the secret door to get a
cache. Mark this area mentally, it is the subject of a later quest.
When you have the "empty the cache" job board quest, grab a new boat then
head back here. Approach the wall, and then go through it. Kill the
fireeater goblin- it drops an ivory band and a knowledge brew on death. Not
too bad!


Map of Drake Pillars
| | | | |^^
36-39-40-42-43^ Nothing at 50, 53.
| | | | |^^
| | | |^^^^^

Drake Pillars (35)
I: Spectral Gloves
C: Mined Crystal x2
I'd recommend heading straight to Harkin's Landing (38). Come back after
you've rested and sold off junk. There's a bandit camp on the mainland, kill
them and take their stuff. Kill the worgs to the north as well.
When you've reached the ledge from (41), proceed to the end. You'll find
Summer and Mabile's pylon. Talk with Summer then prepare for battle. A nasty
vahnatai shade appears. Hit it a bit. It will split into parts. Hit the red
shade with melee and physical damage, the blue one with bolt of fire, and the
green one with disruption. Once you do enough damage to the parts of the
shade, the whole shade dies. You get some spectral gloves as a reward. Talk
to Summer and send him on his way. That's it for this area.

Drake Pillars (36)
I'd recommend heading straight to Harkin's Landing (38). Not too much is
here otherwise, the island holds a small fort with some minor goods.

Drake Pillars (37)
I: Crystal Woven Chitin
C: Spiritual Herbs, Healing Herbs, Energetic Herbs
I'd recommend heading straight to Harkin's Landing (38). Come back after
resting to hunt around a bit. Head to the west wall, and search for a passage
down. Look a bit north and you'll see lots of calderas and fire lizards. Try
to draw the lizards out with missiles, then send a single hasted character
north to pick up crystals and supplies from the stone nests and mage body
(especially the crystal woven chitin!) to the north. Heal the character every
turn, then bring them back with all the goods.

Harkin's Landing (38)
Q: Lysstak the Beast
Lysstak's Spies
Damaged Pylon
Mined Crystals
The Crypt's Purpose {Healing, Curing, Speed Elixirs}
Crypt Summoning {Silken Shield}
Claim Check {300c}
Empty the Cache {Drakeskin Bracers, Archer's Band}
Delivery: Exodus {50c}
I: Blessed Boots, Girdle of strength (40), Serpentskin Helmet, Crystal Symbol
S: Mother Kriss (Pretty Average)
D: Under Kelda's Inn.
$: Sage Mabile, Fuller
This is the first frontier town you get to visit with. There's a healthy
amount to do here. Pefko tells/threatens you to go check with the mayor as
soon as you land. Go ahead and do so.
Mayor Killgore is friendly enough. He tells you of the troubles that plague
the land. He is also your source for a bracelet to continue exploring.
However, he won't give it to you unless you kill the bandit Lysstak. He's not
a bad mayor, just obnoxious. This is a common theme you'll encounter through
the next few villages.
Pefko will now talk with you. She gives you a quest to ferret out the spies
who are in the town. Telling on Kelda gets you 3 beautiful crystals and an
assault crystal. Telling on Kolata gets you 3 beautiful crystals and a
purging crystal. Those are the only traitors you can turn in, but that's not
too bad!
Mother Kriss is the Priestess of the Town. She will teach you priest spells
and some skills for decent prices. You can use her altar if you want. There
are four random results that can happen for using it- you can gain xp, lose
xp, gain coins, lose coins. The negative penalties are worse than the positive
ones. If you use it often enough, you will get a prize (blessed boots). She
also gives you several jobs, and an excellent silken shield as a reward for
the completion of the last one. Note that though she has good prices for the
skills she trains, the skills are mostly very low-level skills (1 skill point
increases or such). I would recommend saving your money by investing 2 points
in these skills, then buying the last point (good coins/skill point saved
ratio). I do not recommend buying hardiness from her.
Sage Mabile will trade with you, and will give you a quest to investigate a
damaged pylon to the north. Do so and you'll get a serpentskin helmet, a fine
piece of armor.
Fuller is a businessman from the empire. Don't go down his hatch unless
you're ready to stop dealing with him. Fuller is a member of the Underworld
Joint Trading Company. It's an unusual business, but you can buy a share in
it for 1000c. It's probably worth doing at some point as it actually has an
effect on the end game. Fuller will also give you a quest to buy Mined
Crystals. He will give you 15c a pop. Note that there is a later individual
who will pay you more, so it's up to you if you want to use his services. Try
to give him at least 40 to get his special reward- a crystal symbol
Kelda is the innkeeper here. She will sell you various hints for cash. One
you should buy is "Lysstak the Beast". Go down her stairs and to the end of
the line (39) then (40). Prepare for battle once you see the gate. Plotz,
one of Lysstak's lieutenants ambushes you along with some archers. Kill them
all. He drops a girdle of strength on death. Go back up, tell off Kelda,
then tell Pefko.
Arriannia is the claims manager of the town. She knows a bit about Lysstak,
but won't tell you unless you have killed one of Lysstak's lieutenants. The
info she gives you is really the only valid info you'll get.
Gall, outside of town, will tell you to talk with Kolata with regards to the
bandits. Kolata will tell you to explore the three tunnels claim, hitting a
switch. Do so eventually then tell on Kolata to Pefko.

Drake Pillars (39)
I: Mica Band
C: Flawed Crystal x 3, Mined Crystal x 2, Wisdom Crystal, Lovely Crystal x 2,
Beautiful Crystal x 2.
D: Three Tunnels Claim, Stone Carver Claim
Top level- kill the worgs, and grab the caches. Near the Stone Carver Claim
you'll find a crystal cache by pushing a hidden button. Bottom level- I
recommend taking the three tunnels claim first (normal path). Grab the
crystals, kill the goblins, and grab as much stuff as you can. Then go up and
use the secret button to open a fourth tunnel down. Get close to the gate,
prepare for battle, then fight the brigands who appear. Lysstak is among them!
However, he runs away as fast as possible if you hit him much or kill his
comrades. The slith drops a slith spear and a mica band.
If you take the locked door pathway down, you can see Anemona, the drake.
Don't do this till you're done with the chapter, especially if you have
Gladwell's geas!
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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:47 pm

Drake Pillars (40)
C: Mined Crystal x 2, Beautiful Crystal
An ogre tries to rob you to the north. Kill it for some good salable items.
There's also a stone circle here which you can't do anything with until you
get a quest from Exodus. Some worgs need killing as well.
Once you have the quest from Foramon, come back here. Charge your
characters up with protective spells, and make sure your priest has mass
healing. Then approach the pillars. One pillar will come to life as a golem.
Don't kill it! Instead, take its abuse with a strong character (enduring
shield + augmentation + a hasted priest to heal every turn helps). After 5-10
rounds, the golem runs out of juice. Go tell Foramon for your reward.
If you're underground, you can take the central-south passage down to a
decently challenging area, Khora-Vysss (through 45). Otherwise, there's
plenty of foes here, including some bandits (and Thea the Scourge) to the
north. Kill them and take their stuff. You can use any number of the passage
ways here to get back to town in case you need to sell your stuff or what have
you. Head north.

Drake Pillars (41)
I: Wyrmskin Helmet, Blessed Gauntlets
C: Mined Crystal x 2, Healing Herbs, Spiritual Herbs, Energetic Herbs
D: South rock formation, down hatch.
Kill the rats here, then go into the Gelickson Claim. You'll find lots of
decent crystals behind the traps, then head down the hatch. Continue to
collect the crystals, and kill the slimes that get in your way. Continue east
to (35)- this route will take you up on the ledge.
Condon the merchant is cornered by bandits to the east. Kill them and take
his stuff. On the south rock formation you'll find a secret door. Go down
the hatch, break the barriers, and grab the crystals. Don't forget the hidden
focusing crystal behind the secret door! At the Levine mind you'll find
Arland, who will tell you to go hunt for Lyssak in the mine to the north. Go
ahead and go there. Kill the slimes, then search the body to the west for a
wyrmskin helmet. Head south, and reach the gate. It's a trap! Head back to
the slime pit and kill all of the slimes, including the cryos slime (which
drops a wisdom crystal on death). Then head back on up and kill Arland. He
drops some good armor and blessed gauntlets on death.

Drake Pillars (42)
I: Treated Carapace
C: Graymold, Speed Elixir
D: South of Avernite camp.
There's a friendly avernite camp here. Once you have the Gelmax quest, go
south from this camp and you'll see a goblin. Kill it, go through its secret
door. You'll find Gelmax the goblin shaman. Whack his goblins, then smack on
him. Once you do enough damage, he runs away. Pillage his stuff.
Immediately south of the entrance is a small claim marker (reddish looking
stakes) that belongs to Tobias. Walking next to this provides a check for the
"Claim Check" job board quest. Also, in the far NE of this area, you'll find
another Tobais claim stake.
To the west of the goblin hideout are some slimes and herbs. To the east is
a puddle which is guarded by more slimes, including an unstable mass.
If you're coming here from the underground, you'll notice a lot of foes.
Lava bats roam the cave passages, they can gang up on you if you're not
careful. Try to fight in the bending passages so that the bats have to fight
on your terms. There are a few pools here- the green one is the only one you
should try to drink out of. Kill the fissure bats guarding it so that you can
use it at will.
The Pit Crawler is to the NW. Prepare prior to fighting it, then approach
it. Don't hit it until it charges you. It summons lots of abyssal worms to
help it fight, kill the worms until it breaks free. The worms should die with
one hit from a decent meleer/spell. When the pit crawler breaks free use
spells on it to take it down (lightning spray + smite work well). It hits
hard, but is soft against attacks. Try using spells only, as melee will
reflect some damage back at you. You may lose a character or two, but you can
use the green pool to the NW to heal back up. The pit crawler drops a treated
carapace on death. To the SE you'll find some undead- kill them and take the
stuff on the nearby bodies.

Exodus (43)
Q: Hunt for Gelmax
Slith Kidnappers {Inertial Shield}
Claim Jumpers {Beautiful Crystal x 3, Piercing Crystal, Wisdom
Message: Tranquility {0}
I: Blessed Shortsword
D: Near Moro, and in north building.
$: Poutin, Moro
As you are entering this area, Skarp, a drunken abyss attacks you. Try to
talk your way out of it, and his friends will leave. Kill him. Head into the
city. Towards the west you'll encounter Ruth, a darkside loyalist. She
mostly talks, but offers to let you join the darkside loyalists. This is one
of the starting points for the darkside path, and introduces a major game-
influencing dilemma. Try doing both the pro-empress and pro-darkside paths
once. This FAQ will be written from the pro-empress path. Tell her to buzz
off. I will try to play again as a darksider, and will add this info as it
comes up.
Poutin will buy your stuff, but won't sell to you. Mayor Vikas will give
you a quest to hunt for Gelmax, a goblin. Do so for a blessed short sword.
Downstairs and to the southwest you will find Moro, who is another member of
the Underworld Joint Trading Company. He's fairly wimpy, but is guarding a
secret door with tough barriers blocking it. The pylon is outside of the
When you have the magic to bring down the barriers near Moro, do so, then
cast unlock doors. Prepare for battle. Open the door and kill the
hellhounds. Grab the stuff (including a wisdom crystal).

Exodus (44)
Q: Stone Circle
I: Mandrake Tincture, Sniper's Vest
C: Mined Crystals x 2,
S: Foramon
$: Gorp, Haskell
Gorp: *Blessed Shield*
*Blessed Shortsword*
*Blessed Vambraces*
*Blessed Spear*
*Blessed Breastplate*
Haskell: *Healing Elixir*
*Curing Elixir*
*Energy Elixir*
*Armor Elixir*
Gorp is a smith here. He will trade with you, and will craft blessed items
for cash, fine steel, and focusing crystals. Dellinger is a miner who is
quite chatty. His quest is on the job board to the south. Shiarra is a
nephil miner who wants you to help Merrum. You will do so eventually.
Haskell is the town's potion maker, and will make some decent elixirs for you.
She also wants you to check her basement for noise. Go down, and grab the
mandrake tincture behind the spell-locked door. Continue till you see a gate.
Persephone, a Lysstak-friendly mage, is waiting for you. Kill her and take
her stuff. Go back upstairs and chew out Haskell. She will sell you potions
now and give you info. You can get behind that ledge and grab a sniper's vest
when you raid Lyssak's keep.
Incantor Foramon is the last person of interest here. He is your route to
Tranquility. However you will need the mayor of Harkin's Landing's permission
before you can get through. Foramon gives you a quest to explore the stone
circle to the west. Return back when successful to get some potions and
access to a bunch of skills, most importantly resistance. The other two
Shanker will teach you instead for cheaper.
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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:48 pm

Drake Pillars (45)
I: Woven Silver Chain, Nullity Shield
C: Beautiful Crystal x 2, Mined Crystal x 2
S: Mass Curing, Steel Skin
This is home to one of the very few friendly miners in the game, Armella.
Talk with her to figure out what's going on. She doesn't tell you too much of
use, but warns you of ghosts in her mine. Ooh, sounds like something to kill!
Go down into her mine and look in the nearby locked room. You'll get a chance
to improve Mass Curing for your efforts, plus some crystals. Go north, and
kill the ghost (rather, have it attack you). Continue north, killing ghosts
for fun, and picking up the crystals. Once you make it to the top, grab the
stuff in the coffins (including a woven silver chain). Pick up the tablet and
kill the ghoul.
Take the tablet back to Mother Kriss and get the next job board quest (Crypt
Summoning). Head back to the area with the coffins, then perform the chant.
Some undead will be summoned. Prepare the battle, then "you are called".
Kill them, the skeleton hunter drops a nullity shield. Disrupt undead,
lightning spray, and bolt of fire are your friends for this fight, as is
hasting prior to the battle. Go explore the last tomb for a point in steel
Underground is also the route to Khora-Vysss. Kill the few sliths guarding
the way, and proceed south to (52)

Drake Pillars (46)
C: Energetic Herbs, Spiritual Herbs
D: Underground north
This area is home to Merrum, the nephil who knows how to get to Lysstak,
which is where you should go when you finally want to start chasing his evil
self down. First explore the SW- kill the scuttlers, then go down the
passage, kill some more scuttlers, and grab a few minor items.
When you're ready to take on Lysstak, find and talk with Merrum. You'll
have to go through some traps or pass by a nasty lizard, but Merrum is
otherwise friendly. He'll disarm his traps for you if you ask him to do so.
Of course, you can disarm them yourself for the xp. There's a secret door to
the north, you can go up and kill the rats and grab the crystals. Head to the
NW, then get on the platform. Prepare for battle then pull the lever. Kill
the rats that jump down at you. If you're prepared you should be able to kill
them all before they can hit you too hard.

Drake Pillars (47)
I: Viperskin Boots, Girdle of Nimbleness
S: Minor Heal, Heal
D: E, SE.
Here you will find a secret door to the east that leads to lizards and
sliths. Go through it then go down the stairs. You can't go too far in, but
you can grab some nice minor items.
Approach this map by boat and go through the secret door to the SE. Go down
the stairs, then kill the slith flingers. More sliths come running, kill them
too. Continue along the bridges, slaughtering anything that gets in your way.
To the NW you'll find Slavemaster Gvass, on death he drops some viperskin
boots. Read the book behind him to get some healing spell points. Open the
nearby gate, then head to the east and free the prisoners. Accompany them to
the exit, killing the last few sliths. One slith drops a girdle of nimbleness
on death. When the humans have safely escaped, you'll get some xp, and can
complete the job board quest.

Drake Pillars (48)
I: Girdle of Insight, Shield Ring, Pustulant Vambraces
C: Piercing Crystal x 6, Beautiful Crystal
There are some fake merchant bandits near the south center of this area.
Kill them and take their stuff. Gelmax (take 2) is here if you've fought him
at (42). Kill him this time, taking his girdle of insight and shield ring as
your prize.
Near the smashed sign you'll find a crazed miner. Kill him and take his
stuff. His mine also has some spiders and caches at the end. Kill them and
take their stuff (+ caches). The other miners here are Dellinger's foes and
claim jumpers. Kill them and take their stuff. You get a pair of pustulant
vambraces for your troubles. Head down their mine and explore a bit. You'll
be attacked by a bunch of spiders and an aranea for your troubles. However,
all through this level you're rewarded with gobs of piercing crystals.
There is a Tobias claim in the west part of this map.
If you're here from raiding Lysstak, kill all of the spiders, and grab the
crystals. Head all the way to Exodus (44).

Northern Plateau (49)
I: Blessed Vambraces, Static Band, Swamp Boots, Worgskin Cloak, Samaritan
Sandals, Blessed Shield, Ruby Necklace
C: Gold Necklace
S: War Blessing, Protection
D: Small rock jut south, ledge nearby underground entrance,
If you're here by the surface layer, there's not much to do. A secret door
can be found to the south, use it to grab some potions.
If you're coming here to kill Lysstak (from the underground), kill the
archers and bandits that impede you, then press the button up on the ledge.
Before going the secret passage route, go east and kill the rats, goblins, and
archers. Stay away from the shrubs for right now as they are quite difficult
for low-damage archers. Head back and bring down the barrier. Go and kill
the goblins and nephil, then head north. Kill some more bandits, ignoring the
shambler until they're all dead. Kill the shambler once you're no longer
preoccupied. Vekoslav the ogre is to the north. Kill it from a distance if
at all possible. It drops some blessed vambraces on death. Rawiri Beasttamer
is a bit east. Kill him for a static band. Continue east, killing the shrubs
and archers that get in your way. You'll get a healthy amount of stuff for
doing so. You can head all of the way east from here to get to (48) again.
When ready, head up the stairs.
You're nearly immediately attacked by bandits. Kill them and take their
stuff. Some swamp boots are nearby. Head east, kill the sliths and lizards,
then you can open the doors nearby. Inside is some help- a large dangerous
rat, and Private Varrick, both of whom will follow you and help you fight.
It's up to you if you want to take them. They don't hurt. Kill Lizardtender
Vormr for a worgskin cloak, and kill the cultists for some Samaritan sandals.
Go north from the altar and enter the room, read the book for a bonus to war
blessing and protection, and use the basin to get some decent long-term
protection. Go up the platform, then use the secret door to the west to grab
a blessed shield and other goods. Use the basin to heal if you need to. Head
back out (don't press that button just yet), and kill the rest of the bandits.
Then head towards the ledge and face Lysstak the beast.
The first round of fighting Lysstak you will barely be able to do any
damage. Hit him anyway, you'll take off a few points. Once you've been
fighting for a few rounds, he'll call an older version of himself to help
fight. You can now do full damage though, so it's not that bad. After a bit,
a third Lysstak will join the fight. Kill one, then kill the second, then
kill the third. You get a ruby necklace for your efforts. Phew! Private
Varrick leaves you then. Return to Harkin's Landing.

Drake Pillars (51)
C: Graymold
There's a cache amongst these islands, as well as a pit down. Take the pit
down and kill the fungi, ogre botanist, and goblin shamen (shamans?). That's
it for here.

Drake Pillars (52)
I: Radiant Short Blade
C: Graymold, Mined Crystal, Mandrake
D: West path underground, SW building with tomb.
Some islands with bats and caches. Note that one of the trees has some
healing herbs behind it- in A5 it's fairly common for cool items to be hidden
behind pillars, trees, and such. Keep on the lookout.
If you're coming from the underground, you'll approach a cross-path. Take
the west route and use the secret door, then use the teleporter. You'll be
teleported to a platform. Use the secret button on the SW side of the
building, then enter the room. Kill the two sentinels, then grab the radiant
short blade from the tomb. Use the teleporter and go south.

Khora-Vysss (54)
I: Woven Silk Robe, Tinker's Gloves, Warrior Vambraces, Slith Bloodspear,
Demon's Bile, Mooneye Girdle, Warmaster Helm
S: Thrown Missiles, Pole Weapons
D: N of Chroisss
This is one of the most challenging areas of the game. I'd recommend
completing this area only after getting through a few of the next chapters.
You can kill a bunch of stuff now though, to make your later foray easier.
There are a few good challenge areas in the game, the rewards can be well
You're here from the basement. Head south, killing the sliths that get in
your way. This map holds a bit of a puzzle- water prevents you from exploring
a majority of the map. You need to find several wheels that will close off
the water levels and enable you to explore. The first is to the east. Using
the wheel there after killing the sliths drains the west river passage. You
can also cross the bridge to the east, and can kill some more sliths. You'll
find Chroisss, a slith magic user. Kill it for a woven silk robe. There's a
secret door immediately north that has a book which will improve your thrown
weapons ability. Cool! Head to the SW. Kill the sliths and lizards that get
in your way, then use the wheel that isn't broken. The wheel empties the
eastern river. Go now to the SE. Kill the sliths, including Beastkeeper Tah-
Kss. You are rewarded with the useful Tinker's Gloves for your efforts. Use
the nearby wheel to block the south river. Head across the water way and
you'll find Kazhri-Uss. He's a fearsome foe. Don't bother with his lizards,
just concentrate on Kazhri-Uss. It drops a key on death as well as some
warrior vambraces. FROM Andy Leach: Once you kill Kazhri-Uss in the SW corner
of Khora-Vysss, you can kill his pet gargoyles. It takes a while, since your
blows will only land 1 or 2 points of damage at a time, but they don't fight
back. And once they finally kick, they each drop a Wisdom Crystal! Not too
Head upstairs, but only if you feel confident enough to take on 1300 HP
sliths repeatedly. I'd recommend trying the upstairs a bit later. You've got
all that you need to have for the moment (the slith key). Maybe wait until
after you've beaten the Tranquility region- you'll have a better arsenal of
spells with some more experience. Take out the javeliners to the south and
around the entrance. Then kill the temple defender. Work your way west a bit
till you get attacked by a screeching horror and some slith scourgers. Then
head north, and clean out those buildings. Head all the way north to (52) and
grab the graymold and mandrake cache. Work your way back south (avoiding the
temple and its defenders for now) and then go kill Chief Gleth-Sss. He has an
attack that will make you run away if it hits, so try to block his attacks as
best you can. He drops a slith bloodspear on death. This is the best pole
weapon you'll find for a long while. Continue west from the dead chief and
you'll find Goram-Kryss and a slith cultist. Kill them. Then grab your
rewards- a point in pole weapons and some demon's bile.
Next head to the temple. Kill the two defenders, then head up and buff up.
Charge the slith horror as best you are able, casting slow on it once every
turn, and using battle disciplines religiously. It's weak against ice,
slightly. However, it will also cast a death curse on you. This spell has a
limited duration, but will do a lot of damage to you when it activates. If
you have it cast on you, run to one of the filled basins and drink from it to
remove it. Continue along these lines and eventually it will fall. You get a
mooneye girdle for your efforts. Head west and pillage its stuff. You also
get a warmaster helm if you go down the stairs and grab the blue chest. Best
helmet in the game.

NOTE- After you have defeated Lysstak, go to some of the various mines and
claims. Some people may have returned or will deal with you better, including
Armella and the Stone Carver Claim (buy the wisdom crystal!). Also, if you
have Gladwell's Geas, you can't leave this area without the skin of the drake
beneath Harkin's Landing. Getting it will make the whole town hate you,
though, so be warned!


| | |
| | |
| |
61 65

Northwest Quadrant (55)
Q: Mandivian's Rats
I: Chilling Band
C: Graymold, Mandrake Root
D: Underground near Mandivian
$: Smith Mandivian
Smith Mandivian: *Blessed Bracers*
*Blessed Gauntlets*
*Blessed Helmet*
*Blessed Broadsword*
You are greeted by Dawa who will tell you the rules of the place. Only go
where your bracelet will let you go. There's a lot to do here, and it's
fairly fun. Explore this area and pick up a few quests. Smith Mandivian will
trade and will give you a quest to kill some rats. Head down the stairs
throughout these levels, and kill the rats you find there. The stairs nearby
Mandivian also has a secret room. A corrupted rat is the leader of these
rats- kill it for a chilling band. Pillage the rats nest for some nice goods.
Once they're all dead, return to Mandivian for your reward- he will now make
stuff for you. He makes some nice items, and has better prices than Gorp.

Northern Barrier (56)
Q: The Chitrachs
I: Lava-fired Spear
C: Assault Crystal, Graymold
Don't go too far east, or you will be attacked by sentinels. Goodman Toss
lives to the SW, and will give you a quest to kill some chitrachs for him. Go
to the north. There are some goblins here (part of a job board quest), kill
them and take their stuff. Then go down the stairs. More goblins, with a
leader goblin named Bhorst the shaman. Kill them then head south. Kill the
fire lizards, and then kill Chief Grist. He drops a lava-fired spear on
death. Head through the south passages, killing chitrachs. As you approach
the SW corner, prepare for battle with a chitrach eggtender. Kill it, then
search the nearby body for a knowledge brew and invulnerability potion. Nice.
Tell Goodman Toss for an experience award.
If you want to avoid this area entirely, go through the up-center part of
the barrier and you'll come out from the top. Then head straight west to
(64), then head south to (63).

Western Barrier (57)
I: Flowing Silk Cloak
C: Mass Bless, Mined Crystal, Emerald, Ruby
Kill the rogue lizards and take their stuff. Pawel is a nephil carpenter
living to the west. Talk with him about a shade, this is a clue to Moref. He
tells you to talk to Tiacoura. While looking around here, be on the lookout
for caches in the barriers. Head south with your bracelet from Solberg, then
head a bit west and go down the pit. Kill the ogres. Head east, and kill
some more ogres, and their leader, Gorlah Kneeshatter. Grab the flowing silk
cloak and other goods as your reward.


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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:49 pm

Solberg's Tower (58)
Q: The East Tower
The Mad Sentinels
South Tower Sentinel
West Tower Sentinels
First Test: Stealth
Second Test: Endurance
Goodman Tati
Crystal Recovery {200c}
More Crystals {Thrusting Gauntlets}
Delivery: Anama {Healing Elixir, Curing Elixir}
Borrowed Tools {Mind Shield, Group Haste Scrolls}
The Infestations {Null Wand}
Another Infestation {Rod of Defense}
Yet Another Infestation {Reflecting Shield}
I: Mandrake Tincture, Static Band
S: Tiacoura (Exorbitant), Dispel Barrier
D: South Tower, 2 to get to east tower
$: Hulot [Wyrmskin Helmet, Mica Band]
Welcome to the main town of the region. There's lots to do here. First I'd
recommend talking with Solberg, who lives upstairs to the north. Get him to
give you a new onyx passage bracelet so that you can do a few more quests
around the area. Also, pick up the tools for Shanker. Solberg also gives you
a quest to fix the mad sentinels. It's one of the more difficult quests in
the game, but very imaginative. Drink from his basin to get a few xp. When
you're able (you'll need some decent magical strength) break his barrier and
loot the chest for a knowledge elixir and wand of the inferno. You'll need to
be right on the chest in order not to get caught. Grab more quests from the
job board to the east. Hulot to the SW will trade with you and has some
decent items for sale.
Tiacoura will train you in mage spells for cost. She also gives you a quest
to test a sentinel in the south tower. Grab the key from her nearby room to
the east. Head to the south and go up the stairs. Look around- you'll see a
button on the wall. Push it and use the basin for some xp. Then prepare for
battle and ring the gong. Hit the sentinel first with physical damage (melee
+ missiles) then hit it with fire, then with disruption spells, then with
energy spells (e.g., lightning spray, smite), and kill it. Return for a
larger inventory of spells made available to you. She'll give you a second
quest then, to take care of the west tower sentinels after she casts an
experimental blessing spell on you. Head to the stairs west, and buff up.
Then ring the gong. Concentrate on one golem at a time- they shouldn't be too
tough, though the blessing Tiacoura casts on you has several nasty side
effects. Shrug them off the best you are able and take the golems out. Then
go talk with Tiacoura. She gives you the permission to read Solberg's book of
Dispel Barrier. Woot! Use the spell to bring down the barrier to the east of
her and grab your mandrake tincture and other goods as a reward. Talk with
Tiacoura about getting to Moref the Shade to get a new key to help you kill
Dionicio, who you met early in New Harston, has a new quest for you- to
figure out what's going on in the east tower. You'll need to go east and use
some switches to sneak in. Approach the pool, and then return to Dionicio for
your reward- a static band ring. He'll leave you be with the promise to meet
you in the Azure Gallery.
Malachite, a slith mage to the west, gives you a quest to check on the
sentinels in the NE quadrant. This is a fairly tough quest, but worth doing.
Malachite will also reward you for the golem crystals. Once you're done with
the stealth quest, you can claim your reward- a blessed helmet. She has
another quest for you- to test your endurance against the sentinels. You get
a focusing crystal and a nice baton for your troubles.
Domont is a darkside loyalist. He tells you what the darksiders expect from
you- to steal Solberg's papers, and to kill Solberg. If you're not playing as
a darksider, tell him to buzz off. It's still worth stealing Solberg's
papers, if only to trade them later on to a certain underworld power.
Goodman Tati is a nephil who has a quest for you- get proof that the golems
near his house are going crazy. Once it's dead, tell him and he'll tell you
to search his trashcan for some goods.

Southwest Quadrant (59)
I: Blessed Bow
C: Healing Herbs, Spiritual Herbs, Fine Steel
D: On Shayla's house
$: Shayla: *Drakeskin Bracers*
*Ice Hydra Helm*
*Drakeskin Cloak*
To the west you will find Tati's house. Enter it and wait for a fiery
sentinel to get close. Once it gives a statement like, "It twitches" prepare
for battle. It will attack. Kill it, and tell Tati of your success. Come
back and search his trashcan for a blessed bow. Shayla to the SW will trade
you for leatherwork. A guard warns you against going into the sentinel
workshop. Ignore him.

South Barrier (60)
I: Ivory Band
C: 20c x 2, Speed Elixir, Mandrake
D: Door north of mother wormkin.
Don't go past the south barrier without having completed the workshop or
you'll find the sentinels there don't like you.
Once you've taken care of the workshop, explore this area. There's a hatch
down to the NE. Dispel the barriers and grab the goods. When ready, head to
the south center. Go down the pit and fight the worms. Head to the SW, still
killing the worms, then head east. Kill the mother wormkin and all its spawn.
It drops an ivory band on death.

Sentinel Workshop (61)
I: Singing Rapier, Armor Band, Radiant Belt, Enchanter's Robe
S: Lightning Spray, Magical Efficiency, Magery
D: Denoted by *, &
This level is one of the most unusual and potentially frustrating areas in
A5. I've designed a map below to help you with the teleporters. First, head
east and kill the fiery sentinel. Then head west, and kill the bladed
sentinels. Head south, killing some slimes and sentinels, then head east,
again killing some sentinels. Watch out for the unstable servants, attack
them from a distance if you can. Head east, and kill the golems to the SE.
Dispel the barriers and grab the goods. At this point, you may want to head
back to town to heal up and drop off your stuff. You may have enough sentinel
power stones to get the nice reward from Malachite. Fortunately the golems on
the top floor do not regenerate. When you're ready head down the stairs.
Prepare for battler- there are about 6 sentinels here. Kill them and look
around. I have labeled the teleporters here, A, B, C, etc. They will take
you to 1, 2, 3, etc. respectively. From the beginning take C to 3.
At 3, kill the sentinels, and grab the steel halberd from the body in the
west room. Nice! Take E to 5.
At 5, grab the crystals behind the barriers. Take B to 2.
At 2, kill the unstable servants from the ledge. This will save you pain
later on. Then take D to 4.
At 4, take F to 6.
At 6, use the basin and take G to 7.
At 7, kill the servants, and go up the stairs.
Kill the two sentinels, then go down the stairs. Kill the Burnout sentinel
for a singing rapier. Go up the stairs. Use the basin, then go down the next
set of stairs. Kill the sentinels, then open the door and use the book for a
point of lightning spray. Go up the east stairs. Head east, kill the
sentinels, then go down the stairs again. Take H to 8.
At 8 go up the stairs. Prepare for an arduous battle. Fight! In this
battle, stay away from the prime sentinel. Instead, work to fight its
unstable sentinels. When you have damaged the sentinels enough (10-20% of
HP), they will attack the prime sentinel for a few turns. That is the only
way to do good damage to the prime sentinel. In the meantime, heal and attack
as best you can. Eventually the prime sentinel will ignore you and will focus
on its servants. Heal every few rounds, and eventually one of the servants
will deal the death blow. Run away from the servants as they will soon
explode. The sentinel drops a wisdom crystal on death.

+--------------------------------+ Stairs (\)
| |
| 5 4---------E-+ |
| | | |
| *+B 2----+-D +-C \ |
| +C | | | |
| \-\ C F 8 G |
| \ 9E | | HF |
| | J | |
| \ +-+ \ |
| 7 \ |
| \ |
| 3 E--1 G|
| | | | ||
| +-B &B--C 6-+|
| E |
Go down into the south lab. Read the book to gain a point in magical
efficiency, and loot the place (armor band), you'll also find Sorengard. He
was an unfortunate by-stander in this, you should probably let him go (kill
him if you're munchkin).
Now that this area is now all open, you can fight the prototype sentinel to
the SE upstairs. Hit is with everything you got and heal liberally. It will
drop a radiant belt on death. Also, the sentinels are a lot weaker now, so
you can explore at will.
There's a secret area at 1. Go to 5 and hit the button behind the barrier.
Then go back to 1 and enter the room. Grab the stuff and use a new button
then go to the central area (under the prime sentinel) and use the teleporter
(J). Read the book (+1 magery), and grab the stuff on the body (enchanter's
robe + wand of death).

Southeast Quadrant (62)
Q: The Training Test
S: Captain Dixon (Expensive)
D: Nearby warped wolves.
The Martial School of Tranquility is to the SW, and is manned by Captain
Dixon. He will give you a quest to attempt his training test. Go through the
SE door and kill the crawler assassin. He will now train you in melee, pole,
bow, and thrown weapons. Cool. It's worth buying the melee and pole points
for you fighters, if only to raise their battle disciplines. Bows are too
expensive, and thrown missiles are best spent on a third point, if any.
There are some warped wolves to the south- kill them and push the nearby
button. Go in and kill the sentinels, and use the basin.
If you're here for Malachite's second quest, you're in for a nasty fight.
Buff up before attempting anything. It helps if you can find a defensible
position- for instance, the escape pathway to the south. Talk with the lead
sentinel on the hill, then run off. They will attack, and will do a lot of
damage. So long as you survive 10-20 rounds, the sentinels will eventually
run off. Whew.

East Barrier (63)
I: Spectral Boots
C: Energetic Herbs, Graymold, Healing Herbs
This area is home to Moref. As you approach the eastern edge of the
barrier, you'll get attacked by a bunch of spirits. Kill them. Enter the
main building, and fight the ghasts (the little passage down to the NE takes
you to more ghasts and minor loot). Go through, then face the motionless
shade. It will summon several unstable servants to help it. Kill them as you
are able. The shade will "possess" a specific servant each round. If you
happen to kill that servant, you make the shade angry. If you kill about 5
shade-servants, Moref will come out and face you. He's not too difficult, but
can hurt you. Take him out and take his ectoplasm. You also get some
excellent spectral boots for your efforts.
There's a small hatch down to the NW- some herbs and a fine leather await

Northeast quadrant (64)
I: Girdle of Genius, Mandrake Tincture
S: Divine Fire
D: In Solberg's hidden area
Here you can complete Malachite's first quest. Hug the west side of the map
then touch the NW pillar. Head towards the center of the map, and touch the
next pillar, then head SE and touch the SE pillar. It may require a bit of
patience waiting for the sentinels, but can be done. I believe you have to be
in regular (non-combat mode) in order to complete this quest, making it
substantially harder.
At some point you'll want to go to Solberg's chambers. Head to the far NE,
avoiding the sentinels as best you are able (kill too many and the town will
hate you). Go up the path, then you'll fight some sentinels. Dispel the
barriers, then go into the room. Pull the third, fourth, and fifth levers to
open the path. Go up the stairs. Cast unlock doors, then prepare for battle.
As you go a bit west, you are attacked by four cheeseballs. They are quite
tough. Hit them with what you've got, and concentrate on one at a time. Once
they are dead, read the book for a point of divine fire, then grab the stuff
in the locker (girdle of genius, herbs). Use the secret door to grab a
mandrake tincture as well. Go ahead and grab Solberg's papers, and get out of


78 75-74 67-68
| | | | ][
80-79-77-76 73-69-70

Anama Road (65)
Talk with Hesper- she's not too helpful, but warns you of chitrachs. It's a
fair warning as when you head west, you are attacked by about a dozen of the
things. Kill them and take their claws. The anama lands are relatively small
compared to other areas in the game, so you'll be through here in relatively
little time

Anama Road (66)
C: Healing Herbs x 3, Graymold
There's a pylon here. Hit it to save you time in the future. Kill the
chitrachs to the NW and grab the caches.

Anama Lands (67)
C: Spiritual Herbs
$: Amelie
More farms. Amelie is a seamstress and will sell you some things she has
made. Go down her tunnel nearby and smash a chitrach egg. If you go down the
eastern tunnel you'll find a chitrach egg (part of a Ahonaria job board
quest). Head down the NW hatch to explore. Stop once you reach the husk and
buff up. Kill the chitrachs that attack. Explore the rest of the areas,
smashing a few eggs and killing plenty of chitrachs.


I'm back!

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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:49 pm

Ahonaria (68)
Q: The Chitrach Queen
Chitrach Husks
Chitrach Claws {Group Haste, Mass Bless, Mass Shield scrolls}
Claw-Finding Excellence {Blessed Breastplate}
Farmer Gillette {Piercing, Wisdom, Purging Crystals}
Smashie, Smashie! {800c}
I: Radiant Boots
C: Graymold
S: Seeker Meena (Expensive)
$: Brendan, Onishi, Galanai (anama only)
Sportz: *Fiery Wand*
*Disruption Wand*
*Terror Wand*
*Sparkling Wand*
Brendan: *Augmenting Potion*
*Armor Elixir*
This is the next major city for you en route. Everyone here is somewhat
tense (you'll find out why in a bit). Talk with Seeker Micklebur, and he
tells you to go see Teacher Alcander. You can also give Micklebur the letter
from Minister Pilhofer for some xp. Go talk with Alcander. He's not too
helpful unless you want to join the Anama. Seeker Meena will train you in
priest spells
Galanai will trade with members of the anama. Galanai is your primary no-
magic workaround, as he sells piercing crystals and tinker's crystals, which
will cast the unlock spell for you. You can also steal several lying around
and about, including some in the nearby storeroom. Onishi will trade with
you. Sportz is a wand maker who will make wands for you if you have the
Linasa is the nominal mayor of the town. She gives you a quest to slay the
chitrach queen who has been generating the hoards of chitrachs that have been
attacking the town. You get a nice pair of radiant boots when you succeed.
Brendan is the town alchemist. He has some potions for sale, most notably a
knowledge brew. Also, he gives you a quest to find several chitrach husks for
him. Your reward is some potions. Chitrach husks look like trash, and you only
need a certain type of husk, so they're kind of hard to find. In this area, I
pick up all bits of husk I see so that I don't keep grabbing the same pieces
of junk over and over. You'll find more than 8 that way, at the very least.
He can also make a few unusual potions from some ingredients.
The last person of note here is Kingsley, chitrach-hunter-extraordinaire!
Talk with him, he will give you hints on finding the mindwarp chitrach. He
also has several claw quests for you. The final reward is a blessed
breastplate, excellent armor.
If you want, you can explore the upper temple. Do so in combat mode, so as
to avoid the lone guard.
As you leave the town, you are attacked by some chitrachs. Kill them.
DILEMMA: Joining the Anama is another dilemma available. It's a very
interesting cult, full of benefits and costs. You also get a set of new
quests for joining the Anama. It's worth doing during one of your
As an Anama you can read the books upstairs for points in: Divine Fire,
Control Foe, Enduring Armor, Return Life, Unshackle Mind, Heal, Mass Healing,
Mass Curing, and Steel Skin. You can also buy more powerful spells from
Meena, and a lot of crystals from Galanai (including 3 wisdom crystals).
Alcander will also give you a quest to kill Shafrir, and upon completion, a
quest to meet with Melanchion.

Anama Lands (69)
I: Blessed Spear, Warmth Ring, Drakeskin Shield
This area has a heavier affliction of chitrachs. In some areas they'll just
pop out of the ground and attack you. If you get a "you hear a scratching
noise" message, prepare for a fight after walking around a bit. The one to
the SE (or the third fight you face, I'm not sure) also summons up an
ensnaring chitrach. Kill it for a blessed spear and other goods.
Farmer Gillette lives to the NW. Go down the hatch and talk with him. Buff
up then let the chitrachs come to you. You will be attacked from the two
nearest tunnels first, then a passageway to the north will open up. Kill
everything, including the redshell chitrach (warmth ring) and explore the
tunnels. Smash the next few eggs, search the body for a drakeskin shield, and
then head out.

Anama Lands (70)
C: Beautiful Crystal, Ruby
D: Near Altar
There are a few caches immediately available if coming from the northern
path from (69). If coming to slay the Chitrachs, grab the husk, and head on
down to 71.
If you are here to steal the anama scrolls (for any of a number of reasons),
buff up before you get to the altar. The ghosts behind you will attack if you
steal them. Kill them, then hit the secret button to open a teleporter out
and away from the altar. Phew.

Chitrach Nest (71)
I: Blessed Vambraces, Discipline Blade, Polar Fur Cloak, Helm of Khar, Girdle
of Avoidance
C: Focusing Crystal, Mandrake Root
D: Several throughout maze
Here there be chitrachs. Lots of them. Some are called chitrach callers
and will call a bunch of their friends to fight you if you don't kill them
really fast (you most likely won't- they have 600+ HP). There are lots of
pathways down here, but not all of them work. For instance, the SW and west
ones does not work (too close to the mindwarp chitrach), nor the NE entrance
(blocked in). Head down the ESE entrance for now. Go north, prepare for
battle, then let the chitrachs attack. Kill them all, and press the nearby
button. This opens up an area to the east with two caches. Head back
upground. Head down the SSE passage. Then go north, and prepare for battle.
Kill the chitrachs, then head to the SE and push the button. This opens an
area to the NW that has some blessed vambraces.
Now head down the center path. Head to the SE, you will be swarmed by
chitrachs. Work your way back to the entrance killing them (hardshells are
resistant to magic, but weak against melee, the others are all vulnerable to
magic, but can hit hard). Once you make it to the pit, the chitrachs stop
coming out. Go back to the SE, and pillage the bodies for a polar fur cloak,
and the extremely nice discipline blade (great for any sort of bow-user or
other semi-fighter type). It can increase your battle discipline availability
The NW passage is the last you can take. Go down it and prepare for battle
after moving along a bit. The walls crumble and chitrachs swarm you. Kill
them and push the button. Somehow or another a passage from the SSE opens up.
Go back up and then to the SSE pit, then head north, and you'll reach a fork.
To the west you'll find the mindwarp chitrach, to the east is the chitrach
queen. Try the mindwarp chitrach first. Enter the area, kill the worms, then
head to the SW. Go through the passage then head back to this area. Then
head up the ladder and go back to the SSE passage and return to the confusing
area. The passage to the NW is open. The western wall is now revealed to be
an illusion as well. Go through the west passage to (72).
When you're ready to take on the queen, prepare as best you are able. Then
head east, and prepare to fight when you get to a longer passage heading east
(with a secret passage noticeable). Attack the chitrach queen. Slow spell
will work to your advantage, as well shield breaker and spells. She's not too
tough, but can surprise you. Grab the Helm of Khar after killing her. Head
back to the secret area (some chitrachs swarmed out of here while you were
fighting the queen) and grab the girdle of avoidance. Head back to Ahonaria.

Chitrach Nest (72)
I: Farsight Longbow
Here there be mindwarp chitrachs. Grab the graymold then buff up. Head to
the NW, and you are attacked by a few bits of wildlife. If you have some
nature lore, they'll leave you join you in the fight. After you've fought a
bit, the Mindwarp chitrach appears. It will attempt to charm one of your
characters every round, usually with success. Purging crystals and unshackle
mind are your friend in this fight. The chitrach is luckily not too
difficult, just keep hitting it with spells and melee attacks and it will go
down. This one is mainly just difficult to find, that's why it's a challenge.
It drops a farsight longbow on death.

The Howling Depths (73)
C: Wisdom Crystal
D: NE wall.
Try not to enter this area without at least 600c as there is a wisdom
crystal for sale at the very end. Also, Gladwell's geas, if you have it, will
compel you to steal the anama's scrolls, which makes these lands hostile to
The Anama guards leave this place as you enter. Buff up with long term
spells, and as you approach the group of people, cast you other spells as
well. Micklebur and some thugs attack you. Kill the thugs, beat up
Micklebur. He'll surrender (and doesn't drop anything good). Grab the rest
of their stuff and head north. You'll be pursued by darksiders for the next
few areas, and they appear to respawn frequently. Your best bet is to get
through a bit of distance, kill the end boss, and then go back and explore.

The Howling Depths (74)
You'll face some more darksiders here. Kill them. Loot the body. Keep

The Howling Depths (75)
I: Clarity Talisman, Blessed Bracers, Armor Ring, Cap of Thoughts.
C: Spiritual Herbs, Healing Herbs, Graymold, Scroll: Group Heal
More darksider snipers are here. Run past them. When this area's respawn
is stopped, search the places for a nasty cult leader who drops a clarity
talisman on death (nice!). Then explore the northern passage up for some
minor loot and a tunnel down. You'll find an unstable mass. Kill it for some
blessed bracers and an armor ring. Go south and disarm the trap/dispel the
barrier for a knowledge brew and invulnerability elixir. Then head back up,
and go down the next passage. You'll find Hraithe Ghasscho. Buff up then
talk with him. Attack, and he will summon three very tough skeleton workers.
Concentrate first on the Hraithe and take it down, then kill its skeletons.
You get a cap of thoughts for your efforts.

The Howling Depths (76)
I: Girdle of Life, Airy Vambraces
C: Focusing Crystal, Mined Crystal, Assault Crystal
D: South rock block.
More darksiders, including two with names. Kill them for a girdle of life
and airy vambraces. There is a chest to the SW with some potions. Also, tap
the secret door to the south and go down the pathway to get some caches.

The Howling Depths (77)
I: Blessed Breastplate, Molten Halberd, Assassin's Shield
Once you get here, the chase should end and the respawn quiet down. Here
you will meet Dervish Tholmen, a darkside loyalist dervish. You should be
able to kill him without too much effort. Take his blessed breastplate and
molten halberd as your rewards. Also grab the assassin's shield from one of
the other foes. Now you can return to the other areas and explore.
If you're here by boat you have two paths to take. First take the west
river to (79). Then take the SW path to (79) again.

The Howling Depths (78)
Q: Casimir's Cave
C: Spiritual Herb, Graymold, Healing Herb
D: In Building, Nearby Casimir
$: Dobrila [Crystal Symbol, Wisdom Crystal]
A fairly empty area. Grab the minor loot and head into the building. Hit
the secret button and search the body for a jeweled wand. Then grab a boat
and head north. People! Who aren't going to kill you! In fact, Dobrila will
trade with you, and has a nice wisdom crystal and crystal symbol for you if
you'd like them. Talk with Casimir to be healed and regain spell points.
Casimir has a quest for you- to purge his cave with his friends. He'll head
down the mine. Grab his treasures now if you'd like. Then go down, find
Casimir and buff up. Tell Casimir you're ready then kill all the worms. Go
through, and then you'll have to fight a demon. Kill it and take its stuff
(two wisdom crystals, mandrake, more nice crystals and jewels). Sweet. Talk
with Casimir again to complete the quest (the crystals were your reward). Now
return to your boat and head on down the rapids south.

Remote River (79)
I: Mercuric Chain
C: Graymold, Energetic Herbs, Mandrake
This area is full of obnoxious shrubs and ogres. Take them on slowly, and
eventually you'll beat them. The head ogre mage has a suit of mercuric chain,
which is intriguing. Otherwise, there's not too much to do here beyond
pillaging the caches.

6. Azure Gallery

24-50 Nothing at 98
95-96 82
| | |
| | |
87-86-85-84 A0-A1
| | | |
90-89-88-91-93-92 98

NOTE: This is one of the largest areas of the game. Additionally, once you
enter it, General Redmark will want to see you the next time you use the
pylons. Talk with him and you'll find out what's going on. You can also get
a flaming sword for your efforts

Remote River (80)
You can kill the spiders here and grab the loot in the nest on the land
ledge to the north. The land ledge to the south leads to an unusual challenge
area (A0 and A1), I would suggest first fighting off some other things before
attempting it. In order to access those areas you will need to step on the
off-colored terrain. You seem to open the west door first, but if you keep
walking the east door will open as well. Do the west door first.


I'm back!

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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:50 pm

Azure Gallery (81)
Land your boat on the north shore, then head north and touch the pillar. Go
up to Highground.
Captain Rhames is here, and you can check with him to complete a third of a
job board quest. Do so.

Highground (82)
Q: Kill Farflinger
Muck's Cache
Help the Fang Clan
The Cultists
Giant Diplomacy
Yet Another Shade
Three Outposts {Gold Bar x 6}
The Swamp Pit {}
Swamp Monster! {Drakeskin Cloak}
Giant Raiders {Ruby Chain}
I: Blessed Halberd, Blessed Shield, Temperate Necklace, Demon's Bile, Helm of
Klin, Magus Vest
C: Energy Elixir, Graymold
S: Priestess Bela (Expensive), Incantor Temple (Slightly Expensive), Bolt of
Fire, Icy Rain, Dispel Barrier
D: Walls to the east, underground near rats
$: Aramis [Armor Ring, Blessed Longbow], Endereba [Girdle of Genius]
Endereba: *Blessed Broadsword*
*Blessed Halberd*
*Runed Vambraces*
*Mercuric Plate*
Highground is one of three major cities in this area. The people here
aren't overly friendly, but that's to be expected at least in part. They're
not quite avernites either. There's a job board here, go ahead and grab the
quests. Aramis will trade with you and has some moderately decent items.
Bakarne the nephil threatens you, and if you do too much to harm Highground,
he will hunt you down. Alistair the innkeeper will sell you rumors, though
none appear critical. Gormus lives in the inn and is high on skribbane. He
will attack if you try to talk with him. Kill him and take his stuff.
Mayor Korose is the leader of the town and will fill you in on the story
here. She will also give you a quest to talk with the giants to establish
peace with their queen. Completion of this quest is in direct conflict with a
quest from Muck, but coincides with one from the vahnatai village. You get a
Magus Vest for your efforts with the queen. Nearby the mayor is an equipment
cache that includes a blessed halberd and shield free for the stealing.
Commander Glavine is relatively friendly and will give you a quest to kill
Farflinger, a giant living across the water. Completion of this quest gets
you a rod of succor, and the ability to do another quest, Muck's cache. For
Glavine's second quest you'll need to find a small hideout where Muck's miners
have hidden some of their crystals, clear it of giants, then report back to
Glavine. However, doing so is in direct conflict with a quest from Muck.
Helping Highground will get you a helm of klin, a fairly powerful helmet.
Koramorr is a nephil living in the city. He wants you to help his clan,
which lives in the honey comb.
Priestess Bela lives under the city and will give you a quest to win in
ideals against a crazy cult that has set up camp locally. Once you've killed
three or so cultists she will train you (at (83), (86), (88) and (92). Her
prices are fairly high, and everything can be found for cheaper elsewhere.
Both anatomy and luck can be bought for cheaper close by. She will also train
you in priest spells.
Endereba is a smith who can make some of the more powerful items in the game
for you. The ingredients are critical, though. Mercuric Plates are
excellent. She also sells a girdle of genius, if you need another one. Note
that you can get a blessed halberd for free from the town equipment stores, so
don't bother getting her to make you one.
Incantor Temple is an empire mage living in Highground. He will teach you
some spells and is generally thrilled to see you. He will also give you some
crystals if you have a share in the Underworld Joint Trading Company.
Finally, he will give you a quest to defeat a shade that's been around his
portal. Read his nearby book to increase your bolt of fire and icy rain
spells. Then head down his stairs. Head towards the portal, but buff up
prior to going down the stairs. Get ready to use all of your most damaging
attacks as you go down. A shade will appear, but it's pre-occupied. Use
shield-breaker, disrupt undead, and lightning spray and bring it down fast.
If you don't then it will hit you with some pretty nasty attacks. Otherwise
it's an easy enemy, and drops a temperate necklace on death. Your reward from
Incantor Temple is the removal of a barrier from the stuff right next to the
stairs (dispel barrier spell). Grab the stuff in the box too for some
If you want, you can rob this town pretty well. Head to the east and open
the doors. Close them behind you and take anything that isn't nailed down
that's worth something. You can claim a wisdom crystal in addition to many
normal crystals. You can also get underneath the town and pillage some more
by using the secret passage. Underneath you'll find lots of rats. Kill them,
then hit the switch right before the exit to this map. This will open up the
high-security treasury. Lancing fungi guard it, as do frosty shamblers who
will freeze you when you attack them. Kill them all. Then loot their
treasure for some demon's bile, lots of gems, and dispel the barrier for an
xp-giving basin and some other goods (wand of inferno, mandrake x 2).

Azure Gallery (83)
I: Bow of Decay
C: Mined Crystal x 2
If you land your boat at the SE corner, you'll find a pit. Go down it,
you'll find some giants including a giant raider. Kill them and take their
stuff (including the bow of decay).
If you try to claim the cache here, you will be attacked by a swarm of
chitrachs and null bugs. Null bugs will drain your spell points, but are
vulnerable to magic like most chitrachs. Buff up before attempting it and
take them out. Search the Paxton claim for some crystals. The Gora-Ssss
claim has been taken over by some spiders and by Janelle, one of the cultists
Priestess Bela warned you about. Before approaching Bela buff up and then
talk with her. Kill her then take the knowledge brew as your prize. Go ahead
and hit the gong, then kill the spiders.
Talk with captain Jarvis on the surface to fulfill another third of the job
board quest.

Azure Gallery (84)
I: Girdle of Avoidance, Radiant Shield
D: In Corrado's cave near south route to 92.
Farflinger lives here. Try to kill the batch of giants to the west first,
then kill the ones on the opposite side to the east, then take on the center
giants. There might also be some giants to the south, including raider
Khorang (who drops a girdle of avoidance on death). Fewer giants to come
running in when you attack Farflinger is quite helpful. Then charge
Farflinger. Farflinger will call for all giants to help, but otherwise is
cakewalk. He will drop a radiant shield on death.
If you're coming here from (85) you can explore a number of local points of
interest. Go down Corrado's cave, kill the rats, loot the crystals.

Azure Gallery (85)
Q: Trapped Settlers
I: Duelist Gloves
C: Spiritual Herbs, Mandrake, Energetic Herbs
D: Nearby slime producer.
Kill the scuttlers here and take their gems. On the other side of the river
you'll find Audun who will give you a quest to help her and some other
settlers make it to Muck. Completion of this quest only gets you xp, but it's
worth doing.
You'll find Incantor Temple's garden near the center of the map. Go down
the hatch, then go to the NW corner and shoot a bush. Nearly all of your foes
here will die. Then head to the north, kill the nasty vegetation and slime-
producer, and grab the duelist gloves. Hit the switch, dispel the barriers,
and grab the mandrake. That's it for here.

Azure Gallery (86)
I: Shockwave Bow, Slith Warspear
C: Invulnerable Elixir, Knowledge Elixir
D: Nearby Cultist
The final third of soldiers to check up on is located here. Talk with
Captain Cristiona. Head west and you'll spot Raider Mongo, with his giant
cohorts. Kill them. You get a shockwave bow for your troubles. Go grab the
north cache, and you'll be attacked by spiders. Kill them.
On the other side of the water you'll find another pit (McLovin's claim- a
reference to Superbad?). Go down it and grab the crystals.
If you're here underground from Shafrir's tower, head to the NE passage.
You'll find a cultist and the end of this path. Buff up and fight him. You
get a slith warspear for your troubles. Hit the gong then kill the basilisks.

Azure Gallery (87)
Q: Anama Papers
I: Demon's Bile
S: Shafrir (Expensive), Bolt of Fire, Call Beast, Spray Acid, Daze, Slow,
Haste, Icy Rain, Unlock Doors, Arcane Summon
Shafrir lives here. Go ahead and talk with him. Dispel the barrier, get
past the bushes, go up one more ledge, then cast your buffing spells. Slimes
will fall down on this ledge. Kill them. Go up, pass by the newts, then
agree to the geas to speak with Shafrir. Talk with Shafrir. He is especially
interested in the geases you have picked up during your travels. He will help
you remove the Anama geas if you no longer want to be part of his group. He
will attempt to remove Gladwell's geas, but not successfully. He will also
train you in several spells, many of which are worthwhile. Finally, he will
also give you a quest to steal the Anama's holy papers. He will make copies
so you can still give the papers to someone else later. You get a point of
Arcane Summon for your troubles.
If you want to remove any geas sent on you, go down his stairs then take the
south door. Go through the teleporter (read the book!), then approach the
Go down his stairs. Open one of the gates, then grab Solberg's tools. Head
to the SE, push the button and you'll get some demon's bile. You can head to
the underground area of (86) from here, which is worth a quick exploration.

Azure Gallery (88)
I: Ruby Necklace, Coated Cloak, Stability Girdle
C: Graymold, Mandrake
A crazed hunter impedes your progress to Muck. Kill him. You will find
Bhorr's claim here. Go down the hatch, and disarm the traps. When you get to
the third set of traps, disarm them then cast your buffing spells. Then charge
the enemies inside (the goblins fall fairly fast). Varchek is the leader, and
is a shapeshifter. Kill him, he turns into a worm, a chitrach, an ogre, a
slith, and finally back to its human form. It drops a stability girdle on
From the underground (89), this area holds some more assassin worms, as well
as some lurking crawlers and a now dead cultist. Go ahead and ring the gong
to bring some more, kill them all (ruby necklace reward + coated cloak).
Here you will also find the whirling thrasher (if you've talked with
Pasquale). Kill the skeletons then walk around a whole bunch on the hill. It
will come out. Then prepare as best you can with spells, and hit it hard. It
has a thorn shield, meaning your melee fighters will take damage for their
attacks, but so long as you hit it hard, it's worth it. Use spells to finish
it off, but watch out as it may do a lot of damage to your spellcasters.
Eventually it'll die and you can claim its claw.


I'm back!

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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:51 pm

Azure Gallery (89)
I: Cap of Farsight.
C: Spiritual Herbs, Graymold
D: SW part of Elner's Mine
Some frozen worms lurk to the NW and the SE. Kill them and take their
stuff. Elner's mine to the south is host to some skribbane-addled avernites.
Kill them and take their stuff. Continue through the mine and you'll find
some assassin worms. Kill them all, and grab the crystals. There is an east
path to (88) that you should take at some point.
If you kill the giant queen Barkane will attack you here. Kill him for a
farsight cap.

Muck (90)
Q: Chasm Bats
Bhorr's Claim
A New Passage
Helping Muck
The Giant Queen
Chash-Ah's Basement
Assassin Worms {1000c}
Message: Shafrir {300c}
Claim Thieves {1000c}
Restock! {Group Heal, Group Haste, Mass Bless Scrolls}
I: Seeking Rapier, Gazerskin Sandals, Spear of the Fen, Leaden band
S: Pasquale (Very Reasonable), Divine Host
D: Nearby Bina
$: Vera, Brennan, Chash-Ah [Knowledge Elixir]
Brennan: *Suede Gloves*
*Wisdom Crystal*
*Talisman of Might*
*Warmaster Helm*
*Armor Ring*
Chash-Ah: *Healing Elixir*
*Curing Elixir*
*Speed Elixir*
*Energy Elixir*
*Invulnerabilty Potion*
*Knowledge Brew*
People are generally friendlier here than in Highground. Hit the pylon here
so as to be able to bounce back and forth with greater ease. There's a job
board, grab the jobs available. The mayor of the town is thoroughly
unfriendly, so don't bother with him.
Pasquale is a soldier here who will talk with you about hunting. Most
notably, Pasquale is one of the few who actually understands how to bring out
the Whirling Thrasher. Pasquale also gives you a quest to hunt some chasm
bats which have been a bother. Do so and Pasquale will train you in several
nice skills for cheap. This is the best place to improve these skills
(including the untrainable pathfinder) so save up and buy all of those points
for everyone.
Bhorr is a nephil who will recruit you to kick some highgrounders out of his
mine claim. It's actually a monster, and as a reward you get some cash.
You will also meet Dionicio for a second time here. Dionicio has a quest
for you- to find a way around the barrier. It'll be a while, but once you do
you get a leaden band for your troubles. He also has some of the more
interesting dialogue.
Vera will trade with you. She also has the obscure item quest on the job
board- she wants a pipe, fishing pole, potted plant, scissors, and a vase.
These items can be found throughout the game, so grab some.
Sergeant Bina is more helpful than the mayor. Talk with her to get the Muck
equivalent to the "Muck's Cache" quest. Telling Muck about it will not make
Highground happy. Completion of the Muck quest here is worth 800c (whereas
the Highground quest will get you a Helm of Klin- your choice). Nearby Bina
is also a switch that will open a secret area with some nice goods (Seeking
Rapier!) for you. Independent of how you finished the Muck cache quest, Bina
will ask your help in killing the giant queen. If you do so (you can get all
three rewards if you play your cards right) you get a spear of the fens.
Landsman is an adventurer who is fairly helpful. If you have Gladwell's
geas, it will compel you to steal his crystal spiral. This is one of the few
quests which won't leave a town hostile if you do it correctly. See below for
more details. Also, once the giant queen is dead, these individuals will
Brennan is a crafter with a lot of nice items for sale. Look through his
stuff if you'd like. Brennan will also make some of the most powerful items
in the game (including suede gloves and warmaster helm). He will make wisdom
crystals for you, but Chash-Ah is a better source of skill points.
Chash-Ah is the last major individual of the town. She is an alchemist and
will sell some nice potions, most notably a knowledge elixir. She will also
make some nice potions for you, including knowledge brews for all herbs
(cheaper than Brennan). Finally, she will give you a quest to investigate her
When you're ready, go explore Chash-Ah's basement. Approach the wall south
of the book, and go through it. Kill the wyrmkin, then head south. Buff up
big time. You'll face Morbo the eyebeast. A combination of missiles, magic
(primarily firebolt) and luck will get you through this fight. Kill him and
take the sandals and eyestalks he drops. Then go through his secret door,
kill the shamblers (one drops a knowledge brew) and go up the stairs. Go
south, steal the spiral crystal and read the book for a point in divine host.
Don't go north or you'll make the town angry with you. Tell Chash-Ah for some
potions, then tell Bina for some xp.

Azure Gallery (91)
I: Jade Chain
C: Mined Crystal, Graymold, Energetic Herbs
Some giants aren't happy to see you here. Teriza the Agoness is in charge.
Kill them and take their stuff (includes jade chain). Head to the south and
go kill raider Gorhul and cohorts. Go down the pit and you'll find the hidden
Muck cache desired by both Muck and Highground.
You can reach the underground section of this area from (86). You will
immediately find the hidden bat cave wanted by Pasquale.

Azure Gallery (92)
I: Mica-Flecked Chain
C: Energetic Herb, Mandrake, Graymold, Spiritual Herb, Healing Herb
D: Underground north
Lots of spiders here, and an anti-spider squashing message (!). Head to the
south center of the map where there is a question mark. Buff up and walk onto
it. You'll face 5-10 slimes, and then the swamp monster. On death it drops
some graymold and mandrake. To the SE you'll find some more spiders,
including an aranea of the fen, who drops a mica-flecked chain on death.
When you make it to the NW corner, kill the bushes and crawler, and grab the
minor loot.
Here you will find lots of smashed claim markers. If you wander around
enough of them with the claim thieves job board quest (they're here and at
88), eventually some skribbane-crazed warriors will attack you. Kill them and
claim your reward in Muck.
If you're underground from (84), you can kill another cult member, Kuato.
You can also get to the giant spire from here, and you can use a secret door
to get a new boat and explore some of the local area.

Giant's Spire (93)
I: Opal Chain, Stability Boots, Cap of Thoughts, Basher's Helm, Archer's
Cloak, Mandrake Tincture
D: Warrior's rooms underground
If you want to keep all of your options open, don't do this area until
you've talked with the vahnatai. The giants at the gate are thoroughly
unfriendly. Kill them. You have two options for entering this area- either
you can turn the nearby wheel (lots of strength required) or you can go
underground. The underground route is most easily entered via (91), where you
found Muck's Cache.
Head here from the underground and you'll be impeded by a giant named
Scarhead who will tell you that in order to proceed, you must pass one of the
tests. Go down, buff up, and stand by the pillar-like-object. Four giant
slingers attack. Kill them with ranged attacks (you must stay next to the
pillar to complete the quest). A drake will also attack you. Kill him and
take his opal chain as your reward. Then grab the elevator part, and head up
to the next challenge to the east.
Warrior Bhorgh is your taskmaster here. He tells you that the next elevator
part is being held by Painmaster Flalgh. Head to the NE and kill Flalgh. He
has a stunning attack but is otherwise fairly easy. Take his excellent
stability boots and the nearby elevator part. Go on up to the next level.
You are impeded here by Shaman Dhyalo. Head west and search the box,
killing the worms and other beasts. Search the rest of this floor for some
nice minor loot, and kill the mad giant. Return to the evil shaman and she
will open the door for you. Go on up.
At this point you will probably want to help Muck no matter what. Dang
giants. Head upstairs to the fort. Head to the north. The giant queen is
sparring with a giant wrestler. Kill the wrestler and beat the queen silly.
She will wake up out of her battle lust and parlay. It's up to you what you
want to do here. I'd recommend that you give in to her demands at first, tell
Highground & Thalants, then kill her and tell Muck (the Munchkiniest method
for certain, but hey, why else would you be reading this FAQ?). She drops a
Basher's Helm on death. Then go downstairs and kill the rest of the giants.
Yay, sweet revenge. Killing the priestess down below will get you a cap of
thoughts. You'll also find an archer's cloak and a mandrake tincture amongst
the giant queen's belongings.

Azure Gallery (94)
Some wolves are here. Kill them and take their stuff.

Barren Honeycomb (95)
Q: The Wastes Undead
I: Farsight Band, Girdle of Life
C: Piercing Crystal x 2,
S: Oramorra, Heal, Mass Healing
D: In Vhorr's room, West of Vhorr's room
$: Oramorra
Some members of the Fang clan live here. When you enter their hut, they get
attacked by skeleton workers. Kill the undead. Then go talk with Elder
Vhorr. He gives you a quest to kill some undead in the region to the east.
You can also trade with the locals now.
If you want you can try the underside of this area. It's short, but scary.
There's a nephil on the bridge. Talk with it and it runs away. Go across the
bridge, and go the east. When you get a message, "you feel a gust of wind"
some ghosts have been summoned and will fight you. Kill them. Then kill the
oozing ghoul and take its stuff (xp basin, knowledge elixir, and a crystal
that teaches heal and mass healing). You've purged this area of its undead.
When you've purged (96) of its undead and have found the spring, tell Vhorr
for a farsight band and a girdle of life (nice). Oramorra will also train you
in bows and sharpshooter. She is the only person who will train you in
sharpshooter, and it's worth buying for any archers, if you haven't earned it
on your own already.

Barren Honeycomb (96)
I: Falchion of Evasion
C: Mined Crystal x 4
D: West wall underground.
Some undead wander this area. Kill them. The fading shade is the leader of
the undead (at least here). Talk with it and threaten it. Then kill it and
all the undead it summons. It summons up about 4 wastes revenants, the last
one will drop a falchion of evasion. That's it!
Go underneath the area for a bonus. Hit the button on the west wall and
you'll find a spring. If you take the second stairs up from the west you'll
find a secret area (97 and 98)

Soultaker's Pit (97)
I: Slith Warspear, Blessed Helmet, Pearlescent Band, Icedrake Vambrace, Coated
Cloak, Runed Jade Necklace, Specter Robe, Demon's Bile, Lightning Girdle
C: Graymold, Mandrake
S: Fireblast, Enduring Armor, Divine Restoration
D: NW room underground, inside crypt (opens door near to beginning of
underground area)
This is one of the challenge areas. You can attempt it now, but may find it
better to hold off for a bit. When you're ready, head down the stairs
(there's no easy way out for now). Kill the zombies immediately nearby, and
get some light (this area is DARK). You have two goals in this area- two kill
the soultaker and to kill the Master of the Pit. You should also collect the
clues that will let you get the big treasure at the end.
There's a locked door nearby that you may be able to open, but if not,
you'll find a key soon. Head to the NW. There's not much you can do here
just yet, but you can get a slith warspear from the tomb. Head to the north
NW and you'll find a spectral boneraiser. Kill it and take its stuff. Go up
the stairs.
You'll be attacked by some more undead as you search the stuff (blessed
helmet). Kill them, then check out the clue on the wall. Go back down the
Head to the north NE. Kill the annoying guardian bones and head up the
stairs. Nearby the stairs you have a route to explore the central area. I
wouldn't do so yet till you've completely explored the area above and below
(this area holds the demi-boss of the level). There's another clue to the
north behind the barriers. Three banshees can be found to the SE, kill them
for the pearlescent band. Go back down the stairs.
Head to the NE. Dispel the barriers, kill the quickghasts, and use the tomb
to get a point in fireblast. Head to the east, and you'll find a spectral
slith. Kill it and the lizards around it for a key and some icedrake
vambraces. You can use the nearby basins to restore you SP if you'd like.
There's also a clue nearby. Head to the SE, killing the rats. Dispel the
barriers, then kill the quickghasts, and grab the point in enduring armor.
Head to the south from here. Kill the guardian bones, but you don't have to
go upstairs since you've already explored that region. Head to the SW. Kill
the spectral bloodtaker and its recent sacrifices, head up the stairs, kill
the runed skeleton that follows (by magic), then continue to the SW. Kill the
quickghasts, and loot the nearby places (wisdom crystal). There's another
clue here. When you want to leave this place head up the stairs here. Head
back to the NW. Go up the stairs, kill the enemies that attack, loot (runed
jade necklace + coated cloak), and see the clue. Go back downstairs.
Now it's time to take on the central island complex. When you're ready, go
walk down and buff up. The Master of the Pit and two stone skeletons will
appear on the south island. Hit the master of the pit as hard as you can.
When you get a death curse you can either try to kill it as fast as you can
(which will extinguish the curse) or you can run over to an altar and use it
to get the curse removed (NW altar first). Kill the Master of the Pit for a
specter robe and a pathway to the central island. Grab the loot, including
the gold crypt key.
Head back downstairs and go to the main hidden building entrance to the
west. Use the key, then buff up. Proceed east and you'll be attacked by the
soultaker. This is one of the more imaginative battles in the game- there are
three stages to this fight. For the first round you'll have to hit your
friends until the soultaker stops possessing them. It will usually take 3
rounds for each character (you can heal them at any time), and it will possess
your characters about eight times. Then it spits off six vengeful shades,
kill them and you'll fight the soultaker proper. It will confuse your
characters, but not to the extent of the first stage. Bring it down. You get
some demon's bile for your time. Go east.
I hope you've been writing down those clues and know how to figure out this
puzzle! No? Then here's what to do-


I'm back!

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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:52 pm

No Orb Green Sparkling Orb
Red Sparkling Orb Non-sparkling Orb

Hit the gong and grab the rest of the loot: A point in divine restoration, and
a lightning girdle. You are essentially done here and can now head back to

Drake Pillars (50)
D: Obvious
Hit the secret button.

Gladwell's Keep (24)
I: Infernal Shroud, Ebony Bow, Demon's Bile
S: Arcane Summon, Lightning Spray (+2), Fireblast, -1 Strength, Dexterity,
Intelligence, Endurance if de-geased.
D: North of entrance.
Oh my! This is Gladwells keep, if you want to get de-geased. De-geasing
removes the bonuses you got at first, but allows for more freedom of will, and
some nice expanded options for trading artifacts of power.
Go up, and fight the undead (nasty zombies and skeletons). Kill them and
use the secret button to open the door down. Go down and you'll be threatened
by a shade. Kill the emerald skeletons, then head north. You'll then be
attacked by some inferno worms. Kill them. Most doors are locked around here,
so let's go ahead and find the boss of this area.
To the NW you'll find Gladwell. He yells at you a bunch, sending a wave of
shades at you with some wolves. Kill the shades as they come (probably best
to let them come to you, rather than going to them), and Gladwell's shade will
drop a wisdom crystal. Now you can take on Gladwell proper. He is not easy-
you may want to wait until after you've cleared the vahnatai lands. He is the
most vulnerable to physical and cold damage, but if you hit him with melee
attacks, your characters may get frozen. Be careful. If you have his geas,
some of your characters may get charmed and fight against you. Just wear him
down and he'll die. He drops an infernal shroud on death, which is a very
nice cloak.
Continue to explore his keep. To the NE you'll find some creatures similar
to hellhounds- kill them and go into the room. Loot the chests, then go east,
dispel the barriers, kill the bushes, and read the book. You'll get a point
in arcane summon, and can loot the rest of the chests for some mandrake,
demon's bile, and an ebony bow. Head to the center area for two points in
lightning spray and one in fireblast.
Then go down the stairs where you collect your rewards. Head west and smash
the crystal. You'll lose the stat points you gained when you accepted the
geas in exchange for your freedom. You can also go kill the Gladwell-slaves
to the west if you desire. No real reason to other than a bit of gold and xp
(when does that stop us?). That's it for here!

Barrier Passage (99)
D: Just west of barrier
Approach the barrier, be honest, and you'll make it through without hassle.

Slimy Tunnels (A0)
I: Blessed Broadsword
C: Beautiful Crystal x 2
There are two passages that open up from (80) that will take you here. The
first is to the west. Explore this area, picking up the minor loot and
killing the spiders that appear. An aranea is the leader, kill it for some
If you're heading down the east set of tunnels, touch the dark areas to open
up new doors. Kill the rats and take their loot, then go wander a bit more.
Eventually the door to the Lake of Trials (A1) will open.
You will find Greldyan, a drake, if you come here from (A1) SW. Go ahead
and kill it. You get a blessed broadsword for your efforts.

Lake of Trials (A1)
I: Girdle of Might, Ebony Longbow, Tinker's Bauble, Venomous Blade, Avenger's
S: Divine Retribution
D: In trials
This area is a challenge area but is easier than some of the other challenge
areas nearby. Use the nearby coffin and a vahnavoi greeter pops out. It's
not too helpful, but gives you hints on what you should do. The goal of this
area is to complete the trials so as to access the island across the way.
Let's attempt the north trial first.
NORTH TRIAL: This room is loaded with secret doors. Hit all the buttons you
come across. You'll find an ogre statue here. Go through the secret passages
to the north, and destroy the skeleton warriors for a girdle of might. Then
head down the southern passages. You will find a pudgy goblin. Don't kill it
(if you do it'll regenerate so go and grab a new one). Lead it back to ogre
statue. The ogre will eat the goblin, pleasing the vahnatai statue above.
WEST TRIAL. Approach the statue. Buff, then nod at it. Kill it (ebony
longbow reward). Go up and the statue will be pleased.
Also to the SW you'll find a pathway to (A0). Then, as you approach the
south trial, you'll be attacked by some quite nasty sphere creatures. The red
sphere is vulnerable to fire whereas the others are vulnerable to physical
SOUTH TRIAL: This is the miscellaneous door route. You'll need to cast
dispel barrier several times and disarm a bunch of traps. Calm the lizards if
you can, then unlock the door. More barriers. Dispel them, then loot the
place. Keep on the lookout for secret buttons. One secret button will get
you a wisdom crystal, the other will open up to a crystal pylon that you
should kill. Killing the pylon will make the statue happy. One set of
buttons will open a secret room to the SE that has a wand of alacrity in it.
As you head to the east trial, you'll find an eyebeast, Corusca-Eye. Talk
with it, but I wouldn't make the trade with it. Still, it's good to talk
with. If you want to skip the east trial you can, as you only needed to
complete two or three in order to access the island in the water. You will
get an item or two though. If you head towards the east trial you'll find
some more obnoxious spheres. Kill them.
EAST TRIAL: Buff (especially haste!) and approach the statue. Nod, then
run like crazy down the ramps. Ignore the loot for now, your mission is to
kill the obnoxious things at the bottom that constantly spawn. When you get
close to the closed room, cast fire area-of-effect spells (fireblast, divine
fire) and kill the spawning pylon. Now you can explore the area in peace,
including grabbing the tinker's bauble and wand of the inferno.
When you're ready head out to the island. Again there's a statue here, buff
up before approaching it. Ring the gong. This is not a conventional fight-
you will need to destroy the golems rushing toward the gong and ignore the
demon (carytid actually). The demon usually chooses one of your characters to
scare and attack constantly, for me it was my priest. An invulnerability
potion will go a long way in keeping said character alive during the fight,
evening things up. Use your other characters to concentrate and kill the
golems. I don't think it's a good idea to hit the gong, though I don't know
what happens if one make it to it. Destroy about 8 golems and the demon dies.
Claim your reward- a venomous blade, an extremely powerful avenger's ring, and
a point in divine retribution.
As you try to leave this are Corusca-Eye will try to claim your avenger's
ring. You know what to say to that.

7. Vahnatai Lands
B0-A7-A2-99 Nothing at A8
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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:53 pm

Blocked Road (A2)
I: Incantor's Ring
C: Ruby
Welcome to the first non-human inhabitant region. You are forced to go
south through the building to explore. Kill the rockhounds and claim the
crystals. Then head west. You'll find some banshees. If you want, you can
attack them. Killing the one with the most HP will get you an incantor's
ring, the best ring for mages in the game.

Vahnatai Lands (A3)
I: Oozing Blade, Warrior's Cloak
C: Beautiful Crystal x 2, Focusing Crystal, Mined Crystal x 3
D: SE building.
Head to (A5) first.
Come back and explore this region. Search every ruin for
Hit the button in the building to the SE, then go down the hatch. Kill the
rockhounds, and grab the legendary oozing blade
Vatikus-Te will impede you from progressing. There's not too much you can
do about it. He will let you pass if you satisfy Skora-Tel's quest.
If you're coming here from underground (A6), dispel the barriers, then go
kill the vahnatai undead and take their loot. Head east, kill the bushes and
other plants. Pillage the nearby body for a warrior's cloak and head to (B2).

Vahnatai Lands (A4)
I: Explorer's Ring
C: Mandrake x 2, Graymold x 2
D: SE corner
Hit the pylon to the NW so that you can come and go as you please then head
to (A5). There are lots of terror wolves here, as well as a number of other
miscellaneous monsters. Kill anything and everything. The wolves are led by
a wolf den mother. Kill her as well.
Go on down the stairs and explore the SE. A bunch of rockhounds await you.
Kill them, and the hellhounds that follow. Head up then west. Kill the
submission fungi and the hounds that are present down below. Then kill a few
more hounds and the lightning hellhound for an explorer's ring. Use the
nearby panel to complete part of a job board quest. Grab the wisdom crystal
in the cabinet to the north as well.

Thalants (A5)
Q: Vahnatai Crystals
Purify Kherebass
Bazic-Tel's Directions
The Dark Presence
Expel Muck
Four Control Panels {Wand of the Inferno}
Rockhounds {Focusing Crystal, Wisdom Crystal x 2}
Message: Melanchion {500c}
Flawed Panel {Frozen Blade}
I: Ruby Chain, Grounding Vest, Runed Helm, Radiant Gauntlets, Gloves of the
S: Clodeca (Slightly Expensive), Return Life, Divine Retribution, Arcane
Shield, Arcane Blow
D: Under Thalants (2)
$: Vheltana [Wisdom Crystal]
Go ahead and head straight on into the building here. This is the home to
several vahnatai. There's a job board here, believe it or not, as well as
several quest givers. Also, when you enter the center room, an unleashed
vahnavoi attacks. Kill it with the vahnatai's help.
Vheltana is a vahnatai who will trade with you. She has several nice items,
most notably crystals. She also gives you the second mined crystals quest,
and will pay you 20c each. She will also give you a lot of other goods for
your time. Give them to her in 10 crystal batches, and you will get a
focusing crystal, a corrupting baton, a ruby chain, and a grounding vest. Use
the crystal in her room to get a point in the return life spell.
Epiron-bok to the SW is the crystal soul who acts as an advisor in Thalants.
He will give you a quest to purify Kherebass to the north. He will also tell
you how to find the Hraithe Lord that Lark wants. Beware as this is easily
one of the most difficult fights you'll face in the game. Also, if you still
have Gladwell's Geas, you will need to collect a piece of this crystal soul.
You can do so either the friendly route or the make-everyone-angry route. The
friendly route requires you to give up 1 Intelligence point and 1 Endurance
point from all of your characters. Otherwise you can kill the crystal and
take its bit. I'd probably recommend getting Gladwell's geas removed prior to
trying to leave here as both are fairly painful, and the Epiron-bok is worth
more alive as a trainer than dead, and the cost is fairly prohibitive. Just
my opinion though.
Bazic-Tel is a vahnatai who doesn't like you. He tells you how to leave
here without doing Skora-Tel's quest.
Clodeca is a vahnatai who will teach you spells. She also gives you a quest
to purge the evil underneath Thalants.
Skora-Tel is the official leader of Thalants. Talk with him to learn about
vahnatai and what they do. Skora-Tel will give you guidance to help Shanker's
third quest if you ask. Also, Skora-Tel will have a quest for you- to expel
Muck. He wants you to destabilize the region enough so that people leave. If
you kill the mayor or get the giants to attack Muck, you will destabilize
them. You also get some gloves of the hammer for your efforts.
Some rockhounds live to the SW, kill them after getting the job board quest.
They drop some decent items.
When you're ready to take on Clodeca's quest, head to the stairs and go
down. Head north, dispel the barrier, then head east. Dispel the barriers
that block you and when you get to a large platform, buff up. Then go to the
center of the platform, and you are attacked by a dark presence. Kill it
(it's nothing too special), then kill the annoying vengeful shades it spawns,
and the quickghasts. Your reward immediately is a runed helm. Explore a bit
more and you'll find a room with lots of nice goods to the west. Grab the
wisdom crystal behind the barriers, and hit the two buttons. One opens up a
room leading to some lancing fungi (top of the fungi line) with a blessed
shield and some radiant gauntlets. Next head to the SE and read from the
three crystals for several points in high level spells.

Kherebass (A6)
I: Runed Plate, Acid-Etched Legs
C: Fine Steel
S: Melee Weapons
D: Nearby aranea seer
Kill the lizards around the perimeter of the central area. Rockhounds hide
to the SW, rats to the SE, and golems and route down to the NW. To the NE
you'll find a trainer shade. Buff up, then talk with it. It will fight you.
Take it down to near death (don't kill it), and it'll give you a point in
melee weapons. Cool!
When you're ready, approach the center building. At this point, you can do
this area the hard way or the easy way. The hard way is to go to the center
of the map with your party, and touch the button, then to run out. The easy
way is to keep 3 of your party members outside and send in a sacrificial
character to go use the button in fight mode.
Take the route down here after you've explored most of the top map area.
Don't go south yet, instead go east to (A9).
If you're trying the leave the vahnatai lands without expelling Muck, head
south from here. The exit will be blocked and a bunch of lava bats will
attack. Kill them and head east. You'll be blocked in for a turn but the
gate will eventually open. Grab the stuff here then head south. Head west
(again you're locked in), and kill the barrow horror. You get the extremely
nice Runed Plate for your troubles. The door south will open after a few
rounds, kill the spiders here. The aranea seer is in charge here and it's
also at the turnwheel that will let you proceed. Kill it. Loot this place
for some good stuff. Go east (safely, for once), then approach the demon
statue. Buff up, then talk with it. You now have to fight Tourm, Lord of
Bats. Kill it for some acid-etched legs. Go north and head on to (A3).

Vahnatai Lands (A7)
I: Blessed Armor Band
C: Mandrake, Mined Crystal x 4
Slimes and spiders to the SW, some ogres to the north (kill them and take
their stuff), goblins to the SE (kill them and take their stuff). To the NE
you'll find a room with a confused vahnatai. It will attack you. Kill it (it
may use an invulnerability potion) and take its knowledge brew. Then head
down the stairs.
From the east stairs you'll find some rockhounds. Kill them all.
Beastmaster Hrum is the boss here. Kill him for a blessed armor band. Then
use the switchbox behind him to help complete a job board quest.

Vahnatai Lands (A9)
C: Spiritual Herbs, Energetic Herbs, Mandrake
D: In Worm vs. Vahnatai room
$: Zoa [Knowledge Brew]
Believe it or not, Zoa the vahnatai will trade with you here. At the very
least buy its knowledge brew. As you explore, you'll find some vahnatai
attacking some worms to the north. Help them kill the worms for a crystal.
There's a demon in the barrier room. Kill it.
Go down the NW room stairs and kill the rockhounds. Wrap around heading to
the east. You'll find a switch box. Check up on it. This is also the flawed
panel that the second job sends you to. Come back here, buff up, and use the
panel. Kill the hoard of undead that attack you.
From underneath Kherebass, you can go north to (B0).

Vahnatai Lands (B0)
I: Radiant Vambraces
Kill the ogres that live here. Then kill the bubbling glop --> searing
slimes --> writhing mass hoard. To the west you'll find Ysss the drake. Kill
it and take its stuff. To the east you'll find a room down. Go down the
stairs, kill rockhounds, take their stuff (radiant vambraces), and check on
the switchbox.
The main item of note here is the house to the NW which, provided you've
gotten the clues from Epiron-Bok, opens to give you a clear path to the
Hraithe Lord. Go down the stairs when you're ready to fight. Buff up (big
time!), and charge it. The first time I fought this thing it killed me in no
time at all. The second time I fought it, I kept my main power-houses back
(in this case, my magic users) and whacked it with two melee fighters up close
and personal. The second time the Hraithe Lord was a cakewalk, as my magic
users were able to keep their SP. The Hraithe Lord has a special attack which
drains your SP, stuns your characters, and casts a nasty charge on them. Use
lightning spray and disruption on it, and keep it distracted with melee.
Shield breaker and mighty blow are your friends. If you find yourself in a
bind, you can go grab some powerful curing crystals (which will disappear very
rapidly) to the SW. They will help remove nasty effects on your characters,
but aren't terribly necessary. Take its eyes back to Lark.
If you're here from the underground of (A9), go ahead and kill the bushes.
Then head north. You'll spot a series of about five stairways. Go up any one
of them, loot the body, then take the center hatch back down. This is a
secret area that takes you to the pit of abominations (B1). A teleporter will
provide an easy route to the surface level nearby.

Pit of Abominations (B1)
I: Chaotic Halberd, Crystalline Plate, Mandrake Tincture, Flowing Silk Cloak,
Crystalline Aegis
C: Mandrake
S: Fireblast (+2), Divine Host
D: See below.
Scary name for sure. This is the home of a particularly challenging foe,
but less challenging for your level than Khora-Vysss. Lurking crawlers are
the primary enemy for this region. Hit the switch to the west, and go down
the stairs.
Kill the Lurkers and grab the boat. Go to the second bit of land and grab
the herb, then travel to the north piece of land. Kill the lurkers, then head
up a bit. Prepare for a battle with some stone behemoths. These enemies have
lots of HP but are otherwise slow. Kill them and take their stuff (don't
bother with either basin). Then hit the turn wheel to the north and go back
to your boat. Pilot your boat over the now-submerged plot of land and head
east. Get out on the NE plot of land, grab the herb, touch the button, kill
the slimes, and grab some more herbs. The head south, kill the behemoths and
go up the stairs.
Kill the chained zombies for fun (and profit, as one drops some graymold).
Go to the altar, buff up, then grab the chaotic halberd (an excellent weapon
for pole-weapon users), kill the demons (you'll be fatigued and slowed, so use
any good battle disciplines (e.g., battle frenzy) prior to grabbing it.
Continue north, dispel the barriers, grab the stuff in the chests, kill the
lurkers that attack, then hit the button. Go west, disarm the traps, and read
the book for a hefty increase in fireblast. Go east, and up the stairs (grab
the zombie loot too) and you'll be attacked by lurkers again. Head west, then
kill the worm-ridden shambler. Hit the secret button and you'll find an
altered wolf. Kill it too, and grab the nearby knowledge elixir. Continue
east and you'll be attacked by some more lurkers. Almost through though!
You will find Gashlah the lich here. He will tell you that you are to die.
Kill it instead. He's weak against fire and doesn't have much in the way of
special abilities (other than shielding and blessing spells, which he uses
liberally). Some lurkers will come running to help him as well, so kill them
all! Once you defeat him (not really yet), he drops a crystalline plate, some
excellent armor. Also grab the mandrake and mandrake tincture. Read the
nearby book for a point in divine host, and the desk has a hint of want you
will be facing next. Hit the button as well, and enter the teleporter. Go
down the now-opened route to the stairs.
Buff up. You will be facing one of the most obnoxious enemies in the game.
There is a doomguard waiting for you. This throwback to A2 and A3 is pretty
cool. Every turn you do damage to it, it will split. Hit it hard or not at
all. The slow spell is also your friend. Fire is not, nor are area-of-effect
spells. Do as much physical damage you can in a single turn (use those battle
disciplines as often as you can!), and the copies will be equivalently weaker.
So long as you are prepared this battle isn't too tough. Now head up the
nearby stairs.
Open the coffin, kill Gashlah's official remains (one hit should do it), and
grab the flowing silk cloak and crystalline aegis shield as your reward. The
shield is the best shield for mages/priests. Head on back to town.


I'm back!

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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:53 pm

The Dark River (B2)
I: Quicksilver Sandals.
C: Graymold, Mandrake
D: In Darksider Camp
You've made it through the vahnatai lands. Regardless of how you got here
(from underground or above ground), you'll find someone waiting for you here.
Ruth, the enemy mage. She will attack with some fellow loyalists. Kill her
and take her quicksilver sandals. Continue exploring and you'll find out who
has been sending notes to the nasty darksiders. This actually surprised me a

8. The Dark River
The next time you use a pylon confront the traitor. If you don't kill her
now, she'll be back later. Anyways, your best bet is to attack her. She
drops a charmed plate on death and a blessed longbow. The charmed plate is
superior to the blessed breastplate, in case you were curious.

99-B3 C1-C4-C5-C6 Nothing at (99), B6
| | | | |
-B2 B6-B7-B8-C3-C7-C9
| | | | |

Dark River (B3)
I: Deadeye Chain
Get off on the land. You'll find the Bonesmaster as well as his legion of
dancing bones. Concentrate on the Dancing Bones until the Bonesmaster pays
attention to you. Then kill it for a deadeye chain.

Dark River (B4)
Pilot your boat down the rapids and loot the body.

Dark River (B5)
C: Spiritual Herbs, Graymold, Mandrake
Land on the island here and talk with the golem. Head a bit further east
and you'll find Tryessa the drake. She's not friendly. Kill her and take her
stuff. Head to the NW plot of land. Kill the unstable mass and send a solo
character in to loot the place.

Dark River (B7)
C: Mandrake x 2, Graymold
D: Nearby friendly chitrach, North plot of land with spiderwebs
Head first to (B8) to get most of the quests in this region and trade. Go to
the central island here when you have the GIFTSs quest. Kill the chitrachs,
then go underground where you'll find even more chitrachs. You'll be swarmed
a couple of times, bust out the area of effect spells and take the bugs down.
Eventually you'll reach the friendly chitrach. Talk with it, and that'll be

Melanchion's Keep (B8)
Q: Tribute: Lich {Dragon's Key}
Tribute: Haakai {Dragon's Key}
Tribute: Gremlins {Dragon's Key}
Tribute: Eyebeast {Dragon's Key}
Dragon's Reward {Item of Choice}
Melanchion's Desire
Goro's Ogres
Goro's Giant
I: Answering Gauntlets, Radiant Plate, Radiant Soulblade, Hero's Necklace
C: Focusing Crystal
S: Resistance, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Arcane Blow, Divine
D: West wall nearby Melanchion
$: Kossilin [Knowledge Brew x 2]
Darkstalker Helft: *Putrified Gauntlets*
*Blasted Vambraces*
*Heartstriker Bow*
*Blessed Armor Band*
*Wand of the Inferno*
*Rod of Alacrity*
This is the closest thing to civilization you're going to find. Melanchion
is a dragon and one of Athron's spawn. He's surprisingly friendly, if quite
naive and juvenile. Nonetheless, he's very powerful and it's quite fun to
interact with him. However, look around and you'll see why it's probably not
a good idea to upset him.
First let's take care of the necessary stuff. There's a job board here with
several nice quests for you. Go ahead and grab the ones that interest you.
You should probably go ahead and do them all, just because there's a nice
reward at the end. There's a pylon outside to the west, and several herbs
(including a mandrake) kind of hidden to the north, outside the main wall.
Kossilin the drake will trade with you, and has two knowledge brews available
for purchase. Darkstalker Helft is a vampire-smith who will construct several
items of power for you. I wouldn't bother with the wands, you're better off
saving your eyestalks for other items. The heartstriker bow is extremely
powerful though and may be something you'd like for your dedicated archer.
The blasted vambraces are pretty cool too. The putrified gauntlets are potent
but expensive. You probably have better rings than the blessed armor band, or
have found enough to ignore that recipe.
When you're ready to talk with the big boss, go speak with Melanchion (and
give him the vahnatai letter if you have it). He is interesting enough to
talk with. He will give you a quest- retrieve several items of power for him.
He will take Solberg's papers, the Anama papers, and the perfect crystal
spiral. In exchange he will increase your resistance skill. Bring him a
second item and you will receive a point in strength. The third item will
complete the quest and will get you points in dexterity and intelligence. All
in all, these rewards are quite impressive, if a bit end-game loaded.
When you've done all of his tribute quests, speak with Melanchion when
you've grabbed the "Dragon's Reward" quest. He will let you take a single
magic item of his. Go up the nearby stairs, go past the doomguard, and
pillage the nearby containers for some decent loot. Then decide what you'd
like- north is a hero's necklace, south is a radiant plate, and west is a
radiant soulblade. All the items are quite worthwhile. I'd recommend the
necklace if you don't have a designated melee-weapons user, and the soulblade
if you do. The radiant plate is good if you've been lacking powerful armor
(though I prefer the mercuric plates from Endereba in Highground). Also, once
you've got all the tribute, you can go back and kill the tributers if you'd
like. If you're really out to kill everything, steal Melanchion's egg.
One of the major characters here is Goro, the ogre in charge of the beasts
here. Goro will give you a series of quests to tame some of the locals.
First, she will ask you to tame some ogres upstairs. Go up the nearby stairs.
Beat the ogres until they lose about half of their health, which calms them
down. Then head back down the stairs and tell Goro for your reward, a rod of
succor. Next she wants you to tame her giant. It's upstairs, and
significantly harder than the ogres. Keep your magic-users at the very edge
of the battle field so as to stay out of the giant's stunning attack. Blast
it down to about 1/10th of its health and it'll calm down. For your troubles
Goro gives you some nice answering gauntlets.
Goro will also give you some extremely valuable information- how to summon
the black horror. She will also give you keys as rewards for job completion.
Use them first on the potion rooms as those rewards are more valuable in my
opinion. When you do all four tribute quests, check the message board for a
very nice final quest.
If you head up Melanchion's keep stairs from the SE you will find several
books as well as the potions that Melanchion trades with you for items of
power. A jar near one book spills a Gloppy popslime if you get close to it.
It will drop a popslime every turn, so try to kill it fast. Read the nearby
books for points in arcane blow and divine retribution.
Upstairs you will also find Belichick, a darkside loyalist. There's not
much you can do with him.

Dark River (B9)
I: Knowledge Elixir
C: Blessed Armor Band
S: Luck (+2)
D: Throughout challenge
I usually don't note caches, but there's one in the maze of rocks to the NW.
Remember to row your boat with your number pad, or space by space with the
mouse. Get to the island and grab the blessed armor band from the cache
(requires 16 nature lore). Also, search behind all of the columns on the
islands for minor nice loot.
This area is home to the gremlin king, from whom Melanchion would like to
win tribute. Buff up before talking to High King Fwizzle. Take his
challenge. You must now collect nine trinkets from the area to the north.
The trinkets look like trash of the *** type- kind of like little gray golf
There is one set of trinkets in the right skull pile nearby the entrance of
the trial.
There is one set of trinkets if you hit the button to the north (guarded by
giants), go through the secret door to the west, and look in the crates.
There are some trinkets nearby the pustulent zombie in the tomb east of the
secret door you just went through.
More trinkets on the floor near the horde of worms to the NE.
More trinkets in the crate behind the barriers to the east.
More trinkets on the gremlin body behind the bushes to the east.
More trinkets hidden to the east on a crate which is behind one of the
crystal pillars.
Hitting the button to the NW near the entrance opens a room to the east
which has some trinkets.
South of the room above, dispel the barriers and grab the trinkets in the
Just east of the entrance is a writhing mass guarding a tomb with some
Drink out of the east-most basin of the batch to the east for some trinkets.
Some more trinkets are in the room to the north, though you'll have to find
the secret door somewhere south.
Any nine of the above will make King Fwizzle happy. Return promptly and
you'll get a free knowledge elixir and two points added to your luck stat
(nice!). There's also a nice chest to the SE that can be looted at your
leisure. Be sure to get the tribute guarantee from Fwizzle as well so as to
complete the job board quest. Once you've completed the tribute quests come
back and kill him for some more knowledge elixirs.

Dark River (C0)
Q: Chitrach Advice
I: Eliavri's Bow
C: Graymold
$: Spider
Head to the south here. Go kill the chitrach, then go talk with the GIFTS.
You can get a quest here to find out about the chitrachs living to the north.
Additionally you can trade with Spider (you'll know it when you see it). This
place gives a bit of levity to this fairly foreboding region. Tell the
spiders once you meet the chitrach for eliavri's bow.
There are some less friendly spiders on the island to the north. Kill them
and take their stuff.

Dark River (C1)
I: Emerald Chestguard
This plot of land is home to the arena, in which the black horror lives.
Kill the golems and make it to the arena. If you have the hint from Goro,
buff up big time (probably including some invulnerability potions for everyone
just in case) and hit the gong to summon the black horror (you need Goro's
advice to do so correctly). You'll have to tell it of all the foes you've
slain. Then it will attack you. The shade is always weak against disruption
magic, lightning spray, and firebolt, so keep that in mind.
First you must fight its flaming form. Luckily it's not too difficult a
foe- just hit it and heal. If it hits you, you'll be stunned heavily, and you
should also beware of the omni-fire it can cast. Once you've brought down
nearly all of its HP it will transform.
In the second form, it summons a bunch of golems and have poison attacks.
These golems are quite annoying since they will usually target your casters.
They are weak against fire. You may want to go ahead and kill all of them
while fighting so as to maximize your caster's life. Whittle the shade down
to near 0 HP and it'll transform again.
The third form will freeze you if you hit it with melee. Hit it with spells
as best you can. Use missiles when not hitting it with spells. Bring it down
to near 0 HP and it'll transform again.
This form gives you a death curse and summons a hoard of vengeful shades.
At this point, use those jeweled wands you've been saving up with your melee
fighters! They do about 100 damage a hit, and you can use them several times
per round (especially with battle frenzy). This will take care of the
vengeful shades and do decent damage to the battle horror. Bring this final
form down to 0 HP and you'll win (emerald chestguard + wisdom crystal). Whew!
Go back to Melanchion's island and return to Lark for your mega reward.

Dark River (C2)
I: Quicksilver Bulwark
A lich lives here. Kill the dancing bones and skeletons that replace them
then head up the stairs. Your goal here is to threaten the lich Vesna, and
then go a bit south. Destroy a pylon here, then go whack on the lich. You
have about 3-5 rounds of attack, then the pylon regenerates. Kill one again,
and repeat until the lich surrenders. Get its tribute to Melanchion, then you
can loot a bit. You can only loot fully if you kill Vesna, which I'd
recommend doing only after you've gotten the various tributes to Melanchion.
You'll have to fight it like you did the first battle (destroying the pylons
before you can do any significant damage), but Vesna will fall. As a result,
the gate to the south will open. Go up it and kill the demonic sentinel, then
loot the place. You get the most excellent Quicksilver Bulwark for your

Dark River (C3)
I: Polychromous Girdle.
C: Mandrake, Graymold
Go on down the stairs here. Buff up, then threaten the vahnatai shade.
Move your mages and priests far away from the shade and keep it occupied with
your melee fighters. It'll summon a lot of undead help, but you'll know
you're near the end when it summons vahnavoi. Kill them and the shade will
disappear. Then loot the place. The most notable item here is the
polychromous girdle just up the stairs.

Dark River (C4)
C: Graymold
D: To Nashazzar
A haakai lives here. Kill the guardian hellhounds and head down the stairs.
Destroy the fungi on the nearby islands using missiles and magic, then head
up. Kill the demonic doormen and go up the stairs. Use the secret button to
open a door and face Nashazzar. Threaten him on behalf of Melanchion, then
whack him till he runs away. Head down the nearby stairs.
This battle is a bit more intense. What you will have to do in order to not
all die horrible deaths is concentrate your attacks also on some of his
soultender imps. Once you kill an imp, a shade will spawn which will cast
healthy magic on you before it disappears. Once you've summoned one, hit
Nashazzar as hard as you can. The shade will eventually be wiped out, so then
go summon another one. Rinse and repeat and Nashazzar will surrender. I'd
recommend getting him to give tribute, as you can then collect the reward from


I'm back!

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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:54 pm

Dark River (C5)
I: Spirit Cloak
C: Mined Crystal x 3, Wisdom Crystal, Mandrake x 2
S: Divine Restoration
D: One in room with book, one up ladder.
Here you will find some more cultists of the monster-loving sort. Go ahead
and investigate their property. You'll meet Beastkeeper Vyck. Threaten her,
and whack her till she runs away. Then head into the nearby room. Vyck will
lock you in and will summon a bunch of crawlers. Kill them then kill the
cultists to the north. Continue west to the next gong. Kill the spineworms
that pop out. Continue west and go ahead and kill Vyck. You get a spirit
cloak for your troubles, excellent garb for priests. Continue exploring to
claim a spell point in divine restoration and other nice goods. Then head up
the path and you'll come out in the Azure Gallery (92). Tell Dionicio to
complete his quest.
After you've found this route, head back here using the magic boat
(belonging to Melanchion) and reclaim you old craft.

Dark River (C6)
S: Thalon Ten Eyes (Expensive)
D: Popping slime room
A minor item of note here is a stairway down that leads to a bunch of
popping slimes. Some of your characters will be rendered unconscious if you
try to take them on. To avoid losing everyone, you can hit the nearby switch
and send someone to hide in the secret area.
The major item of note is the lair of Thalon Ten Eyes. Before you enter the
ruins here, buff up. Then run past the first set of stairs to the second
level. Kill the rats, then kill the ogres and giants. Then go whack Thalon.
He will run away, but keep concentrating on him until he gives up. Killing
his minions first saves you lots of pain later on. Thalon Ten Eyes will
surrender, and will offer tribute. Also, he will train you in some skills,
including mage and priest spells. Not too bad!

Dark River (C7)
I: Coated Cloak, Stained Swamp Gloves
C: Healing Herb, Spiritual Herb
There is a small landing spot here to the NE. Go down, buff up, and kill
the fungi. Loot the body at the end for a coated cloak. Then head to the
central area and kill the shamblers. Claim the caches, and the giant shambler
drops a pair of stained swamp gloves.

Dark River (C8)
D: Several
This is a nasty little area. Land at the spat of land, then hit the secret
button. Go a bit east and hit the next secret button. Kill the demons, and
grab the potions from behind the barriers. Head back to the boat. The
lizards are guarding some mined crystals if you want to take them out. Up to
you- it may be worthwhile. That's it for here.

9. The Darkside Loyalists


Dark River (C9)
You have reached the home of the darkside loyalists. Most of the boxes here
are trapped with no goods. As you head a bit east you'll be attacked by a
bunch of nasty hellhounds. They can catch you off guard, so be prepared and
use ice. Most of the boxes here are highly trapped (~20 Tool use required to
disarm); one of the box has a few herbs but that's about it, so don't worry if
you can't disarm them all (or heal up after triggering all the traps).

Darkside Lands (D0)
C: Assault Crystal
You are greeted by Dervish Kelehr. No matter what you do, he's hostile (if
you've been pro-Avernum, anyway). Kill him and his cronies for some decent
(but non-magical and non-noteworthy) items. Once he dies, go through the

From here up to the last board there is a steady stream of enemies that
constantly respawn. While annoying, you can take their items and sell them to
max out the last few points with trainers or spell teachers, if you so desire.

Darkside Lands (D1)
C: Wisdom Crystal
D: East wall to open west wall to cache
Go south as you enter here. You'll find some graves and the final pillar of
the game. Talk with Captain Waxman for some info. He's pretty well beaten
up. This is the location to go to if you need to sell off any of your last
items and boost up spells/skills. Use the pillar if you'd like, then return
when you're ready to take out the darksiders.
Head north, and prepare for some fights. You'll face a non-stop batch of
battles from here to the final fortress. Cultist Bhras is the first named foe
you will fight. Kill them and continue north.

Darkside Lands (D2)
Continue north then west and you'll find more loyalists, including
Woodswalker Thrah. Kill them and head north. Now head east, and kill
Incantrix Bella. Disarm the chest (it's tough but necessary) for a rod of
alacrity. When done continue north to the final area (for pro-Avernites).

Fortress of Dorikas (D3)
I: Armor Band, Polar Fur Cloak, Radiant Plate, Blasted Vambraces, Chaotic
Halberd, Radiant Shield.
C: Energy Elixir
S: Fireblast, Arcane Summon, Arcane Shield, Arcane Blow
D: North of Ximens
This is it, the final area. Head north and kill the archers (probably grab
the cache hidden to the west beforehand). Enter the fortress, but don't head
to the end of the hall just yet (you'll trigger the end fight with a lot of
help for Dorikas). Instead, let's take the west door. Loot this room, then
head up the stairs. Kill the foes here and you'll find Dionicio for the last
time. Recruit him when you're ready to take on Dorikas. Otherwise head down
the stairs. Head north, you'll find an armor band and a polar fur cloak.
Head north and go up the stairs. Kill Regicide Pharon and search the area
for the wand that may have killed the Empress. Head down the stairs, go east,
and you'll find Cultist Thran. Kill him and his group. Continue east, kill
Cultist Zouala, Dervish Ximens, and friends. Go up the stairs if you'd like
and continue to loot and kill. Go south, kill Incantrix Damita, and read her
book to improve Fireblast, Arcane Summon, Arcane Shield, and Arcane Blow.
Head up the stairs to the SE, and you'll find Dorikas' room. Loot for a
radiant plate, blasted vambraces, chaotic halberd, and radiant shield. You
can't enter the main SE chamber yet.
When ready, confront Dorikas. Recruit Dionicio, buff up heavily, and parley
with him. Don't surrender (it's a trap) and start smacking him around. Kill
his cronies first, then take him down. He'll first hit you with an energy-
spreading wand. Heal up with divine restoration after these hits. When you
get him down by about a third he casts a fear spell on you and runs. Get him
down to about half of his HP and he'll summon four orbs that must be slain to
get past his defenses (the bladeward needs to be hit with melee weapons, the
iceward ice/smite, etc.). Continue after him once they're gone. He now has
some defenses against normal attacks compared to earlier in the fight, so hit
him with energy and fire based attacks. He'll run to the SE sector with some
accomplices. Kill them. Then hit Dorikas till he runs out of HP. I'm not
sure what the difference between the two endings is, but it may not matter
much if you spare him humiliation. Leave the fortress and you'll have your

The game's ending is decided by a few things- Most important is of course
which side you played. Also, if you still have Gladwell's Geas, if you joined
the Underworld Joint Trade Company, and possibly if you joined the anama.


6. Item Overview
The following is a list of weapons and armor with some recommendations. These
lists are not yet complete, but should give most of the info.

Stick 1-2
Dagger 2-4
Bronze Short Sword 3-6
Iron Short Sword 5-10
Steel Short Sword 7-14
Stunning Band 3-6, Stuns
Fine Cleaver 6-12, +1 Dex
Bonding Knife 7-14, 6%, -1 Str,Dex,Int, +4 End
Discipline Blade 7-14, 30% Ftg Rmv, +2 PW, +1 MW
Falchion of Evasion7-14, +2 Def, +4HER
Shielding Knife 4-8, 6%
Nephil War Blade 10-20, +4 Str, +4 Dex, 75% Ftg Rmv
Singing Rapier 10-20, +2 QA, +1 Blm
Seeking Rapier 13-26, +1 Blm, +3 Anat
Radiant Short Blade16-32, +10TH, +15ER

These weapons are great for non-melee fighters (like archers and magic
users). The discipline blade is probably among the best as it gives you
access to more battle disciplines if you have a few points to begin with. My
end game priests and archers find it invaluable.

Bronze Broadsword 4-12
Iron Broadsword 6-18
Waveblade 8-24
Fine Waveblade 10-30
Blessed Broadsword 12-36
Ghostly Blade 8-24, +6HER, 6PFW, Jinx
Flaming Sword 11-33, +10TH, +10FR, Fire
Oozing Blade 11-33, +10AR, +5TH, Acid
Frozen Blade 11-33, +10CR, +15TH, Jinx
Venomous Blade 12-36, +12AR, +12PR, Poison
Radiant Soulblade 16-48, +8%, +2 LB, +2 QA, +3 Par

For melee weapon users, the various ghostly blades, flaming blades, acid
blades, Frozen Blades, and Venomous Blades are your staple as far as weapons
go. The single radiant soulblade in the game is incredible for devoted melee
weapon users, just from bonuses alone.

Bronze Spear 6-18
Iron Spear 8-24
Slith Spear 8-24
Steel Spear 10-30
Lava-fired Spear 10-30, +10FR
Chaotic Halberd 12-36, +10CR, +1 Dex, Jinx
Spear of the Fen 12-36, +10AR, +3 Def, +1 Rip

The Chaotic halberd is my personal favorite of these, however, you should
change it with a more powerful pole weapon when dealing with regular foes.
Jinx attacks are excellent for boss fights.

Bronze Halberd 6-24
Iron Halberd 8-32
Steel halberd 10-40
Fine Slith Spear 10-40
Molten Halberd 9-36, +1 QS
Slith Warspear 12-48, +8FR, +5TH
Slith Bloodspear 14-56, +10FR, +5TH

These weapons follow a fairly standard progression. I'd recommend switching
to these for your pole user as soon as you find one, as the bonus damage is
significant by switching to a d4 from a d3.

Cavewood Bow 2-4
Yew Bow 5-10
Composite Bow 8-16
Blessed Bow 11-22
Cavewood Longbow 2-6
Yew Longbow 5-15
Bow of Decay 7-14, Acid
Shockwave Bow 8-16, Stuns
Farsight Longbow 10-30, +1 SS, 10% Ftg Rmv
Ebony Longbow 14-42, +10 MR, +1 QS
Eliavri's Bow 14-42, +2 QA, +3 Bow, +2HER
Ceremonial Longbow 15-45
Heartstriker Bow 8-32


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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:55 pm

Switch to long bows for your devoted archers as soon as you find them, but
everyone else should just have a regular missile weapon. By the late game, go
ahead and give people bows that have bonuses, and get your archer a
heartstriker bow for the major increase in damage output.

Javelin 4-16
Steel Javelin 6-24
Fine Lance 10-40
Razordisk 7-35
Fine Razordisk 11-55

For thrown weapon users, I tend to use the available but weak javelins and
steel javelins as they are easiest to replace. The razordisks can do the most
damage in the game for a physical weapon, but are fairly sparse. Save them
for bosses.

Cloak 2%
Fine Cloak 4%
Vahnatai Cloak 5%,
Worgskin Cloak 7%
Drakeskin Cloak 10%
Archer's Cloak 3%, +2 Bow, +2 TM, +1 QA
Coated Cloak 4%, +5FR
Grounded Cloak 4%, +5ER
Ratskin Shawl 7%, +6PR, +5TH
Deadeye Cloak 4%, +1 SS
Infernal Shroud 4%, +15ER, +15FR, +2 LB, +1 Anat
Warrior's Cloak 5%, +1 MW, +1 PW, +1 Hard, +1 Def
Symbiotic Cloak 5%, -1 Str, -1 Dex, +2 Int
Flowing Silk Cloak 7%, +1 Par, +1 QS
Spirit Cloak 8%, +2 PS, +2 FA, +2 Hard

Belt 2%
Studded Belt 4%
Blessed Belt 6%
Radiant Belt 8%
Apprentice Belt 2%, +1 MEf
Girdle of Strength 2%, +1 Str
Girdle of Nimbleness2%, +1 Dex
Girdle of Insight 2%, +1 Int
Girdle of Endurance 2%, +1 End
Girdle of Might 5%, +2 Str
Girdle of Avoidance 5%, +2 Dex
Girdle of Genius 5%, +2 Int
Girdle of Life 5%, +2 End
Mooneye Girdle 6%, -5TH, +10ER, +15MR
Stability Girdle 6%, -5TH, +12SR
Silk-Woven Cord 6%, +5PfW, +2 AL, +1 SC, +1 FA
Polychromous Girdle 7%, -10TH, +10HER
Lightning Girdle 8%, +2 QA, +2 QS, +2 LB, +8ER

Pants 2%
Leather Pants 3%
Leather Vambraces 4%, +5SR, -5TH
Plate Vambraces 6%, +7SR, -10TH
Blessed Vambraces 8%, +8SR, -10TH
Radiant Vambraces 10%, +10SR, -10TH
Swamp Pants 2%, +5PR
Pustulant Vambraces 4%, +5SR, -5TH, +8AR
Warrior Vambraces 4%, +5SR, -5TH, 20% Ftg Rmv
Airy Vambraces 4%, +5SR, -5TH, +1 Gym, +2 QS
Runed Vambraces 4%, +5SR, +5ER
Acid-Etched Legs 6%, +7SR, -10TH, +1 Anat, +5AR
Icedrake Vambraces 7%, +5SR, -5TH, +12CR
Ceremonial Leggings 8%, +8SR, -10TH, +4 Str, +2 Res
Blasted Vambraces 8%, +8SR, -10TH, +1 Str, +2 Res

Wooden Sheild 6%
Iron Shield 8%
Steel Shield 10%, -5TH
Blessed Shield 12%, -5TH
Radiant Shield 16%, -5TH
Warmth Shield 6%, +5CR
Silken Shield 8%, +1 Gym, +1 Par
Inertial Shield 8%, +40SR
Reflecting Shield 8%, +5HER
Nullity Shield 10%, +15SR, +5ER, -2FR
Treated Carapace 10%, +10PR
Assassin's Shield 12%, +2 QA, +1 Anat, +2 LB
Quicksilver Bulwark 12%, +1 AP, +1 Anat, +2 LB
Crystalline Aegis 16%, +10HER, +2 AL, +2 Mgr, +2 MEf

Tunic 4%
Robe 6%
Fine Robe 10%
Leather Armor 10%, +10SR
Chainmail Vest 16%, +20SR, -5TH
Iron Breastplate 22%, +30SR, -10TH
Steel Breastplate 28%, +40SR, -15TH
Blessed Breastplate 34%, +50SR, -20TH
Sniper's Vest 4%, +1 Dex, +2 SS
Thick Wool Tunic 6%, +5CR
Aranea Silk Tunic 6%, +8FR
Blessed Silk Tunic 6%, +1 SC
Enchanter's Robe 9%, +1 MS, +1 PS, +2 SC
Swampwalker Leather 12%, +10SR, +5PR, +5AR
Treated Leather 10%, +10SR, +2HER
Specter Robe 10%, +5ER, +20SR, +20MR, -4FR
Crystal Woven Chitin12%, +20SR, +1 SC
Woven Silk Robe 12%, +10ER, +10FR, +20SR
Mercuric Chain 16%, +20SR, -5TH, +1 AP, -1 Str
Grounding Vest 16%, +20SR, -5TH, +10ER
Deadeye Chain 22%, +20SR, -5TH, +5 SS, 10 Ftg Rmv
Fibrous Breastplate 20%, +50SR, -15TH, +12ER, -5FR
Magus Vest 20%, +1 MS, +1 PS, +2 AL, +1 SC
Ruby Breastplate 22%, +30SR, -10TH, +8FR
Charmed Plate 28%, +40SR, -15TH, +3 Luck, +8HER
Mercuric Plate 34%, +50SR, -20TH, +1 AP, -1 Str
Crystalline Plate 34%, +50SR, -20TH, +15AR, +15ER
Runed Plate 34%, +50SR, +20MR, +2 Mgr
Radiant Plate 40%, +50SR, -20TH
Emerald Chestguard 42%, +20PR, +20AR, +1 Blm, +20SR

Gloves 2%
Gauntlets 3%
Leather Bracers 4%, -5TH
Steel Gauntlets 4%
Blessed Gauntlets 5%
Bronze Bracers 6%, -5TH
Iron Bracers 8%, -10TH
Piercing Gloves 2%, +1 Anat
Tinker's Gloves 2%, +2 Tool Use
Stained Swamp Gloves2%, +20AR, +20PR, +2 NL, +3 TM
Suede Gloves 3%, +2 SC, +2 Res
Duelist Gloves 3%, 10% Ftg Rmv, +2 Rip
Answering Gauntlets 3%, +2 Par, +3 Rip
Thrusting Gauntlets 4%, +1 Blm, +1 Lethal Blow
Spectral Gloves 5%, +5ER, +10SR
Drakeskin Bracers 6%, -5TH, +3SR, +2FR
Gloves of the Hammer8%, +2 Str, +1 QS, +2 Blm
Putrified Gauntlets 9%, -1 Str, -1 Dex, +50AR, +5 SC
Blessed Bracers 10%, -10TH, +3SR, +2HER
Radiant Gauntlets 10%, +15TH

Sandals 2%
Boots 4%
Heavy Boots 6%
Blessed Boots 8%
Radiant Boots 14%
Nimble Sandals 2%, +1 Dex
Samaritan Sandals 2%, +1 PS
Quicksilver Sandals 2%, +1 AP, -2 Str
Swamp Boots 4%, +5AR, +5PR
Grounded Boots 4%, +5ER
Clover Boots 4%, +3 Luck
Viperskin Boots 6%, +10PR
Spectral Boots 8%, +5CR, +1 Def
Stabiltiy Boots 8%, +20SR, +1 Dex
Gazerskin Sandals 16%, +10HER, +10SR

Poor Leather Helmet 1%
Leather Helmet 2%
Tin Helmet 3%, -5TH
Fine Leather Helmet 3%
Iron Helmet 4%, -5TH
Steel Helmet 5%, -5TH
Wyrmskin Helmet 5%
Blessed Helmet 7%, -5TH
Cap of Thoughts 3%, +1 Mgr, +1 MEf
Cap of Farsight 3%, +1 Bow, +1 SS
Serpentskin Helmet 5%, +10PR, +5AR
Ice Hydra Helmet 5%, +10SR, +5CR
Helm of Khar 7%, +1 Anat, +1 Gym
Warmaster Helm 7%, +25SR, 25 Ftg Rmv, +2 levels damage
Basher's Helm 7%, -5TH, +1 Blm, +8SR
Helm of Klin 9%, +1 Par, +1 Blm
Runed Helm 10%, +1 Mgr


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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:55 pm

Shield Ring 4%, +5SR
Armor Ring 6%, +8SR
Blessed Armor Band 8%, +10SR, +4HER
Shining Silver Band +7CR
Warmth Ring 2%, +15CR
Chilling Band 2%, +15FR
Static Band 2%, +15ER
Mica Band 2%, +15PR, +15AR
Ivory Band 2%, +15MR
Magestone Band 1%, +1 MEf
Incantor's Ring 6%, +8SR, +1 MS, +1 Mgr
Archer's Band +1 SS
Farsight Ring +3 SS
Shadow Band +1 Par, +1 Gym, +1 Def
Shining Golden Band 1%, +7ER
Explorer's Ring +2 NL, +3 FA, +2 Lck
Avenger's Ring 6%, +8SR, +2 Anat, +2 LB, +2 Dmg lvl
Pearlescent Band 4%, +5SR, +2 PW, +1 SS
Leaden Band 8%, -10TH, +15SR, +4HER

Blessed Bauble 2%
Woven Silver Chain +1HER
Woven Golden Chain 1%, +2SR
Nimble Chain +1 Gym
Tribal Symbol 2%, +1 Luck, +1 Hard
Stability Bauble +10SR
Crystal Symbol 1%, +1 MEf
Ruby Necklace 2%, +5FR, +10ER
Clarity Talisman 4%, +1 MS, +1 Hard
Temperate Necklace 2%, +10FR, +10CR
Ruby Chain 3%, +18FR
Opal Chain 3%, +18CR
Mica-Flecked Chain 3%, +18ER
Runed Jade Necklace 2%, +10PR, +10AR
Jade Chain 3%, +25PR, +25AR
Talisman of Might +4 Str
Hero's Necklace 6%, +1 MW, +1 BM, +1 LB


Crafting Guide:

You can make the following weapons, armor, potions, and wands by meeting the
right people and giving them the right stuff. I tend to avoid paying cash for
an item, unless it's an end-game item (e.g., the items the last four crafters
will make for you). You can usually find nearly equivalent equipment nearby,
though these help fill out your collection. As far as potions are concerned,
I tend to hoard all energetic herbs and mandrake, as these are the least
abundant herbs. Healing herbs, spiritual herbs, and graymold are a bit more
common, but don't burn them off too fast.

Fortunado (09):
Healing Potion = 2 Healing Herbs
Curing Potion = 1 Healing Herb
Speed Potion = 1 Healing Herb, 1 Spiritual Herb, 1 Energetic Herb
Energy Potion = 1 Healing Herb, 1 Spiritual Herb, 1 Energetic Herb

Galena (27):
Fine Leather Helmet = 1 Fine Leather
Leather Vambraces = 1 Fine Leather, 30c
Blessed Boots = 2 Fine Leather, 1 Focusing Crystal, 50c
Girdle of Strength = 2 Fine Leather, 1 Focusing Crystal, 200c
Mercuric Leather = 4 Fine Leather, 2 Focusing Crystals, 500c

Gorp (44)
Blessed Short Sword = 1 Fine Steel, 1 Focusing Crystal, 200c
Blessed Shield = 2 Fine Steel, 1 Focusing Crystal, 300c
Blessed Spear = 3 Fine Steel, 1 Focusing Crystal, 600c
Blessed Vambraces = 3 Fine Steel, 2 Focusing Crystals, 700c
Blessed Breastplate = 4 Fine Steel, 2 Focusing Crystals, 800c

Haskell (44)
Healing Elixir = 1 Graymold, 1 Healing Herb
Curing Elixir = 1 Graymold, 1 Healing Herb
Energy Elixir = 1 Graymold, 1 Healing Herb, 1 Energetic Herb
Armor Elixir = 1 Graymold, 1 Spiritual Herb, 1 Energetic Herb

Smith Mandivian (55):
Blessed Bracers = 1 Fine Steel, 1 Focusing Crystal
Blessed Gauntlets = 1 Fine Steel, 1 Focusing Crystal
Blessed Helmet = 3 Fine Steel, 1 Focusing Crystal
Blessed Broadsword = 4 Fine Steel, 1 Focusing Crystal

Shayla (59):
Drakeskin Bracers = 2 Fine Leather, 1 Focusing Crystal, 200c
Ice Hydra Helm = 3 Fine Leather, 2 Focusing Crystal, 200c
Drakeskin Cloak = 3 Fine Leather, 2 Focusing Crystal, 200c

Sportz (68):
Fiery Wand = 1 Stick, 1 Focusing Crystal, 1 Emerald, 1 Energetic
Disruption Wand = 1 Stick, 1 Focusing Crystal, 1 Emerald, 1
Energetic Herb
Terror Wand = 1 Stick, 1 Focusing Crystal, 1 Ruby, 1 Graymold
Sparkling Wand = 1 Stick, 1 Focusing Crystal, 1 Ruby, 1 Mandrake

Brendan (68):
Augmenting Potion = 1 Chitrach Claw, 1 Graymold
Armor Elixir = 1 Healing Herb, 1 Spiritual Herb, 1 Energetic Herb, 1
Beautiful Crystal

Endereba (82)
Blessed Broadsword = 3 Fine Steel, 2 Focusing Crystals
Blessed Halberd = 4 Fine Steel, 1 Mandrake, 3 Focusing Crystals
Mercuric Plate = 5 Fine Steel, 1 Mandrake Tincture, 1 Demon's Bile,
4 Focusing Crystals
Runed Vambraces = 3 Fine Steel, 1 Mandrake Tincture, 4 Focusing
Brennan (90):
Suede Gloves = 4 Fine Leather, 1 Mandrake Tincture, 2 Focusing
Crystals, 300c
Wisdom Crystal = 1 Energetic Herb, 1 Mandrake, 1 Focusing Crystal,
Talisman of Might = 1 Gold Necklace, 1 Demon's Bile, 4 Focusing
Crystals, 1 Eyestalk, 300c
Warmaster Helm = 5 Fine Steel, 1 Mandrake Tincture, 1 Demon's Bile,
4 Focusing Crystals, 300c
Armor Ring = 1 Platinum Ring, 1 Mandrake, 2 Focusing Crystals, 300c

Chash-Ah (90):
Healing Elixir = 1 Healing Herb, 1 Graymold
Curing Elixir = 1 Healing Herb, 1 Graymold
Speed Elixir = 1 Spiritual Herb, 1 Energetic Herb, 1 Graymold
Energy Elixir = 1 Spiritual Herb, 1 Energetic Herb, 1 Graymold
Invulnerabilty Potion = 1 Healing Herb, 1 Spiritual Herb, 1
Energetic Herb, 1 Mandrake
Knowledge Brew = 1 of All Herbs

Darkstalker Helft (B8):
Putrified Gauntlets
Blasted Vambraces = 4 Fine Steel, Demon's Bile, 4 Focusing Crystals,
Heartstriker Bow
Blessed Armor Band = 2 Fine Steel, Mandrake Tincture, 4 Focusing
Crystals, 500c
Wand of the Inferno
Rod of Alacrity

7. Skill and Spell Trainers
Spell Trainers
I recommend only buying a spell if you haven't found it yet. Don't bother
buying points in spells you already have, at least beyond the first six or so.
The bonus isn't worth the cost. Use your money on skill trainers instead.
If, at the end of the game you have maxed out your skills sufficiently, go
back and buy a few points from people.

Magic Spells:

Incantrix Intisar (Slightly Expensive) *Level based
Bolt of Fire
Spray Acid
Call Beast
*Icy Rain
*Unlock Doors
*Minor Summon

Lark (Expensive)
Bolt of Fire
Spray Acid
Call Beast
Icy Rain
Unlock Doors


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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:55 pm

Shanker (Pretty Average)
Bolt of Fire
Spray Acid
Call Beast
Icy Rain
Unlock Doors
Minor Summon
Lightning Spray

Tiacoura (Expensive)
Bolt of Fire
Spray Acid
Call Beast
Icy Rain
Unlock Doors
Minor Summon
Lightning Spray
Prismatic Shield
Summon Aid

Incantor Temple (Slightly Expensive)
Bolt of Fire
Spray Acid
Call Beast
Icy Rain
Unlock Doors
Minor Summon
Lightning Spray
Prismatic Shield
Summon Aid
Strong Daze

Shafrir (Expensive)
Bolt of Fire
Spray Acid
Call Beast
Icy Rain
Unlock Doors
Minor Summon
Lightning Spray
Prismatic Shield
Summon Aid
Strong Daze

Clodeca (Slightly Expensive)
Bolt of Fire
Spray Acid
Call Beast
Icy Rain
Unlock Doors
Minor Summon
Lightning Spray
Prismatic Shield
Summon Aid
Strong Daze
Arcane Summon

Epiron-Bok (Very Reasonable)
Dispel Barrier

Priest Spells:

Incantrix Intisar (Slightly Expensive) *Level based
Minor Heal
War Blessing
Repel Spirit
*Summon Shade
*Enduring Shield
*Unshackle Mind

Minister Pilhofer (Exorbitant)
Minor Heal
War Blessing
Repel Spirit
Summon Shade
Enduring Shield

Mother Kriss (Pretty Average)
Minor Heal
War Blessing
Repel Spirit
Summon Shade
Enduring Shield
Unshackle Mind
Mass Healing
Mass Curing

Seeker Meena (Expensive)
Minor Heal
War Blessing
Repel Spirit
Summon Shade
Enduring Shield
Unshackle Mind
Mass Healing
Mass Curing
Steel Skin
Divine Fire

Priestess Bela (Expensive)
Minor Heal
War Blessing
Repel Spirit
Summon Shade
Enduring Shield
Unshackle Mind
Mass Healing
Mass Curing
Steel Skin
Divine Fire
Control Foe
Enduring Armor

Clodeca (Expensive)
Minor Heal
War Blessing
Repel Spirit
Summon Shade
Enduring Shield
Unshackle Mind
Mass Healing
Mass Curing
Steel Skin
Divine Fire
Control Foe
Enduring Armor
Return Life

Epiron-Bok (Very Reasonable)
Divine Restoration

Skill trainers Cost/skill point

General strategy with trainers: Although it's hard to place a value on skill
points, I'd say don't pay more than 400c per skill point. The average
knowledge brew/wisdom crystal runs about 600-800c, which means that the skill
points won are each about 300-400c. For freebie skills (skills that only cost
1 point like the lore skills, hardiness, and first aid) definitely just go
ahead and invest in them ASAP. You can pretty much do so in one or two level
ups. Money is fairly scarce through the majority of the game, and you will
rarely be able to max/min your game to grab lots of skill points from


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Avernum 5 - PC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avernum 5 - PC   Avernum 5 - PC EmptyMon Apr 28, 2008 12:56 pm

Shanker (19- Pretty Average)
Arcane Lore 500/550/300 ?
Spellcraft 333/367/300
Magery 250/275/240
Magical Efficiency

Mother Kriss (38- Pretty Average)
Nature Lore 500/550/300
First Aid 500/550/300
Hardiness 900/990/540

Foramon (44- Slightly Expensive)
Magery 1200
Resistance 300/330/288
Magical Efficiency 1440

Captain Dixon (62- Expensive)
Melee Weapons 315/346/302
Pole Weapons 315/346/302
Bows 570/627/456
Thrown Missiles 420/462/336

Priestess Bela (82- Expensive)
Nature Lore
First Aid
Luck 210/231/202
Lethal Blow

Pasquale (90- Very Reasonable)

Oramorra (95- Expensive)
Bows 560/616/448
Sharpshooter 245/270/235

Epiron-bok (A5- Very Reasonable)
Arcane Lore
Luck 120/132/115
Magical Efficiency 240/264/230
Lethal Blow 240/264/230

Thalon Ten-Eyes (C6- Expensive)
Mage Spells 350/385/360
Priest Spells 420/462/420
Arcane Lore
Magical Efficiency

Dervish Tholmen (Darkside Loyalists only- Extrememly Cheap):
Melee weapons
Pole weapons
Thrown missiles
Quick Action
Quick Strike
Lethal Blow

There are also a lot of skills available as quest rewards, in books etc, which
go to the whole party and don't count against the training limit:
This help was originally taken from a post from Khoth (thanks!) on the
spiderweb message boards.

+1 Spellcraft
+1 Quick Action
+1 Magical Efficiency.
+1 Parry
+1 Resistance
+1 Riposte
+1 Magery
+1 Str/Dex/Int

+1 Str/Dex/Int/End (Lost if de-geased).

Khora-Vysss: +1 Thrown
Sentinel Lab: +1 Magical Efficiency, +1 Magery
Upper Khora-Vysss: +1 Pole
Kherebass: +1 Melee
Gremlins: +2 Luck

Melanchion: Melanchion's Desire quest
Turn in one item - +1 Resistance
Turn in second item - +1 Strength
Turn in last item - +1 Dexterity, +1 Intelligence

8. General Strategy
Party Setup: There are about four general character types- Melee fighters,
archers, mages, and priests. In general, characters can do two jobs well, or
one job very well. At the beginning of the game your melee fighters will do
the most damage consistently, by the end, your mages (and occasionally
priests) will be doing the most. Archers will consistently do as much or a
bit more damage than meleers at the last part of the game, due to the high
parry and riposte skills of your foes.

I would recommend having a melee fighter (probably slith) as your main meat
shield. Have an archer (probably a nephilim with some magic skills) as
support, give him a few points in melee weapons to increase battle discipline
availability. Then have an archer priest (probably a nephilim) as your main
buffer with some physical damage competence. Finally have your devoted mage
(human is OK, but so is any other race to get some battle disciplines) stand
back and fire away.

Pole weapon users (especially sliths) almost always do more damage than
melee weapon users, so they are probably the best meat shields out there. Two
meat shields gets a bit redundant by the mid-late game, though they can carry
the beginning quite well.

Traits to take- for meleer, go for elite warrior.
For your archer, either go for a nephilim or go for deadeye (or both!).
For your priest, go for pure spirit
For your mage, go for natural mage
Add "nimble fingers" to at least one character, and increase tool use to 8 or
so. Maybe add strong will to your priest, and divinely touched to everyone
else (or fast on feet).


General strategy against normal foes (first 60-80% of the game):

Cast enduring shield or steel skin and augmentation on nearly everyone in your
party as you enter an unexplored area with monsters.
Your archer often attacks first, especially if they are a nephilim. Hit your
foe with a shield breaker bow attack.
Then hit your foe with well-aimed blows or mighty blows, and firebolt, and icy
rain (and later, lightning spray). Repeat till dead. End combat, and
continue to explore.

General strategy against bosses (first 60-80% of the game):

Cast enduring shield or steel skin and augmentation on nearly everyone in your
party as you enter an unexplored area with monsters. Add haste, war blessing,
protection, and prismatic shield. For very tough fights, use an assault
crystal for the regeneration bonus.
Your archer often attacks first, especially if they are a nephilim. Hit your
foe with a shield breaker bow attack.
Then hit your foe with leg-sweep, well-aimed blows or mighty blows, and slow,
firebolt, and icy rain (and later, lightning spray). Repeat till dead. Heal
as necessary. End combat, and loot away.

General strategy against normal foes (last 20-40% of the game):

Cast enduring armor and augmentation on everyone in your party as you enter an
unexplored area with monsters.
Your archer still attacks first, especially if they are a nephilim. Hit your
foe with a shield breaker bow attack.
Charge your meleers with battle frenzy, and move in for the kill.
Use lightning spray, fireblast, and smite. Repeat till dead. End combat, and
continue to explore.

General strategy against bosses (last 20-40% of the game):

Cast enduring armor and augmentation on everyone in your party as you enter an
unexplored area with monsters. Cast haste, war blessing, protection,
prismatic shield, arcane shield, and divine restoration.
Your archer still attacks first, especially if they are a nephilim. Hit your
foe with a shield breaker bow attack, or if they have it available, go into
battle frenzy and attack.
Load your meleers with jinxing weaponry, charge them with battle frenzy, and
move in for putting on the pain. Switch back to high-damage weaponry after a
few hits.
Use lightning spray, fireblast, arcane blast, and smite. Repeat till dead.


General money strategy

Buy all wisdom crystals and knowledge brews. Buy all Mandrake.

Only buy skills that are less than 400 gold per skill, and then, only if you
need it. Compare prices on the list above. Only buy spells if you haven't
found a book yet, even then look around a bit. Never buy more than one point
in a spell.

Pick up anything worth money and sell it. Don't bother buying moderately-
appealing items, only buy the best items, or items from crafters. Sell mined
crystals to Fuller, and then to the vahnatai.

9. Munchkin Guide

Note- I've not actually tried to do all of these. The ones with * are

Demo Region:
Let Dirty Dan go.
Kill Dirty Darius and Desiree.
Let Hirickis go.
Get the Giant to agree to Dionicio's terms, then return and kill it.
Tell Mother Alice about the land first, then Goodman Wulf.

Northern Isles
Don't tattle on Shanker
Kill Fae
Kill Ronaldo
Kill Nephilim guarding rapids
Kill Nephilim guarding crystal field
Take Gladwell's Geas

Drake Pillars
Kill all the lieutenants (even the ones that try to run)
Train as desired with Mother Kriss
Give 40 crystals to Fuller, then steal his crystals
Kill Anemona
Purge Harkins Landing

Steal Solberg's Papers

Anama Lands
Steal Anama Papers

Highground + Muck + Vahnatai Lands
Steal the Perfect Crystal Spiral
Agree to help Highground and the Vahnatai, then deal with the queen
Get your rewards
Kill the Queen
Get your reward from Muck
*Destroy Epriron-Bok
Give Gladwell the Drake skin and Crystal Soul Bits- claim two major rewards
Try to get Geas Removed (minor spells in nearby spell book)
Kill Gladwell
Let Shafrir copy the Anama Scrolls

Dark River
Give Melanchion Solberg's Papers, the Anama Scrolls, and the Perfect Crystal
Get tribute from all four locals
Get reward from Melanchion
Kill 2-3 of the tribute-giving locals
*Kill Melanchion- give Solberg the Egg

To keep the Fang Clan ceremonial items, put them all on a sacrificial
character. Let the sacrificial character die before leaving the testing area.
Beat the testing area and leave it. Restore sacrificial character. Never
drop the items, and never enter (30) again


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